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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Assimilator702
    I have both of them coming. My ZSX are in the states. The C12 are still sitting in China. So I’ll have at least a week with my ZSX by the time my C12 arrive.
    I’ll give initial impressions hopefully within 24 hrs of having them in my hands.

    The cage match between the ZSX, C12 and V90 will be interesting. The new Tool album is waiting to give them all a good workout.
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2019
  2. lucasbrea
    We are all ansiously waiting for your impressions
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  3. Zerohour88
    bisonicr's early impression on the KZ ZSX:


    "impression is quite different from ZS10 Pro. More vocal band main and wide sound field. The high range is beautiful and the low range is cool."

    with how things have come to light about Bellsing directly stealing from Knowles, it'll be interesting to see how the new BA stacks up.
  4. DynamicEars

    Are they using new BA for ZSX? if yes there is a hope for better timbre
  5. 1clearhead
    OK, bets are on!

    Punisher -VS- Terminator (...as mentioned by Slater)

    Pun vs Ter.jpg

    It's either one will sound better than the other, or a "tie" with both sounding completely the same!
    ...Who knows?! :point_left::sunglasses:

  6. Slater
    Where are you guys seeing references to a “new BA”?
  7. Zerohour88
    the DWEK BA, of course. Should be a copy of the DWFK mid-high driver from Knowles.
  8. Slater
    Oh, I see. I was confused by your previous statement. KZ has been using Bellsing drivers for a while now. And Bellsing has been directly stealing Knowles technology for a while now. So I was confused because KZ using Bellsing didn’t sound like anything new (other than the lawsuit by Knowles, which is new).
  9. DynamicEars
    Yeah i was asking if KZ using new BAs
    But if the BA still the same with zs10 pro, perhaps just a slight improvement with additional 1 BA, more like sidegrade.
  10. crabdog
    So far it seems pretty nice but I've had very little time with them yet.

  11. Slater
    Yes, KZ is still using Bellsing BAs.

    However, specific models they used are different:

    ZS10 Pro: (2) 30095, (2) 50060
    ZSX: (1) 30095, (4) 31785
  12. pbui44

    If in NYC, the Punisher. If in LA, the Terminator. Anywhere else, who knows? :wink:
  13. Zerohour88
    Well, yes, I didn't say "BA from a new company/supplier", hence "new BA". KZ regularly lists all the new BAs they use on their models, which is helpful when you want to see if new model will be a departure from the previous ones, timbre/tonality-wise.

    Bisonicr also makes comparison on the BAs used in his reviews for KZ.
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  14. Slater
    Ah, I see what you meant :)
  15. Makahl
    Kind of. That would be the copy from Bellsing: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32906335158.html

    DWEK seems a bit different since it uses 2 outputs instead of 1 like DWFK. Prolly a KZ custom.
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