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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. vegetaleb
    I forgot to put also:
    -Urbanfun Hifi
  2. chinmie
    I'm just comparing the ZS10 Pro to the OG Kanas, both paired to the TRN BT20. they really in the same tuning category more or less. the ZS10 Pro performs admirably, pushing similar subbass reach, with slightly backed mids.
    the Kanas is still obviously the better sounding (the ZS10 Pro has a slight grain in overall tone, and light having a slight veil across the mids and treble), but for the price difference, i really recommend the ZS10 Pro

    i use the same Tennmak Whirlwind tips with the inner ribs removed (from now on I'll call this fillet whirlwind :gs1000smile: )
  3. jeromeaparis

    ED16 (3 drivers) has excellent soundstage, details and instruments separation, sounds natural, but nozle being short, it stays better in the ear with a triple flange than the starlines.
    ZSN (2 drivers) is brighter, sound is nice, sharp with punch, less details, smaller soundstage and instrument separation than ed16, stays very well in the ear cause the metal nozzle is longer.
    both easy to drive, dunno the others...
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  4. igorneumann
    Oh, thanks... but which is which?
  5. DynamicEars
    just to clarify I didn't say dont buy the KPE you'll regret. But instead, "you will regret.. regret that all this time you burn your money for all budget stuff sidegrade" which is means the KP is a real upgrade, along with KXXS. Sorry if my joke made misunderstanding. cheers!
  6. igorneumann
    Fear not... CCA has the solution... the CCA C12 is the terminator for us who hates the terminator faceplate!

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  7. DynamicEars
    Max $20 and not bass head but prefer details and soundstage? you got your first candidate right buddy, if you dont mind mid bass bleed and weird tonality. ZSN pro is another option dont buy first generation ZSN that more v-shaped
  8. Leo-rume
    Sorry my bad. I corrected the initial post. I meant to say I very much prefer the ZS3's tuning especially with the Slater mod
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  9. igorneumann

    Have almost all of them:
    -Senfer DT6 - AWESOME, specially if you block its vents with tape for more bass (add some driver flex)
    -KZ ED9 - AWESOME BUT... It doesnt stay in my ear, I need double spinfit or a earhook to be able to use it at all (same with ED15, another awesome but impossible to use IEM)
    -KZ ED16 - Not a popular opinion but I dont like its tuning AT ALL, Get the Kbear KB06 instead, is like a fixed ED16 and you can also increase its bass blocking its vents
    -UiiSii HM6 - No idea
    -KZ ZSN - Thats a safe bet, is like the Vanilla of cheap-IEM.

    Technically, the best one: The DT6
    The best one if you prefer cable over your ear: The KBEar KB06
    The most Fun: ZSN Pro

    Also consider: TRN V80 and IM1.

    The V80 has a wonderful aluminum shell that fits perfectly and its a hella fun IEM (Like it WAy MORE THAN THE zsn) but, IT doesnt like any BT adapter, you'll need to use the crappy KZ ones instead of the good TRN ones. (the TRN BT adapoters add a lot of noise)
    The IM1 is more of a U shaped curve, I truly love it but would prefer a more balanced one if was my only IEM.
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2019
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  10. igorneumann
    HOLYMOLY, yeah, thats probably a broken adapter...
    Why dont you tried in the OTHER SIDE of the same IEM so you dont ruin 2 of them?

    I bought more than 10 of these, never had a similar problem.
  11. vegetaleb
    Thanks for the details, I will check the kb06, v80 and iM1
    Do you think the galaxy s10+ can drive correctly the dt6?
  12. KipNix
    See if you can get your hands on a set of discontinued KZ DT5. They are physically heavy and have some pounding sub-bass.
  13. igorneumann
    That physically heavy worries me as I cant use neither the ED9 nor the ED15 because they are heavy and just fall from my ears... I have to either use double spinfit or a earhook.
    They dont look to be available anywhere, anyways.
  14. igorneumann
    Yes, all of those are easy to drive...
  15. SoundChoice
    Bringing this slater mod post back for posterity... The camera and diagram were helpful seeing location and depth of the ZS3 foam mod. If I can ask, something similar would be helpful for those wanting to remove stock dampers from T800.
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