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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. mbwilson111
    I find over ear type iems more difficult to wear because I can't just quickly pop them in and out. With something that just goes straight in like the Moondrop Crescent or the Sony MH755, it is so easy to just put them in and out. I always put them in far enough that they won't fall out when I move around.

    Not all KZs are over ear... I love my ED9.

    I ended up getting the best fit and sound with my Crescent using M Starlines modded into "flip tips." The first iems that I have used these on.


    Here is the thread that @Slater started . Of course it is he who came up with the idea:)

    Last edited: Aug 19, 2019
  2. smodtactical
    Looking for a very durable gym IEM that sounds good (fun sound, solid bass but still detailed). Budget under $100. Thinking ZS 10 pro vs CCM C10. Any thoughts?
  3. chinmie
    compared to KPE, i like the Crescent tuning more. compared to the standard Kanas however, i prefer the Kanas better
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  4. igorneumann
    I really enjoy the ZSN Pro and its the one I recommend for this pricepoint, that said I love the ES4 also.
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  5. RikudouGoku
    Not sure about durability but sound wise I recommend Zs10 Pro for gym over the CCA C10 because it is more V-shaped. ( I like energetic stuff if working out)
  6. lgcubana
    Even though I'm in the honeymoon stage with the KZ ZS7s, I wanted to use the ZS10s this morning, to tune out the "sparkles". As the ZS10s are very friendly to tweaking.

    Radsone ES100

    The sub bass is clean, without any real mid bass bleed and the vocals are as forward as I would want them.
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  7. 1clearhead
    I'd personally vouch for the KZ ZSN PRO, which has an awesome sounding V-shape sound signature to go with a great workout, and all this while saving some cash to buy either more energy drinks or extend your gym membership package.

    -Clear :muscle::sunglasses:
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  8. TheVortex
  9. Slater
  10. jant71
    It is the made up off brand armature name meant to fool those that don't know better but can confuse with the real DWFK name and it will sound good and or real to them. they will think they are gettin' a deal cause them DWEK armatures cost a pretty penny :)
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2019
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  11. Makahl
    Using the Google translate app apparently it's the "improved" driver for mid-highs:

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  12. Aparker2005
    Not being just overly impressed with the as16, and loving the zs10 pro, I wonder if this new zsx is worth a try
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  13. Tamirci
    There was a statement that its "benchmark". I dunno where I saw it.

    Ps. Here it it. I wonder if it stands up for its claim.. unnamed.png
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2019
  14. TheVortex
    I am waiting for another store to put up the promotion pictures in English and that is even if they have them.

    I guess these to be an upgrade to the ZS10 Pro and hopefully with a bit more mids to them.
  15. TheVortex
    No idea and these are a little cheaper than what I was expecting.

    Also these slightly undercutting the new TRN V90 for price as well should be interesting.

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