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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. igorneumann
    You mean the APTX-HD one?

    I bought one and it had loads of background noise and it sounded awful, the seller (CCA official store) confirmed they are having problems with those and sent me a regular APTX as replacement.

    MAYBE they fixed, maybe still broken, that said, EVERY SINGLE bluetooth adapter from KZ I own are different from one another.

    I have them with cable too short, cable too long, controls on the left, controls on the right, etc.

    I USUALLY recomment the TRN BT03 but they don't have straight pins, neither... But PIZEN make some adapters with a shorter straight connector so they fit well on both A and B, but they are usually more expensive.

    I guess you should get the regiular KZ APTX one, in the end.
  2. pumin
    thank you , then I probably get regular apt-x for now.

    I notice TRN BT3S and BT20S just came out. Should I get one of them in 2-pin 0.75 version for my ZS7 ?
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2019
  3. baskingshark

    It's called the KZ terminator or something like that.
    Lately, I am getting very confused as KZ and its subsidiaries CCA/Tripowin (and ?Kbear - are they a KZ subsidiary or just borrowing their shell/drivers?) are churning out multi hybrid/BA IEMs almost every few weeks. Some seem to me to have exactly the same sound signature with just different branding and shells. I'm satisfied with my KZ ZS10 Pro for now, probably won't be jumping to any KZ products for the near future unless they have stellar reviews or prove to not be a sidegrade of their current lineup.
  4. Mybutthurts
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  5. igorneumann
    I have the BT3 and the BT10, I think the BT3s is the APTX version using the BT10 chip...

    With the BT10 I have a couple of problems, loads of background noise in the TRN V80 (just in this model, with this adapter, its unusable) and it doesnt connect automatically, I need to tap it on the cellphone's BT menu in order to connect.

    No idea about the BT20S but I wanna try them also.
  6. pumin
    Thank you again for your insight. so after collecting information, I'm gonna order BT20S w/ 0.75 2-pin version, and let's see.
  7. richario
    I have used Trn BT20 with KZ AS10 for my daily driver since the AS10 launched. I just got KZ ZS7 and Trn BT20S in the sales, and am enjoying both combinations. I'd heartily recommend the BT20S, they seem to have fixed the issues with the BT20 like the loose charge port/button issue. The new version is rock solid connection wise, has ample power and sounds good with a low noise floor. You can also use them one at a time as they power on and off separately. I also like that they fit securely for activity, you'd have to work pretty hard to make one fall off! I haven't used wires on any of my collection since I got the original BT20, and the new model is just a little better again in every area. Also some sort of IP rating which is a bonus and a better feeling plastic. Love this combo with my Sony Z5 compact, no cables in my foreseeable future!
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2019
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  8. igorneumann
    Does the BT20 requires you to charge them separately or there is any sort of dock/Y cable that came with them?
  9. maxxevv
    The BT20 comes with a split micro-usb charging cable. It allows you to connect up both modules and charge them at the same time.
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  10. mbwilson111
    Now I am finally tempted to get a ZS10 pro.... in that color... or, maybe they could do a nice bright royal purple face plate.

    I don't see any sellers yet with this new one with the blue plate.
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  11. BrunoC
    And how about a plain BLACK ZS10 Pro? Not shiny of course.
    A brass silver would be nice too...
  12. moisespr123
    I'd love to see if the KZ Terminator could beat my Hidizs MS4 which I now use. Going back to the ZS10 Pro I feel the sound is artificial.
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  13. CardigdanWalk
    Anyone else get a message from NICEHCK about their new NX7?
  14. nraymond
    Yes, looks interesting. DT6 is the only multi-driver earphone with a piezo driver that I thought was tuned ok. Hopefully NiceHCK has figured it out with the NX7.
  15. BrunoC
    Actually I think the Artiste DC1 is well tuned, with more accent on bass than the DT6. It seems forgotten in this forum...

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