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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Captainbeefturd

    C10 has excellent isolation in my ears, maybe an easier fit than the zs7 which can be a little lumpy I thought. Perfect for throwing around, usual kz build quality and cheap
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  2. nraymond
    Meanwhile I get a kick anytime people on the internet make armchair conjectures about how international businesses are run and extrapolate grand conclusions without actually having detailed understandings of what's going on. Very entertaining.
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  3. ShakeThoseCans
    I might pick up a C10 while I wait for the 11.11 sale.

    This is going to be my dilemma during 11.11. I enjoy the V80, and if the V90 is a straight up upgrade, I will be inclined towards that.
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  4. SinisterDev
    Awesome! Two questions : how are those triple flanged ear tips? Never tried them before! And what is that sexy cable you have connected to the ZS7's in the middle there?
  5. Podster
    Triple flange are nice especially if you don’t mind deep insertion. That cable on the ZS7’s is TRN’s new 16 core.
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  6. Seazer
    Triple flanged makes me feel like I'm being violated by my iems lol
  7. nraymond
    Flanged for pleasure? :wink:
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  8. Seazer
    Funny thing how we find different things painful. I you have the TFZ No 3 right? I love the bass on them but they are also honestly the most painful iems I've ever heard. I something in the upper midrange/lower treble just screeches to me. Ive burnt them in for like 80 hours and while I love the bass and they have good resolution, I almost get a nails on chalkboard feeling when I listen to them lol. Maybe I need to burn them in more but I really want to like them

    I see they have an 8k spike so maybe that's it. Im afraid to try the Kansas pro or kxxs because of the tfz, but but maybe they won't hurt because they don't have the same 8k spike.
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  9. DynamicEars
    no, the TFZ is bright at 8khz, yes that 8khz spike, its on treble side, particularly on cymbals, while ZSX are safe from 8khz but more peak on 3-6khz (its the region of female vocal, when shouting, very shouty, or instrument on that frequencies, trumpet, harmonica are most painful). my ZSX still on burning, they are a bit smoother, i will update later on.
    I have Kanas Pro as well, the 8khz are safer than no3, bass isnt as big as no3, but lower mids can be a bit thin side, and lack of mid bass.

    every iem have their pros and cons
    for me
    +wide soundstage
    +very good separation
    +balance sound (with note i would like if 3-6khz more tone down)
    +easy to drive
    +handles better on complex tracks (advantage of multi driver)
    -3-6khz can be too shouty
    -clarity while good for this class, not as good as tfz no 3 / Kanas Pro
    -not so smooth sounding

    TFZ no 3
    +clarity that transparent
    +sub bass
    + mid bass fullness and speed
    +fast decay
    -standard soundstage
    -mid bass are too much for me, hence not so balance

    Kanas Pro
    +transparent very clear, 1 of clearest I've heard
    +wide soundstage
    +great sub bass
    -lack of mid bass, lower mids affected, a bit thin
    -2.5-3khz achilles hill that can be shouty, more forward than other frequencies
    -congested on busy tracks

    thats more or less about those 3 iems. I know its hard to look for your perfect iem for price under $500, above that all iems less cons, but there are nothing perfect, all you can do is find one that suit you the most with minimum cons.
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2019
  10. Wretched Stare
    ZSX is in my opinion the best KZ so far, I've owned almost everything starting with the ZST. I realize they have the AS12 -16 but I'm really liking the ZSX sound signature.
  11. DynamicEars
    I wont hesitate to say that too. Best KZ to date = ZSX. period.
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  12. MacAttack7
    Which KZ out of what you owned is the best-fitting, most comfortable?
  13. darmanastartes
    I just bought the 8 core cable with QDC connectors a few days ago, I will post in the cheap cable thread whether they fit the ZSX.
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  14. Wretched Stare
    That's going to depend on what size your ears are if your ears are smaller than probably one of their smaller ones but average sized ears I would say that the zsx is probably the most comfortable one because of its ergonomic design.
  15. MacAttack7
    I have pretty small ears. Had to send my KZ ZS10 Pro's back due to sound cutting out, and they were so-so in the fit dept. Trying to decide if I should order another pair or if there is something else that has a similar good sound that would fit better. The ZS10 Pro's fit good enough, but they did protrude quite a bit & were just a little heavy,
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