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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. mbwilson111
    Wait... I am confused. Did you mean that is an actual photo of you?
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  2. courierdriver
    No...that pic was in @Slater's post. Not my ears, but could've easily been. Bought my first iems in February of this year...Moondrop KanasPro. Had a heck of a time getting them seated, since I haven't had any experience for over 19 years with iems. Everything I've tried so far, has been a huge improvement on my original iem experience...Shure E5C'S, that I paid huge $$ for, back in 2005. I hated them, and quickly sold them...and went to over ears headphones.
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  3. mbwilson111
    I have heard of some people having fit issues with those but then I suppose almost any iem will have someone who cannot wear it.
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  4. courierdriver
    Sorry, bro... but that wasn't me. I don't even have a Reddit account. I've got a Discord account, but don't spend much time on it. Only joined that, cause of YouTubers that I was following at the time, but no longer do. I follow Zpolt on YouTube...as well as BGGAR and Zreviews. Only support BGGAR on Patreon. He's legit, and donates a portion of what he gets from his Patrons to an animal rescue. As a cat owner, I respect that. I also get entered into his raffles/draws each month. I pledge $10/month via PayPal. He's very transparent and isn't like alot of those other YouTubers, who are looking to finance their lifestyle with other people's money. He's got a real job, which pays him well enough...and he's not a shill because he doesn't need to be. Love the guy for that. Yeah, he gets angry sometimes and uses foul language sometimes.. but that's what makes him real. He's a champion for anyone who is a working class guy, and doesn't want to be screwed over by the Western TOTL companies, who seem to think that charging premium prices, somehow equates to best sound
  5. courierdriver
    They are heavy, but small. Construction is exemplary. I love how easily they fit into my ears. The heaviness of the shells is negated by using cables that can loop over ear. I've got a sweet 16 core, pure copper C16 ISN cable with a balanced 2.5mm connector on this set...no earhooks. I've listened to this setup for multiple hours, with no fatigue.
  6. Assimilator702
    How did you get them so early? Will you post impressions in the CCA thread soon? Those both look nice but the blue version is the one I just ordered. Got them for $31 and change with a $2 coupon I had.
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  7. Makahl
    Oh, it's not mine. I got the pics from Twitter and I forgot to put the source this time.
  8. vegetaleb
    I am 90% convinced I will grab the ZSN pro, it ticks most of my requirements:
    -very good mids
    -good soundstage
    -no overwhelmed bass
    -under 20$
    -doesn't fall easily
    The only downsides are a slight bass bleed in the mids and slightly harsh treble, meaning I will have to tweak the equaliser.
    About the cable, can I use zs4's cable?
  9. DynamicEars
    regarding mid bass bleed, since ZSN pro KZ has made very good improvement, there is minimal bass bleed into the mids, if youre talking old ZSN yes they do have bass bleed. Trebles i cant say smooth but its already better, its a budget iem afterall dont expect to be very very good. For $12-15, they are already considered very good.

    about ZS4 cables, no ZSN pro use para C, it will stick out a bit, it can be connected, but it will stick out. I mean it will work if you dont mind the cable is sticking out of place (and not too safe for your pins)
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  10. vegetaleb
    Can I find a cable with memory wire on aliexpress compatible with zsn pro?
  11. Assimilator702
    I was listening to the new Tool on my TFZ No. 3 on my Magni 3 and I started to tear up it sounded so good. The No.3 are more of a smooth listen but not with the new Tool. That was so dynamic and punchy I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.
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  12. Assimilator702
    Unless you have a problem with the memory hooks you shouldn’t have to. The ZSN PRO cable is good. You could always use your ZS4 cable. The best route would be to find the KZ set that uses the memory wire hooks and use that one.

    When I bought my ZS10 PRO it shipped with the cable you’re talking about by accident. Can’t stand memory wires myself.
  13. HungryPanda
    It is a truly fantastic album.
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  14. DynamicEars
    yes a lot of 3rd party cable manufacturer now come out with para C as well
  15. nxnje
    ZSN Pro are surrounded by the hype.
    My opinion is that they're very good for the price, being a 70% of the ZS10 Pro pratically.
    Anyway, treble gets a bit harsh sometimes, and soundstage is just average. Don't expect ZS6/ZS7 soundstage.
    I'm sure you'll like it anyway, i mean almost everyone does and for the price we cannot ask more (but the QT5 is way better IMHO for some more dollars).
    In any case, good luck with your shopping and enjoy your ZSN Pro, I'm sure i would have spoken even better if I didn't have much more stuff as the ZSN Pro are truly great for the price.
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