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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Podster
    Dang you guys are killin' me, sure hope I can wait for 11/11:fearful: So as much as I love my 6/7's and Pro's for me the all BA BA10 is KZ's best to date but of course as I always say we ALL hear them differently but for me the BA10 is just so balanced across the spectrum and I'm obviously not any kind of bass hound:thinking: I started into this hobby as a Pod man and still think they deliver the goods even if I do hate Apple:open_mouth: LOL

    Pod 10.JPG

    Still for a Hybrid these held high ground for a long time and only beat out by the refinement of the 7's, like so many KZ's they really draw down on favored models quickly once the gallery here starts chirping:wink: (just like taking the ZS3 and refining it into the 4's which by the way @MacAttack7 are still my best fitting KZ's to date) Of course it backfires on them on occasion like the ZS5 V2 still can't hold a candle to the V1 IMO of course we all know what those are like right:rolling_eyes:

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  2. 1clearhead
    That's a beauty! This is a first seeing them from a customers personal pick. You win the golden trophy! :beerchug::trophy::beerchug:
  3. Podster

    Howdy MB, was wondering if there is a big difference in this cable and the one TRN released several months back? Like the ones I have on my "Iron Man" ZS4's here:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    Two Tone ZS4’s.JPG

    Or the black and silver version:grin:

    IM AP001 Shuffle.JPG
  4. mbwilson111
    I have no idea. Depends on whether or not mine is actually updated from the ones that did not have all the wires attached. The ones that @Slater dissected.

    This one does measure correctly. It is the 8 core.
  5. Podster
    Cool, these are 8 cores and look identical down to the yoke and connectors so I'm guessing they are the same cable, had no trouble out of mine but that dang TRN had to come out with those beautiful Pewter 16 cores and sucker that I am for a pretty face:scream: It's only money and of course everyone knows "God gave Rock-N-Roll to you"/Us and aesthetics do count:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  6. 1clearhead
    To get an idea "which is the better option for a bass head?" ...Might be more of a break down on "what kind of bass are you looking to satisfy your senses?" They are both similar in lower bass punch, but technically they sound a little different. The C12 has a faster extended bass punch due to the balanced upper midrange and extended treble, while the ZSX has a low extended bass rumble effect due to the ZSX's laid back midrange and smoothed-out treble (if using the star line ear tips on both models). Overall, they are both great in my book! But, what greatly differs is the housing and look on both. 1) Small ears? Then, your best bet is to go for the C12. 2) Medium ears? That's probably a "toss-up" making your own personal choice on comfort or size for one or the other. 3) Large ears? Either might be okay according to the large size of ear fitting tips you decide to go with.

    Hope this helps...

    Last edited: Sep 17, 2019
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  7. emeraldstone
    I'll be getting the KZ ZSX in a week so I may be able to provide input (the Shure SE215 is already a fairly large IEM for me) when I receive it but the ZSX has a "bump" near the 2-pin connector so it may help or hurt the fit depending on how big your ear is. If it's an Amazon storefront that has free returns, it wouldn't hurt to give the ZSX a try.
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  8. citral23
    Back from holidays some *shallnotbenamed* BK2 were in my mailbox, I took them to work with the intent to use them for calls.

    Boom, blown away. Incredible sound for 20€, absolutely incredible. So I use them for music too for now, as the office is quiet, would revert to iems if it gets loud and crowded but man, this is relaxing with the big soundstage and I never thought a bass could be so deep and textured on earbuds.

    So down the rabbit hole, further we go, purchased a pair of nicehck EBX which should sound even better.

    Always preferred open earphones to closed back, and it has a bit the same feel, love it.

    I think this is money much better spent than getting more cheapos IEMs tbh (meh ZSX), different experience vs more of the same.
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2019
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  9. Assimilator702
    1A083526-E2DB-4CDA-BFEE-54737734779D.jpeg Here’s a side by side for those concerned with housing sizes. As you can see the ZS10 PRO is shorter and wider while the ZSX is longer and thinner. ZSX feels more secure in my ears.
  10. MacAttack7
    Which one protrudes more from the ear, and which one is heavier?
    My ZS10 Pro fit just fine & was no problem when I was sitting, but when I went for a walk I'd sometimes feel like I needed to push on them every now & then......even though I'm sure I was being ocd half the time. The spinfit tips helped make the fit more snug.
  11. Seazer
    The Zs10 pro would also get loose like you describe. The weight distribution and stabilizing fin/nub helps keep the ZSX in my ear better than the Zs10 pro
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  12. Captainbeefturd
    Apologies in advance folks I'm about to gush!!!!

    Maybe some slightly 'influenced' late night ramblings and I'm sure many have realised this (if sourced well) but if you guys are still on the zxs treadmill I've just taken delivery of my TempoTecec idsd plus (basically Hidizs DH1000 with nicer volume keys). #### These are phenomenally capable IEM's with the right DAC. Sourced from either my s10 or fiio m6 I'd playing plane vanilla Flac (currently In Rainbows one of my test albums) I'd swear I was listening to a £1000+ set up (take the away the overpriced Samsung as essentially a slave source) the soundstage is rediculously wide and tall, its playing every frequency sublimely with detail and placement (and everything else for that matter) placed just so! Nothing messy, no 'weird' budget kz Ness, graty noises, messy transitions between drivers just ####ing sorted. Set up costing £150 essiantially shouldn't sound like this. To put it in perspective my AKG 752 pro's arn't even sounding comparable to my ears and that includes sound stage (open backs!!).
    As the £30-40 link in the chain that's just bonkers

    Sorry again, carry on
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  13. Captainbeefturd
    Haven't heard the as12 but certainly prefer them to the As16 just have a bit more of everything imo. Kz really do gift us with their bonkers pricing and marketing sometimes lol0
  14. baskingshark
    Definitely agree with u that a well tuned IEM/headphone can scale better with a good DAP/DAC/AMP compared to just using a low end smartphone.
    I rather take the hassle of carrying an extra USB DAC/AMP cable or DAP with me when I am on the go than just using my smartphone to play music, however inconvenient it is to bring extra stuff along. Disclaimer: I don't own any of the LG line quad DAC smartphones so maybe they might be an all in one solution for portable listening.
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  15. RikudouGoku
    The lg phones are definitely better than all other smartphones but they are still bad compared to even the hidizs ap80 which is a low tier dap.
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