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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Slater
    I assume they are referring to a double dynamic driver, which are 2 dynamic drivers arranged coaxially in the same driver package (for example a 9mm and 7mm driver). There’s a few different designs - some share the same voice coils, some don’t, some are arranged as a push-pull, etc.

    Many IEMs use them, and they have advantages over single dynamic drivers. TinAudio T2 is one of many examples.


    This 1More page explains them in straightforward terms:


    Last edited: Jul 18, 2019
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  2. PhonoPhi
    Thank you for the great answer.
    You are very helpful as always!

    Looking briefly over the NX7 design, I could not discern two separate drivers, while the DD in ZS10 pro refers to as "double magnetic" - hence my pointed question.
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  3. Slater
    Well, “double magnetic” is a different term that gets thrown around lately. It usually refers to a magnet of double the strength of most similar magnets (which approach or even exceed 1.0 Tesla).

    Or it could also be referring to a double dynamic driver that actually has 2 separate voice coils and 2 separate magnets.

    So you can have a single dynamic driver with a “double (strength) magnet”, a double dynamic driver with a regular magnet, or even a double dynamic driver with 2 actual physically separate magnets haha

    Also, some people refer to double dynamic drivers as DD (ie Double Dynamic). And I’ve seen others refer to DD as Dynamic Driver. So when you see “1xDD”, it might be referring to 1 double dynamic driver, or it might be referring to 1 single dynamic driver.

    Is your head spinning yet?

    It gets even more confusing when you add in the fact that some Chinglish translations often gets lost. PLUS the fact that some companies embellish stuff.

    So sometimes it’s really anyone’s guess what the heck is inside lol

    Like this nugget of KZ marketing genius for instance:

    I can’t even begin to guess what the hell their marketing guy was trying to covey about the beloved EDR1!
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2019
  4. TechnoidFR
    Yes it's just ordered ! Good news for 2pin connection.

    Oh I just take zs10 ( first version ) with TRN bt20. Real good combo for electronic !


    Very interesting.
  5. courierdriver
    I have the Pro in the standard silver faceplate and I do like it, but this new blue version looks great too. Me personally, I wouldn't mind a nice green version.
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  6. courierdriver
    Yup, totally agree! My second set just arrived a couple of days ago. I'm giving them away for a gift at Christmas time, though...along with a JCally upgrade cable, a case to store them in, a couple of rechargeable silica packs, and a 6 pack set of NewBee foam/silicone tips. Someone's getting REAL lucky at "Secret Santa" this year! ZS10 PRO's are legit good. I've got them stuck in my ears more often than any of the other iems I own...even the more expensive ones. Absolutely love them.
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  7. LaughMoreDaily
    I think the DT6 sounds weak and is terrible fitting over all. It's the only model that would not fit my ears.
  8. nraymond
    Bundled tips with the DT6 are some sort of joke... went through my catalog, and the Final Type E tips work well with the DT6 I think ("Improvements to bass tones and heightened sound insulation, Reduction of stimulating tones in the high frequency range" according to box copy). Also the DT6 are heavier than many earphones that shape, and I wasn't able to use some tips not because they sounded bad, but because my left ear canal is ever so slightly larger than my right, and the left DT6 would slowly slide out of that ear with an eartip that didn't exert enough pressure to stay lodged, which is not a problem I usually experience.
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  9. LaughMoreDaily
    I tried all my tips and none of them worked with the DT6. I don't own the Final Type E tips. Can they be bought by themselves?
  10. LaughMoreDaily
    Probably because you're now tired of "wasting" money on expensive earphones. :wink:
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  11. nraymond
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  12. courierdriver
    Yeah, you're kinda right. I mean, I've never even thought once about plunking down more than $200 CDN on a set of iems. That kinda coin is just outa my means. Three bills is the most I'd ever wager...and even then, it would need to be a $300 item that competes with a double the price item (or more)...and even then, I'd be looking to find it on sale for half off. When the Moondrop Kanas PRO was selling for $179 US, I picked it up for $145 CDN for a 1 month old used set that wasn't even fully broken in yet. Still love them to this day, and don't have any interest in getting the upgrade KXXS. Any shortcomings in them, I can EQ out. Very satisfied. With the ZS10 PRO, I bought these brand new, and loved them, straight outta the box. They only got better the more I broke them in, a cable swap and tip swap. I use a bit of EQ on them too, but for $50 bucks (less now), these are just incredible sounding to my ears. Comfort and fit are stellar for me too...I've listened to them for 3+ hours at a time, and never did I get fatigued or feel that they hurt me after that amount of time. I've actually had to force myself to stop the music, pull them out and go to bed! Two weeks ago, I put them in and started listening to my music library on my SD card, Tidal, and Spotify...and it was 5AM by the time I went to bed. I like them that much. No, they may not be everyone's preferred sound signature, but they sure fit me to a T. Everytime I listen to them, I keep thinking...these cost HOW MUCH!!?? I always come away feeling like I just spent time listening to a set that should be selling for $200-300...or more. Honestly, I want others to know how good these are for the price, which is why I bought another set, plus an upgrade cable, tips and storage case; to give to someone this Christmas. Sure, some have said there are a few shortcomings (ie. brightness, sibalance, etc.) but I have not experienced that enough to a degree that it bothers me. I like the treble detail, the mids don't sound too far back, and the bass is deep, tight and slammin. The music has great energy, which is something I like alot. I don't listen to music to fall asleep; I listen to music to pump me up. Even quieter stuff like Tracy Chapman or some slower Tragically Hip makes me marvel at the superb detail presentation. Acoustic music is rendered with so much detail, depth and realism. Stage is also very good, with enough width and depth to convince me that I'm listening to a decent set of speakers. If I had to give up all my other iems and headphones, and keep just one set to hook up to my Fiio Q1MK2 via 2.5 balanced output via USB output from my phone, I'd take the KZ ZS10 PRO, hands down. I never feel like I'm missing anything with this set. My KPE is still my baby, but the TFZ NO.3 is a very distant 3rd right now. ZS10 PRO is an exceptional all rounder, imho.
  13. courierdriver
    Yeah, this is the only store I've found that would ship them to Canada. I still wouldn't mind having a set, but I'm not sure what size I should order, since my favorite most comfortable tips so far have been Newbee foam tips. I also have Spinfits CP145 (2 sets of medium, 1 set large) but only the large sound any good, and only with one set of iems I own (TFZ No.3). Never been a big fan of silicone...just can't seem to get the isolation to bring out the bass. That's why I love the Newbee foams so much. Still, I've heard alot of great things about the Final E tips. If you like silicon tips, these are very highly recd in the forums.
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  14. LaughMoreDaily
  15. NeonHD
    It is pretty anemic in the low frequencies.... that is until you finally ditch the stock cable for a nice quality one. An 8-core copper cable drastically brings out the DT6's deep rumbly sub-bass.
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