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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. CardigdanWalk
    Got my KZ T1

    First surprise, the nozzle seems smaller than my KZ ZS5. Took of my foams and they are too big for the T1’s. Ended up stuck in my ear :frowning2:

    Second surprise, when I have foam tips, I can’t fit it in the case to charge :frowning2:
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  2. Nimweth
    I don't know. I didn't even unpack the stock cable and installed the TRN cable immediately. I have, however, noticed improvements when using upgrade cables in the past.
  3. khighly
    I had the KZ T1's in and saw Tool's new song on Tidal. I thought "this should be ok". Got like 2 minutes in, put them back in the case and got the ZS10 Pro's, restarted the song :). Holy moly this song sounds absolutely amazing on the ZS10 Pro's.
  4. Slater
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2019
  5. Incel
    Anyone not like the new cables on the KZ models? The loop without the metal is much better, but the cable is much noisier. Anyone do a wrap on the new cables?
  6. archdawg
    After my first experiences with those tangly suckers I just leave them untouched in the box these days and immediately start to experiment with KZ's own upgrade cables or anything from the usual suspects on AE: Kinboofi, Jcally, NiceHCK, HiFiHear, TRN, Y..y.., (banned), ... YMMV.
  7. lgcubana
    It would bug me to no end, if I had to reshape them, if I carried them in my pocket; which I do most of the time.
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  8. mbwilson111
    The ones that I have with the wire are kept in a large enough case that the wire remains undisturbed.

    ...except when I take them out to use them of course... but then they go back in the case.
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2019
  9. Mybutthurts
    IMG_20190807_173549571~2.jpg IMG_20190807_173918402~2.jpg I didn't think the ZS10Pro couldn't get any better...it can with a better source.
    Absolutely stunning when paired with the Fiio M11. Excellent on all types of music tested so far, but crappy encoded mp3s sound as they should...crappy
    Very, very happy with both.
  10. citral23
    I disagree, found some time to make some serious A/B comparisons again today because someone was asking for it lately in this thread.

    I find it's giving away a lot of sub in fact. It doesn't give away mid bass, and that is even a bit tighter, faster than on the ZS7 I think, however it tends to sound congested on tracks such as Livin' Astro from Kool Keith


    The mids are suffering from the bass, the ZS7 doesn't have that problem, probably due to open back design vs closed back of ZS10 pro.

    Yes the ZS10 pro is sparklier, however it has less high mids. This a disadvantage imo on tracks such as Archspire's murmuration

    the guitars sound less awesome and the treble becomes too aggressive for my taste. If I'm looking for absolute details it can be an advantage however (but that's not the IEMs I'd be reaching for in that case).

    The ZS7 is also clearly at its advantage on slower heavy guitar tracks such as Gojira's Oroborus

    There's just more texture, and a better, fuller tone (to my ears)

    The "dark" tuning (doesn't mean dull) of the ZS7 is really something I enjoy for many complex genres that benefit from V-shape tuning without the common associated harshness or slow bass (ZS7 bass/sub keeps up really incredibly well with super fast tracks).

    I have not yet compared on other, acoustic genres. I usually use my KB100 or KPE for that anyway, as the ZS7 sounds too "forward" and "in your face" for jazz to me, but I'll do when I have more time, ZS10 might get the edge on strings and horns?

    While I much prefer the fit and finition of the ZS10 pro, to me for now it's another good v-shape IEM in an ocean of other good IEMs, while the ZS7 is an IEM I wouldn't want to give away/replace, precisely because of its dark tuning that is so unique. Everything is subject to change as time goes by tho.

    The ZS7 fit isn't too great, the finition is sub-par with the 2 parts of the shell not being 100% adjusted and the paint chips tho. Can't have your cake and eat it at 30$ I suppose.
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2019
  11. Nimweth
    I think that's fair comment. It's early days and they are still burning in. I am lucky in that for me the ZS7 fit is fine, yes, the sub bass, on reflection, is better in the ZS7 and there is that rise in the upper mids. I do like the treble on the ZS7, it is gentle but doesn't lack detail. I still love it for electronic music!
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  12. BadReligionPunk
    Had to like just because of Kool Keith.
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  13. SenyorC
    I haven't heard the ZS7 but I am beginning to wonder if I got a different ZS10 Pro to others as I feel that the ZS10 Pro had too much high mids :confused:

    (Maybe I need a blue one just in case?)
  14. citral23
    Why yes, the blue sounds more liquid than the silver, which sounds much spoonier
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  15. nraymond
    So silver is the best fit for this song, then?

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