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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. 1clearhead
    I would say, give the C12 a shot! ...Incredibly light and thin for a 12 driver IEM! :wink:
  2. emeraldstone
    Usually if something is "Sold by seller_name_here and fullfilled by Amazon", Amazon is only able to do returns as it is not sold by themselves (they just help store the product for the seller and perform the shipping). The good thing is that refunds from Amazon are usallly pretty quick as you would just ship them to a local warehouse.
  3. tusharthegamer
    i am looking for a balanced IEM under 20$ from KZ. Any recommendations?
  4. Seazer
    The CCA C12 is pretty marginally bigger than the zs10 pro. Its similarly shaped for sure. The zsx is definitely bigger, the zs10 pro is still probably the smallest of the 3 though
  5. Seazer
    Under 20? I don't know if I would call it balanced but my favorite kz under 20 is probably the ZS3. Otherwise if you can deal with the extremely short cable (I use an es100 so its fine) I would get the Sony MH755 as the budget kings under $20. If you cant deal with the short cable you also could get one of those female to male audio extension cable to lengthen the cable for cheap. You can get legit MH755 for about $6, you just got to be careful of fakes. The ones I got from this seller were real though. They sound rather incredible for the price. Extremely low distortion and a nice balance of sound, without sounding anemic like the T2 sounds to some people

    Last edited: Sep 16, 2019
  6. Nimweth
    Resistance is futile! You will be assimilated! Lol.
  7. Nimweth
    Try the ED9 with the dull brass nozzles and wide bore tips. Excellent balanced sound for very little money.
  8. baskingshark
    Well it's not exactly a KZ, but the DT6 is quite value for money at $16 - 17ish USD. Good clarity, instrument separation and soundstage. And the subbass is not too bad.
    If u are OCD about timbre for acoustic instruments (like brass/woodwind/strings) then those sound a bit artificial on the DT6, but otherwise for genres like EDM, rock, pop, it is extremely capable. Scales better if u have an amp as the piezo drivers handling the treble won't sound that good out of a smartphone (they require quite some juice contrary to the sensitivity/impedance specs on paper).
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2019
  9. jeromeaparis
    It is not the in ear phones that are balanced - symetrical, but the connection cable & plug (ex: 2.5mm)
    and if you do not have a good iem, you wil not hear the difference balanced - unbalanced.

    The best good low cost iem is the ZSN purple or ZSN pro at 15$ on aliexpress
    you buy on ebay or alie a 2.5mm 4 contacts plug about 2$
    and ask a friend who likes electronic for a little soldering help...
    total 17$

    otherwise find a saturday afternoon job and as said before buy the balanced cable
    total cost 30$

    Even better, if you can switch off the screens, find a WE job outside,
    buy the ZSX on ebay + previous balanced cable
    total 55$
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2019
  10. kailashrs
    ZSN Pro?
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  11. mbwilson111
    I assumed he meant a balanced sounding IEM. As for using a balanced connection I have a balanced cable on one of my ZSNs and am happy with it. Three of my daps have balanced output.

    When I first read the original post I was thinking ED9 with the dull brass nozzle. Nimweth beat me to it. I enjoy my ED9 with the brass nozzle. I actually prefer simple iems that are worn cable down. The over ear type take me longer to put in and are thus a nuisance if I have to take them in and out .
  12. Detectit
    Ahhh ok thanks.... Ordered the 8 core... Can't go wrong and read in your reports that 16 core has more chance of resistance than 8 core.

    I will measure the Kbear when it arrives.
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  13. DynamicEars

    I didn't expect my KZ ZSX came faster than my BQEYZ Spring 1.

    Well, out of the box with my BT20 and spiral dots that i bring along with my tfz no 3, they sounds very good.
    First thing i want to check and confirm is tonality. Maybe im 1 of picky person about steely timbre of KZ. And with KZ ZSX i agree with other comments that this ZSX are different from previous KZ. I can say its passable for my criteria of timbre. Not very great or sounds natural/organic, but quite good, well for KZ maybe the best one. On higher notes i still can hear a little bit steely / metallic sounding but just a little.

    Sub bass is very good in texture (again for budget chifi class), with deep extension, good amount for me. Mid bass is south of sub bass in quantity. A very very minor to none mid bass bleed.
    Bass decay is normal towards slow with nice rumble

    Into the mids, mids are not recessed but i would like more forwarded mids (in comparison tfz no 3 and bqeyz kb100 have more forwarded mids). Clarity is good but not great. Lower mids overwhelmed by upper mids. And upper mids on higher notes can be a little shouty at around 3-6khz. Not as bad as previous kz, still safe but in borderline of harshness on high volume (again tuning is good, maybe its just limitation of their BAs or maybe damper is needed) so females voices on higher notes have tendency to be shouty or any solo / main instrument at that frequencies.

    Highs is very good. Sparkles and extension are good without fatiguing. ZS10 pro sounds brighter on 8-12khz in comparison. Have a bit glaring but thats minor.

    Fit isnt as bad as they looked on photos. Actual unit ismt as big as my imagination. Zs10 regular not pro still bigger i guess. And that weird shield shape shell cover also arent touch your any ear parts at all.

    Separation is very good here. Maybe the strongest point of ZSX. They handle complex tracks better than most budget iems. With good details too

    Soundstage is wide on ZSX, with some depth and little height. Can be on par with Kanas Pro But imaging is nothing special here, I can hear roughly where the instrument at, but still blurry, not very accurate rendered. Good job on delivering this very good soundstage on plastic/resin shell.

    So for the price, they are very very good. Definitely best KZ for me until today. If im forced to only choose 1 KZ only in my collection i wont think long enough and grab the ZSX.

    Please remember that was my early impressions out of the box. I have yet to burn in them. I expect tighter bass but maybe on mids and highs parts wont be so much different because they are handled by BAs.
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2019
  14. Detectit
    Nice review.... But are those adapters that I see on the TRN Bluetooth units.?
  15. DynamicEars
    no there are no adapters used there, just plug it directly from KZ ZSX to TRN BT20 bluetooth module. But because of the different connector (ZSX use 2 pin Para C type connector, and that TRN BT20 similar to 2 pin para B) so they are a bit sticking out. Yes I hate this look also, but no other choice since TRN only come out with this type or mmcx

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