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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. voicemaster
    If we only look at the graph, the terminator will be a smooth in the treble as there is a dip in the 8k region which can be "shouty" on certain songs.
  2. Venos
    Could anyone give me some input on the actual power requirement for properly running the ZS7? I've read everything from them being fine from a standard, non-rooted smartphone setup, to them absolutely requiring and amp, etc.

    The ZS7 sound signature seems perfect for my needs, but I primarily use my IEMs with a bone stock smartphone or media entertainment tablets (like the ones installed in the seats) in airplanes now. I previously had the ZSN Pro, but it didn't have the amount of sub bass I was looking for, so I gave them to my wife. I'm also up for suggestions on alternatives.
  3. nxnje
    They do not actually need an amp imho.
    They're sensitivy is not so low so you could just use them without it.
    Plus, I can say i use them without an amp and with amp as well, and differences are not deal breaking if you wanna use them with your smartphone.
    One thing is sure: they sound well if the source is decent. Don't plug them in an old bad mp3 player or an old smartphone or laptop, or you'll find them a bit on the muffled side.
    Then everyone's hearing is different, but this is my 2$ and hope it can help.
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  4. Slater
    Agreed. Ignoring non-amped and non-DAP sources, I've used then with my stock iPhone SE, iPod Nano 6G, Sandisk Clip+, TRN BT20, and Xiaomi Bluetooth receiver. It sounds good with all that I've tried it on so far.

    I don't know enough about the airplane source though. Traditionally, the airplane hookups were not much better sound quality than you'd get from 2 cups and string. But perhaps that is the old obsolete airplane hookups. I haven't flown in 10+ years, so I have no clue what it's like nowadays.
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2019
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  5. Venos
    Great info guys. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks so much.
  6. Crandall
    Personally, I've had issues with noticeable background hiss from the ZS7 on every source except my wife's moto G7 phone and my ES100. The G7 has a really great headphone amp for sensitive IEMS for the price. I think the hiss in this case might be tied to output impedance.
  7. ShakeThoseCans
    I'm glad that you found IEMs to use on a permanent basis. What IEMs are you finding 'easy-going' for everyday use?
  8. ShakeThoseCans
    Hey, so I've got new KZ7, and it's an interesting IEM.

    But my main problem is I'm finding some of the peaks and highs to be too much. It's also pretty boomy. Can anyone tell me the absolute best tips to use to tame the KZ7's peaks? It's my number one priority with these IEMs.

    Am I talking foam here, or spinfits, or something else?
  9. BadReligionPunk
    Best tip I can give is to use EQ or just move them off to someone else and use a different Iem.
  10. lgcubana
    The best tip is: save up for a Radson ES100
    This will help alleviate some mid-bass bleed ("boomy") and the peaks

    Foam tips will help the peaks, to some degree; but they can't at the same time reduce boominess.
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  11. nxnje
    My easy-going choices are:
    - KZ EDR1
    - KBEAR KB06
    - JBL T110 (but they're not as good as others, timbre is good anyway)
    - CCA C10
    - 2 products from 2 banned brands which i cannot mention
  12. rayliam80
    I haven't had any problems using my ZS10 Pro with in-flight entertainment during long haul flights on EVA Air, Lufthansa, Air Canada and United. I have not tried using the ZS7 during flights but I suspect it would do fairly well. I find it to be sensitive enough for most sources but they do sound better when properly amp'd.
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  13. LaughMoreDaily
    It's been a slice but I am no longer following this thread (for now). Thanks for all the good moments and sharing your thoughts on KZ!
  14. voicemaster
    See you in a month!!
  15. LaughMoreDaily
    After listening to the Semkarch CNT-1, KZ has nothing to brag about. They need to step up their game.

    With that being said, my iem creation game is much worse. :wink:

    KZ: That's right, Sir. You suck at making an iem. You're even worse then us.

    PS: Just my current opinion. It's going to change in a month.
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2019
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