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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Zerohour88
    3BA1DD for Solaris costs usd$1500, KZ ZSX with 5BA1DD is usd$50, bargain of the century!
  2. TechnoidFR
    And what is the quality of campfire?
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  3. Slater
    Friend, you still seemed to be confused. I will try to explain it better.

    Clear your mind of all thoughts, and ignore the specific models of BAs for a minute.

    @voicemaster said ZSX has “1 more BA addition”.

    What he meant was if you physically ripped out the BA drivers, and set all of them on a table in front of you and counted them, the ZS10 Pro would have 4 BA drivers per side and the ZSX would have 5 BA drivers per side.

    You with me so far? 4 drivers for ZS10 Pro and 5 drivers for ZSX. That’s why he said KZ added “1 more BA” for the ZSX. We’re not talking WHAT drivers here, just the NUMBER of drivers. Got it?

    It was just an abstract, tongue in cheek comment.

    Now, to your OTHER question about the specific MODEL of drivers.

    The ZS10 Pro uses the following BA drivers per side: (2) Bellsing 30095 and (2) Bellsing 50060

    The ZSX uses the following BA drivers per side: (1) Bellsing 30095 and (4) Bellsing DWEK

    Bear in mind that Bellsing DWEK and (Knowles) DWFK are just a shortened version of the full model number, kind of like slang. Like calling the “Chevy Corvette” a “Vette”. I don’t know the full model number of the Bellsing DWEK yet.

    I really hope that clears up your confusion.
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2019
  4. voicemaster
    From my understanding is that the extra 1 BA is the new DWEK ba for mid frequency. I might be wrong tho. The zsx might also have different kind of ba and dd configuration than the zs10 pro. From the graph that HBB shown, it seems the zsx will be the zs6 on steroid.
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  5. voicemaster
    Oh they use 4 dwek ba. They might sound different than zs10 pro. Can't wait for mine to arrive.
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  6. crabdog
    No, the steely upper frequencies are not present with this model. This is the most natural sounding KZ I've heard for some time, maybe the best KZ period.
  7. DynamicEars
    Wow if tonality / timbre sounds natural or better then they hit the nail, zs10 pro was very very good in technicalities, no mid bass bleed, sub bass that digs low, very good details and separation. But for picky me, the steely sound really put me off.

    Guys let me know if tonality/timbre is good then i will give KZ one more last chance (ive said this every half a year)
  8. DynamicEars
    My simple question stir a chaos again haha.. im sorry, i take responsibility for miss understanding which I totally understand whats going on, just to clear up :

    I was asking in respond to HBB video about ZSX, is ZSX still have steely sound like in ZS10 pro, ZSN pro, ZSN (mostly hybrid KZ previous model) because im picky about that timbre.

    @voicemaster respond with his logical opinion (which i have came across too actually), that only 1 new BA addition won't make big differences ( I assuming @voicemaster was thinking KZ still using same BA like ZS10 PRO only put in 1 additional BA in ZSX)

    Then, @Zerohour88 was explaining (or argue) that the new BA isnt only 1, but KZ change the BA in ZSX, not using the same BA like in ZS10 Pro

    @Slater was referring to @voicemaster post about just 1 more BA, just the driver count.

    here @Zerohour88 was thinking that @Slater didn't aware about KZ changing BA on ZSX, different by BA used in ZS10 Pro

    So in the end @voicemaster also realize that the differences between ZS10 Pro vs ZSX isn't merely about only 1 DWEK BA, but 4 different BA, which have possibility that tonality is different from ZS10 Pro. If everything was like @voicemaster wrong perception, which is they use exactly same driver as ZS10 PRO + 1 new DWEK BA, he doubts tonality will be much different.

    Thanks for chip in. Just want to clear everything
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  9. voicemaster
    Yeah I remembered it wrong. I thought they are using the same config of ba as the zs10 pro, but the zsx actually use only 1 of the same ba as zs10 pro and that might be a game changer for zsx. Now if they use the same dd as zs7....
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  10. courierdriver
    Yeah, I have a Nicehck SPC on my TFZ NO.3 now, and it's really upped the SQ alot. Bass sounds tighter with more definition...mids and highs are much clearer with better imaging and a deeper soundstage. Soundstage width still isn't out of your head like Moondrop KPE, but it's acceptable. The Nicehck cable has helped bring this iem from warm and dark sounding, to energetic and more lively. The No.3 still isn't my favorite, but it's becoming a more enjoyable listen lately for me. I'm thinking that on 11/11, I'll see if I can get a good deal on a nice silver cable from Electro acoustic store on Aliexpress. I'm hopeful that something like that will dial in the sound of the TFZ No.3 more to my liking. Till then, I'll use the Nicehck SPC cable and enjoy the No.3 for dance music and some Reggae music.
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  11. Makahl
    It seems similar but different, indeed.

    FR graph from Bad Guy Good Audio Reviews.
    I have added a small transparent line to see how mids are elevated compared to the highest bass peak.

    Looking forward to seeing more comparasions. :)
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2019
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  12. Zerohour88
    my fav IEM is the Andro, FYI. If you are not aware of the current news, Solaris was found to contain Bellsing BAs in a court case initiated by Knowles:grin:

    Nice summary, I didn't want to be too straight-to-the-point, since I'm already on probation.

    every model they've released have been improving, quite a roll there.

    tuning-wise basing on the FR comparison above, I can understand why they didn't change much, if at all. Its already good enough, just needed better BAs to take it to the next level.

    Now I'm thoroughly tempted. Still waiting for a showdown between ZSX, TRN V90 (cause I like that shape) and BQEYZ Spring1.
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2019
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  13. TechnoidFR
  14. Zerohour88
    I should apologize, I guess my sarcasm didn't come across properly.

    I was merely trying to be funny with my comment about Solaris since it was found to contain Bellsing BAs which are normally associated with cheap chi-fi IEMs. Chi-fi products usually proudly advertises that they use Knowles BA in their model.

    I did not allude anything at all regarding their sound quality, FYI. You might want to re-read my comment.
  15. voicemaster
    Or it can also mean you pay a premium price for a cheap BA that can be found in cheap Chi-fi IEMs? So their profit margin is like 90%?

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