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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. vegetaleb
    I think I will pick the DT6, it looks like having better soundstage and mids than v80 no?
  2. ShakeThoseCans

    Hmm. That makes a lot of sense. I guess I have been trying a lot of IEMs lately because I caught the Chi-Fi bug. Since 11.11, I have acquired at least 9 different models.

    I've learned some things about what I like or not.

    I didn't enjoy the Tin Audio T2 all that much because, even though it is fairly accurate and neutral, it really lacks bass. Like to the point where I am listening for it and not finding any. It sounds kind of wispy or distant, and doesn't really foreground what I am looking for. And it sounds kind of sterile or mechanical. I still have uses for it - it is good for direction-finding in PC gaming, and good for classical. But it lacks the "fun" that I guess I am looking for in an IEM.

    The V80s were a pleasant surprise. I opened them last, and yet they were unabashedly the best as a transit IEM. Sure, their sound signature is just plain wrong. It's forced, and it's a stressful presentation. But it keeps up with rapid tracks from various rock bands, and is very energetic. So it has a real use outside of the home. Even though it's not a reference IEM.

    I'm not against reasonable sound signatures, though. I have the Y*nY*o V2 (revision 1) from 2018, and actually came to enjoy it. At first, I though it sounded weak, and too soft. But then I put foam tips on it, and it rounded the sound and brought out more detail somehow. Maybe just a better seal. It has a somewhat warm presentation, and a relaxed sound signature. It is great for "comedown" music, like The Strokes' "Comedown Machine" or Matthew Good Band (all his albums are like a musical Valium).

    Those were my first 3 real Chi-Fi, and helped influence some recent purchases. I wanted to try and top the V80, so I ordered a ZS7. It may indeed have stronger bass, if that is needed, and its tonality is not as weird as the V80. It presents some bands, like Arcade Fire, more naturally or more compellingly.

    Since I kinda liked the V80, and wasn't keen on the T2, I asked around for something that had the directionality and punchy bass of the V80, but with more detail and a wider soundstage. I was recommended the King Pro, and picked one up. Once given a strong enough source, it's actually pretty good. But where it really excels is jazz, which I didn't expect. So I don't necessarily have a 'better V80' yet, since I need a performer for rock / indie rock / alternative / prog rock / post-punk.

    Since I also kinda liked the Y*nY*o V2, I asked around for a 'better V2.' [Rev. 3 didn't exist.] Because the V2 has a 'warm' signature, and the bass isn't terrible, someone suggested the VSONIC ARES, which I think is the GR08. I have one now, and in some ways it is a 'better V2.' It's smooth, and relaxed, and easy listening. But it lacks punch, and the audio is too recessed. It's a "thin" sound signature, except when it isn't.

    Given this epic tale, maybe it's possible to ascertain what I should get next. I like detail, I like wide and deep soundstages, I really like sophisticated directionality, but I dislike overly-bright IEMs like some of the T2 models. V and W shape are okay, but I'm not wedded to them. I like instrument separation and being able to hear every string being played. Vocals should be foregrounded. But I prefer a 'warm' sound to a neutral signature, although not by much. I'm not looking for a reference IEM, just a detailed one, maybe some 'sparkle.' I want to be at the front of the concert, or even among the band. Something with the V80's bass and directionality that could handle a wider range of music, with more accurate tonality would be okay, or a better V2 that is more lively and isn't too recessed. I'm not sure if the DMG or the IT01 fits any of those better, but I'll probably try them. The DM6 sounds appealing.

    Thanks to the recent sale, I've got a CNT-1 coming. And finally, the KZ ZS-10 Pro. I've been waiting a long time for this one. Kept meaning to get it, but other sales interfered. If I can get it to isolate properly, it could finally dethrone the V80 as a prime transit IEM.
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  3. Makahl
    lol it's not like the CCA is much better with this logo in bold.
    11.jpg 22.jpg 33.jpg

    But at least it's looking comfier than zsx.
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2019
  4. eclein
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  5. citral23
    Well you seem to be on the right path, I'm sure you'll find your endgame eventually.

    Personally I like a bit of everything, depending I on what I listen, but don't like having duplicates.

    So far it's pretty good I think : V2 rev 3 for work, Einsear T2 as backup (ppl happen to talk to me often, which is incredibly annoying. So no over the ear as it's cumbersome). I'd loved to have a crescent but I pulled the trigger too late and 2 sellers accepted my offer but finally cancelled as it was sold out.

    ZS7 for death metal, Kool Keith style hip-hop, EDM.

    Kanas pro for Jazz, and otherwise acoustic music. I'm in heaven with it and could only have that one, but I'm happy to have more.

    KB100 in my bag for everyday as I'm not taking the kanas pro out, I'm cheap.

    SHP9500 with Sure earpads (made the bass come to life) is also superb.

    Only let down in my journey was DT6 (horrible) and somewhat the ZS10 pro which I think is overrated, but happy to have it for crap conditions to not risk another one, it's "ok, C-" in my book.

    I'm in relaxed "wait & see" mode now, contempt.
  6. Slater
    I’m so glad I found my end game :)

    Although it’s taken a long time to get there.
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  7. DynamicEars
  8. BadReligionPunk
    No secrets! Friends don't keep secrets from each other. Lol
  9. citral23
    Teaser :D
  10. Dani157
    DT6 for soundstage and details if that's your primary requirement. Many members have had varied experiences, so be wary of that. Personally I adore them and like its airy soundstage and details.

    ED9 - Fantastic for $9! But soundstage wise it's okay. Not brilliant not bad. Filters let you tweak what you want in terms if detail retrieval

    ZSN - Probably the best $20 can get you even today. Does everything and is super comfortable. V-shaped signature but totally makes go Patrick Swayze from Dirty Dancing once you plug them in!
  11. eclein
    Seriously reading all these quotes of long quotes making even longer quotes is very difficult to read from a phone...endless scrolling, constantly rereading posts and then we get no payoff.....Slater whats the iem.....t800?
    If so why are so many up for sale in the trading post, any idea anybody? Are they not waiting long enough? Is it too bright?
    I’m gonna grab some but I’m hesitating now: a) because my ears aren’t 100% yet, b) because all these folks are selling? c) same with Tin P1 which I thought was close to if not the best of the planar iems?

    Now KZ and CCA are trying something newish, where’s the C20? I wanted a C20 didn’t you guys?

    I’m in an “enjoy my current crop” formation but we all know thats lip service......lollol....T800 is still awesome correct?
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  12. Slater
    @DynamicEars is correct.

    Audiosense T800

    It’s goooood
  13. vegetaleb
    Zsn old version or the Pro?
  14. Dani157
    I have non pro version.
  15. HungryPanda
    I'm sitting on a train listening to the new Tool album with my Rose Mini 6 Pro plugged into my Sony NW- A45 and this is very good
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