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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. courierdriver
    Yeah, and the isolation is also a bonus. Wide bore too, with a silicone center. Sound wise, I've yet to find a silicone that works as well, is as comfortable and doesn't make my ear canals sweat. I never get any itchiness or sweaty ears with the Newbees. I just love those things, and as you mentioned, the price is pretty good too. A 6 pack in S,M, L is like half the price of a 3 pack of Complys. The Dekonis aren't even memory foam, wear out faster and are more uncomfortable to me, of them all.
  2. KimChee
    I was about to say Conply tips or Shure Olives...haven’t really used tips in a long time because of the customs, but Complys or Olives worked great on the TF10 before I made it a custom...
  3. courierdriver
    Pulled the plug on the ES100. Ordered tonight on Amazon. With Prime shipping, it should be here on Wednesday. Really looking forward to freeing up my phone and hoping this will sound as great over bluetooth as many have been claiming. If it is, then I won't mind eating Kraft Dinner for the rest of the month. Lol!
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  4. courierdriver
    Been listening to the ZS10 PRO tonight. Amazon Music files, Spotify files and my SD card Flac/WMA files; through the balanced output on my Fiio Q1MK2. All I can say is: sound quality has progressed exponentially over the years, in the iem/personal audio arena. This crazy inexpensive iem set, it just killin it for me tonight. I luv the sound signature of the ZS10 PRO. It's just so much damn fun and engaging. It's not anything audiophile...just pure enjoyment. It makes me just want to listen to music. And THAT'S what it's all about. I honestly no longer care about such terms as "neutral, balanced, flat frequency response, Harmon target", etc. Lively and fun is my sound signature.
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2019
  5. Nimweth
    I feel the same about the ZS7, BLON BL-03 and now, the KBEAR KB06. All very entertaining IEMs.
  6. SinisterDev
    Im really curious to see what people have to say about the ZSX! Just realized today that they're available now!
  7. serveth
    balanced cable makes any difference for ZS10 Pro with Q1MK2?
  8. courierdriver
    Using the balanced out with a balanced cable makes a sonic difference with pretty much all the iems and full size over ear headphones I have with the Q1MK2, imo. More power from balanced out allows the transducers to be driven more effortlessly. It's not so much a loudness/volume level thing, as it is about having more control of the drivers. I find generally that there seems to be somewhat more quality to the bass, as well as a bit smoother, more detailed mids and treble presentation. Bit bigger soundstage and a quieter background (although I've never noticed any hiss with unbalanced output either, when volume on full with no music playing). Take whatever I say with a grain of salt, because many have their own opinion on whether balanced makes a difference or not, but to me it does. YMMV.
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  9. TechnoidFR
    I'll have C12 and zsx too I'm empressed to know why "Terminator"
  10. serveth
    I know what you mean, I used it with Apple dongle, BT receivers, Creative sound card, and Q1MK2, and yes it makes difference, not only sound quality but you feel the difference, more powerful.
  11. KimChee
    I’m curious about the C12 and ZSX, quick someone get one and review it lol.
  12. Zerohour88
  13. PhonoPhi
    Got my KZ AS12 yesterday.
    After few hours the sound stabilized reasonably and I was enjoying them.

    To me, they fit as an improved version of AS10 very well (not to replace my beloved AS10, their warm and grainy timbre ( the love from the first sound) but as a direction to improve - more extended high, more technically capable bass with two bass BAs).

    Then I felt really sad for KZ that it may be a hostage of their fun base that may not approve the treble, while being into fun V-shapes, like ZS10 pro.
    I really appreciate ZS10 pro (never heard such amazing sound of bass guitar recordings), but it is not my preferred signature.
    I am currently happy in a sound space triangle of AS10, C16 and A10.
    AS12 fits there nicely. Not as prominent highs as A10, while clearly more highs than AS10, less grainy with more capable but less overwhelming bass.
    I did not feel (at least at the moment) that the resolution is much better than of A10, definitely less than of C16.

    In a summary, I like AS12 a lot as a nice step in KZ tuning to my preferences (while understandably less appreciated).
    Hopefully, KZ/CCA will not halt further developments in this direction.

    and looking forward to C12 that I ordered few days ago :)

    P. S. Edited for typos
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2019
  14. SinisterDev
    Has anyone had the opportunity to compare the new CCA C12 to the KZ ZSX? Ive been looking at both. I've been really happy with both CCA and KZ IEMs ive purchased, so im wondering how the two compare. I saw some ppl saying they were considering getting the C12 over the ZSX because they didn't like the ZSX faceplate, but idk. I don't mind the way either looks.
    I found the ZSX for $39 on Aliexpress and im really tempted to check them out and see how they compare to the ZS10 Pro's sound. Cuz i really like those. I just would prefer to find out more info about both before I buy either. What I've read about the improvements on the ZSX sounds good on paper. But id really like to hear some impressions.
  15. voicemaster
    Waiting for my zsx to arrive, hopefully soon. Meanwhile, I am enjoying my jvc fx1100 with trn bt20s combo.
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