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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. jant71
    That should make for an interesting comparison.
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  2. RikudouGoku
    What is Benchmark? Like the benchmark in PC Cpu scores or something else?
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  3. Tamirci
    With "benchmark" title it must better be perfectly neutral..unlike kz.
  4. MacAttack7
    What is the nozzle size of the KZ ZS10 Pro? I'd like to try some spinfit tips just for the heck of it.
    I had the original generic tips on that came with my earphones & they didn't quite fit my right ear........kept working it's way out a bit.
    Then I switched to the starline tips that were provided & got a much better fit.
    Thought I'd try the spinfits too just for the heck of it.....even though the starlines are good.
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  5. RikudouGoku
    CP145 and Cp100Z fit for me
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  6. Aparker2005
    Very tempted to try these terminators and sell my as16 if I like them more..... But curious how much different they'd be than the already awesome zs10 pro
  7. Mouseman
    I'm not going to fall for their trap this time! I'll wait for the blue faceplates!
  8. Makahl
    I was almost getting the ZS7 but I'll wait for the first wave of ZSXs reviews come in, depending on how they improved it I'll probably get one. As I expected they changed the DD - hoping a bit more sub-bass extension. The new BAs on ad seems it'll get fuller vocals. On paper, it seems interesting!

    Lol, or even ZSX Pro after ~1 month.
  9. ignorant
    I'd love more sub bass on the zs10 pro. The mids/vocals and treble are a little too in your face for me and can get fatiguing quickly. Using the New bee silicon tips and stock cable. My go to tips - the Spin fit 145 give them even more treble. The TRN V90s just released and I'm excited to see how they compare to the zs10 pro!!
  10. Makahl

    Now it's up on their official store in English. LINK
  11. baskingshark
    Lol I can see why they are called Terminators, they truly look badass.

    I'll probably wait for reviews first though. A lot of KZs recent offerings have been more of sidegrades, so I'm wondering if this set is markedly better than the well received ZS10 Pros.
    Also as others have said, the TRN V90 just released on AE today, and there are a few other IEMs waiting in the wings to be released soon such as CCA C12 and BQEYZ Spring 1.
    So competitive nowadays!
  12. maxxevv
    If the Frequency Response curve is accurate, it should make for a fairly well tuned frequency crossovers. Mid-centric, no sharp peaks with a taper / roll-off after 5k ?
  13. 1clearhead
  14. Mouseman
    I couldn't find the V90s - link please?
  15. baskingshark

    TRN V90. Credit to @Assimilator702 , he was the one who found it released today and recommended that there is a seller discount (fan's exclusive discount) on NICEHCK store via the app version. (You need to follow NICEHCK first to qualify for the 35% discount).
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2019

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