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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. lgcubana
    It's Canada. @ShakeThoseCans could put that dollar towards some OG Kush, to complete the music experience. :ghost:
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  2. RikudouGoku
    Does your cable fit perfectly or does it stick up a bit?
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2019
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  3. ShakeThoseCans

    It's a matter of principle! :darthsmile:

    Seriously though, Chi-Fi is supposed to be about bang for the buck. I want to maximize it.

    Also, the DT6 is superfluous to my needs, so I'm willing to wait.
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  4. Slater
    As a fellow tight wad, I can respect that.
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  5. voicemaster
    Yea, but with say $1500, I can buy 300 KZ ZSX or ZS10 pro and be done with my life LOL.
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  6. chinmie
    and if you are careful enough one of them can last years, so you might ended up only needing 10 of them and save hundreds of bucks :o2smile:
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  7. jant71
    Yeah, you only need 10 or 12 ZXS' but 50 or so cables :)
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  8. steviewonderbread
    $5 KZ ZS10 Pros!? I need a link!
  9. voicemaster
    In the year of 2050.
  10. pbui44
    Or at a government search-and-seizure auction.:blush:

    For instance, a $5 KZ ZS10 Pro can possibly be found in this nice 2008 turtle-top cargo truck, which can be converted into something nicer than a campulance:

    Last edited: Sep 3, 2019
  11. courierdriver
    Yup, it does stick up a bit, but the pins connectors sit easily on top of the raised connectors on the iem. Look, at the moment, there aren't any aftermarket cables that will perfectly fit. Just get a good quality 2pin cable, preferably something with a silver coating or a pure silver cable ( warning...pure silver cable can get expensive, and cost as much or more than the No.3 itself). And for gosh sakes...let these things burn in with multiple hours of music! They really need it.
  12. courierdriver
    Got the ES100 today. Sadly, it had a problem with the 2.5mm balanced out jack, which is one of the main reasons I bought it. It's getting sent back to Amazon tomorrow. I'll get a full refund, but I'm still sad because I was really looking at this device as an alternative to buying a DAP. Bummer. Now, to get what I want, I'm back to looking at saving up for a DAP. Sigh...nothing in my life is ever easy. Lol!
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  13. DynamicEars
    of course your life will be done, your wife will kill you for buying 300 same earphones
  14. courierdriver
    Mmm...takes more than $1 for good Kush, even here in Canada. But I get yer point! Lol! Got some waiting to take a spin...but for tonight, it's White Widow.
  15. voicemaster
    So true...

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