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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. courierdriver
    Haha! Yeah, that's kinda an extreme solution.
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  2. HungryPanda
    Use one of the shirt clips that come with iems to take weight off the earbuds. Or silicone fins
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2019
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  3. Tonymac136
    Got my ED9s today. They came in the post with a pair of Semkarch CNT-1 which sound fantastic. But it's the ED9s that are in my ears right now. They're not perfect by any stretch, I'd like a filter that was halfway between the two in sound quality and the microphonics on the non replaceable cable are really quite bad.
    However, they are crazy comfortable, to the point of almost not being able to feel them, and the sound, while unexceptional, is also absolutely acceptable in every respect. I spend so much time listening to the headphones and so little to the actual music it's nice to have something so totally unobtrusive going on in my ears. I'm using my phone as a source and a pair of earphones that cost as much as a CD and I couldn't even begin to care. Impressive.
  4. eclein
    I’m not dead folks if anyone was wondering....lol...ear issues first time in 61 years have made listening to iems problematic. Its getting better and I’ve been reading headfi everyday but really can’t comment on sound from anything lately.....lol.

    Anyway has anybody gotten the new KZ NSX (I think), and heard them? The new TRN V90 (?) is also intriguing.....Slater did you order the “Terminator” from KZ, the NSX?
    Post 999 wow..........
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  5. mbwilson111
    If they are falling out because they are too loose, put a donut foam on top of the regular foam. If they are falling out because they are not fitted into your ear securely, make sure you have tucked as much as you can of the shell under the tragus and then pull down a bit on the stem to secure it angled in the intertragic notch area I make sure that the stem is not just sticking out of my ear but resting against my face. There are other shell types to consider if you keep having a problem.

    It will be more difficult if you do not have much of a tragus or antitragus as those hold it in place.

    To keep a bit on topic for the KZ thread, the shape and size of the concha will determine how well certain models of KZs will fit.

  6. vegetaleb
    Thanks for the recommendations.
    About the DT6 they look fantastic but they are the heaviest of all mentioned no? Will they have enough volume on a S10+?
    The ED16 are either loved or hated here I see.
    The ED9 sound quality is average from what I am reading here, I wonder if they will be better than my stock S10+ iems and Marley little bird
  7. Tonymac136
    The ED9 is average compared to headphones 3 or more times the price. For less than £10 they are brilliant. I've not heard stock S10 IEMs but I would be very surprised if they even come close to the ED9. To me the ED9 is better than budget multi driver BA/DD units like the ZS10 and V80. Much better.
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  8. baskingshark
    On paper, the DT6 is drivable from a phone but IMHO it requires an amp to make the treble truly shine and also to improve soundstage. The piezo drivers that handle the treble frequency require quite a lot of juice.
    Without an amp, I estimate that it requires about 20% more volume on my smartphone compared to other IEMs.
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  9. vegetaleb
    What about the weight?
    Are they annoyingly heavy when walking long walks?
  10. baskingshark
    They are a bit heavy compared to some plastic shell IEMs, but not the heaviest IMO. I got used to it in a few minutes.
    The issue is that they are supposed to be worn straight down, so the weight of the IEMs may yank them out of your ears if u don't have a good ear tip fit and walk about.
    I know some headfiers wear them over ear and rotate them to fix this issue.
    The stock tips ain't too good IMO, but I got a perfect fit with them using KZ starlines, YMMV.
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  11. Mr.HiAudio
    not so good headphones.
    By the sound: a very strong failure in the middle, the vocals are very distant so that the male is practically inaudible. And also: the vocalists sing very strangely, the impression is that they got their teeth knocked out - everyone hiss :ksc75smile:

    I do not advise :)

    they don’t need strong gain - resistance is only 12 ohms with cable(tested by multimeter)
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2019
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  12. igorneumann
    I had this problem with the KZ ED9 and 15, one solved with double flange Spinfit, the other with this...
    € 0,86 30%de DESCUENTO | KEITHNICO 2 pares de auriculares negros Universal de silicona con Clip de oreja, ganchos para auriculares, colgador de oreja, auriculares
  13. mbwilson111
    The RY4s is an earbud not an iem.

    Last edited: Aug 24, 2019
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  14. nraymond
    Just got the ZS7, and they are better than I was expecting (I like them better than the CCA C10). My usual favorite tips have interesting impacts on the sonics... Tenmak Whirlwinds seem like a good match. What's everyone else using?
  15. rafaelroxalot
    Which kz has the better bass?
    Anyone tried the bluetooth module aptx hd? Is good?

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