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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. turbomustang84
    I've only got the ZST and for the price it's great but I'm interested in their higher end models.
    Any suggestions?
  2. Slater
    At least this one has free shipping:

  3. Tamirci
    Yay! Lets stock these up while shipping is free :)))
  4. Tonymac136
    That cable would make my ZS10 sound better, right?
  5. macky112
    I am secretly hoping ZSX has the ZS7 tuning for its DD+4BA but with that one extra BA balancing out the treble roll off... fingers crossed! of course i am all for more sub bass unz unz unz unz bahahaha!
    Nimweth likes this.
  6. macky112
    I have two ZS7s and one ZS10 Pro, you know which is my favorite...

    i am a bass head, but to be honest, if I listen to ZS10 Pro as the first IEM of the day, its bass is respectable, but that ZS7 sub bass tho...!
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  7. Mouseman
    You think that will be $7,159 on 11/11? I think I want to wait for the big sale!
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  8. Slater
    A $7000 cable may even be able to make this sound better:
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  9. Tonymac136
    Blimey. Makes Daniel Johnston sound overproduced.
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  10. nxnje
    ZS10 Pro are superb imho, but i prefer ZS7 for personal use (mixed gaming and music)

    I listen loads of heavy bass music (midtempo, Dubstep and so on), i feel you
    Nimweth and Assimilator702 like this.
  11. Assimilator702
    Well I’d we look at the differences between the C10 and the ZS10 PRO there’s a very different tuning so I’m betting on the CCA and KZ brothers to have enough differences to warrant both models existing. Now which one will me you or the other guy prefer is the real question. I was expecting the KZ ZSX to be released by now considering when they announced it. It’s been more than a month. Hopefully KZ makes both models special and is out to show the rest of the Chi-Fi world who is the King Boss of the landscape.
    Nimweth likes this.
  12. Nimweth
    Yes, I agree. The ZS10 Pro and C10 are very different. The ZS7 is different again. I think KZ could improve on the venerable 30095 treble BA in the new model and I think a BA to fill in between the 29689 and treble units would be a good idea to narrow the range covered by the other BAs and help them operate in their best zones. I would expect that judging on what has gone before that the KZ will be more V-shaped and the CCA will adopt a more neutral tuning.
  13. Nimweth
    I find the BLON BL-03 really benefits from a bit of extra power. It brings out that superb speed the BLONs have and tightens things up.
  14. auraldesire95
    I have the ZST Pro and ZSN (non-Pro) and I'm eager to purchase another KZ earphone. What would you all consider to be the best value earphone as of now?
  15. Coldheart29
    Hey guys, i was wondering, what's the difference among the various kz lines?
    Like, does each line (zs, ba, as) target a different kind of sign signature?

    Also, how do cca iems compare to kz on average? Smoother? Brighter? Bassier? More or less detailed?

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