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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Coldheart29
    Well, you know, i'm a goldsmith, i'm actually thinking at how i could use something like these diamond cables in jewellery xD

    Edit: oh wait, those are just normal cutting diamond cables, not actual "diamond cables", aren't they?
    Well, now i feel dumb xD
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2019
  2. Slater
    Yeah, I was just joking around. They’re just diamond sawing cables.

    But real diamond/copper conductive nanometer-scale wire does actually exist:

    Last edited: Aug 15, 2019
  3. B9Scrambler
    ... no comment.
  4. Coldheart29
    Eh, i got totally wooshed there.

    Getting back in topic, what's the smoothest sounding sub 50$ KZ iem?
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  5. chinmie
    haven't been around this thread in the longest of time... what's currently the best sounding KZ iems (not factoring the price and sound preference)? I've seen AS10, ZS7, and ZS10 mentioned in other threads.. are they currently the top tier /favored in terms of sound quality from KZ?
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  6. nxnje
    Why? :D
  7. macky112
    KZ ZS10 Pro is less than $30 on ebay shipped
  8. macky112
    ZS10 Pro is the latest consensus!
  9. macky112
    uh oh, 5BA per side in a ZS series? my ZS7 and ZS10 Pro's gonna be obsolete, GG...
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  10. nxnje
    I have to admit i used to think just like you.
    I've received by a seller a brand new upgrade silver cable.
    I've put it on my ZS7 and i clearly heard a sort of emphasis in the upper end with more air and sparkle, and that makes you feel like the soundstage just get a little bit expansive.

    That's not about hearing something that is not audible. That's not because the silver cable is thousand times better than the stock one.
    That just means 2 things:
    1. Stock cable sucks a lot
    2. Silver is a better conductor and high end is the first thing that get a sort of benefit in that sense. Speaking about soundstage, air and sparkle are given by the upper end, so if you gain something in that area then you could have the impression that stage just widens a bit.
    This is my 2$ after trying a silver cable on 10 IEMs and getting a noticeable improvement just in one case (ZS7, which i like even more now).
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  11. nxnje
    There are no besties, everything is very subjective.
    If i have to be honest, i cannot decide between ZS10 Pro and ZS7 for my tastes.
    In this case i just do one thing: i leave both on my desk and take my EDR1 with me :D
  12. MacAttack7
    How is the size of the KZ ZS10 Pro compared to the KZ ED16?
    I own the ED16, but it's too bulky for my small ears.
  13. Miki811
    Just received my ZS10 Pro and the very first thing I noticed is how small this is compared to the ZS10! Small enough that I'm not sure if the fit would be right! Then, I connected the cables, and tried it. I was correct. The fit was weird. The insertion was deep, and I mean real deep compared to ZS10 (reminded me of ZS3 when I first used it). It was deep that the default tips and my CP145's are not sealing well. Ended up using my foams to ensure a good seal.

    Then, the moment of truth: SOUND. I apologize but I'm not really good at articulating what I hear, but here it goes.
    The very first thing I that popped into my mind upon using it with my Zishan Z1, (verbatim) "Woah. It's hella thin". The first music I played with it was "Eye of God" by Erra. But then, as the song progresses, the "Impressed" part began creeping in. I played it 2-3 more times. Details were better, everything was more balanced compared to the ZS10. The side tombs that keeps popping on the right earphone is more noticeable and sounded better and tighter without the bass and congestion, and complication of the music hovering over it. After a good hour of listening, tried to go back to ZS10 and just realized how "thicc" it sounded. It felt like a bass cannon now, and sounded muddy all of the sudden. Details are there, but I dunno. Then I thought, this must be due to a more controlled bass and less bass bleed on the ZS10 Pro. After some more listening, I began to appreciate it's "clearness" more. It's so clear compared to the ZS10 that I get goosebumps more frequently. It's like everything is more controlled, precise, and balanced. I'm able to appreciate Joseph Arrington (A Lot Like Birds, Sianvar, Royal Coda) and Matt Garstka's (Animals as Leaders) drumwork a lot more, as well as Vladislav Ulasevich's (Jinjer) version of Pisces.

    This definitely isn't for those who likes elevated bass. It's deep and has good impact and rumble when needed, but I don't think it would meet basshead standards without any EQ. You also can't say this is an upgraded ZS10. It's a completely different beast.

    I really love how this sounds! The only gripe I have is the fit (YMMV). ZS10 fits better for me, but then again, my ear must have been used to it's size. It's too deep that it's not able to create a good seal non-foams for my ears. Using foams definitely fixes this for me, but I'll try to make use of the CP145 since I like how "direct" it sounds.
  14. LaughMoreDaily
    Which KZ's do you like with the Gold Silver Upgrade Cable? I just got mine!

    Speaking of IEM's... Why do some people push the EDR1? The ES4 is a much better model and it's $12USD right now.
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2019
  15. Miki811
    Found the perfect tip for my ZS10 Pro! Gives me the same "direct" sound due to its hollow/wide bore/nozzle. Used the largest one below.
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