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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. KopaneDePooj
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2019
  2. voicemaster
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  3. gourab1995
    Bqeyz makes well vented iems. They aren't warm sounding though. They can be best described as warm-bright. You can see 3 vents on the kb100.


    Kz zs7 on the other hand. Not the same case. Their front vent is pretty tiny. In fact I'm trying to find a way to make it bigger. It's noticeable as a tiny speck vertically above the "L" indictor in the pic

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  4. Slater
    The 2 bigger vents on BQEYZ are rear vents. The front vent is the tiny one by the nozzle. It’s similar in size to the front end on the ZS6 and ZS7.

    Almost all front vents are very small (tenths of millimeters). Otherwise, you lose lots of low end frequencies.

    You can also add front vents to almost any IEM. I add them to my IEMs all the time when I’m retuning them. All you need is a twist drill and a set of precision micro drill bits (in fractional millimeter sizes). You also need to know where to put the vent of course.
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  5. gourab1995
    Hmm. Good to know. I just attempted a shortcut to the twist drill and precision micro drill bit method. Used a pair of sewing scissors with sharp ends, twisted out the metal hole with a drill like motion.

    It maybe just psychological. I can't measure here. The soundstage is slightly wider. Bass is less present now to my liking. Although I notice higher amount of distortion in extreme volumes. Like at 100.

    Edit: the distortion was in the track.
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2019
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  6. archdawg
    Sounds almost like me and the BA10. They're down to 41€ now and I probably can't resist much longer.
    Re. the ZS7 I'm VERY happy that I finally pulled the trigger on those guys; after the initial ~ 150 hours they sound just amazing for those 31€ and again definitely brighter than some reviews would make you believe.
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  7. gourab1995
    Ok it's definitely not psychological. I taped them back and gave them a listen. They sounded like they were before. Bass monsters. Deeper sound than wider.

    Now they are tamed puppies with the expanded front vent. I'm liking this new sound, less fatiguing for long listens. Hits a lot less harder. Although some bass detail is lost, a wider soundstage is achieved.

    Not the best way to do it. But it works
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2019
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  8. loomisjohnson
    i'm past the shiny new toy stage with the zs7 and would opine they're probably the best kz yet--i slightly prefer them to the zs10 pro. they don't play in the same league as the moondrop kp or toneking 9tail, but the difference is less than the price would suggest.
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2019
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  9. Slater
    Actually, you could have just poked through the existing vent with a sewing needle. It would have been more accurate. The reason is these vents have a while filter adhered from the inside (like micropore tape).

    You can actually see this on any transparent-bodied IEM like the KZ ZSR, ZST, ZSN, ZS10 Pro, CCA C10, etc.

    Anyways, that filter restricts the air flow, effectively making the vent hole about 50% ‘smaller’. So if you poke through the white filter, you will in effect make the vent hole ‘bigger’, without actually enlarging the hole.

    A very small hole is all that’s needed. For example, I make most nozzle vent holes 0.2 or 0.4mm, which makes a noticeable difference in the bass. Judging from the photo you posted, I estimate the hole you made is about 1.5mm (based on the hole’s size in comparison to an individual wire in the KZ upgrade cable).

    I’m glad you liked the result of the mod; that’s all that really matters.

    I cringe at the thought of all the aluminum shavings that might have fallen down inside that hole, because the dynamic driver is directly below. The metal shavings and chips will bouncing around on the fragile surface of the dynamic driver’s diaphragm. Whether or not you’ll be able to hear that remains to be seen.

    When I drill the vent holes, I am able to extract all shavings and chips as I go, ensuring none end up inside. It’s taken me many tries to perfect my technique though.
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2019
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  10. KopaneDePooj
    Are those front vents large enough to release the pressure to the ear canal? I'm trying to avoid that claustrophobic sensation / "hearing my steps" that I get with my Shure SE215. I don't have such problem with the SoundMagic E10 which has a 1mm front vent (by eye) :)
    I'm not comfortable with enlarging any holes / don't want to mess the sound. In fact I like how my SoundMagic E10 sounds very much. I don't know why I'm looking for another IEM... But, you know how it is... :)
  11. Slater
    That’s exactly the primary purpose of front vents.

    Also, 1.0mm vent would be an pretty large vent, unless it had some sort of tuning paper or tape over the hole.

    Usually when there’s a totally open hole, it’s 0.2-0.6mm. If there’s some form of tuning paper used over the hole, I have seen bigger holes (the ZS5 is a good example).
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  12. mbwilson111
    Maybe you would enjoy a good earbud. That totally eliminates that claustrophobic feeling. Obviously that is not a solution if you need the isolation.
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  13. KopaneDePooj
    Yes, they have paper. Here's how they look, found a photo on head-fi >> https://cdn.head-fi.org/a/1703486.jpg
  14. Slater
    Ah, ok. Yeah, assuming that is a 1.0mm, once you factor in the tuning paper the vent is equal to perhaps a 0.5 or maybe 0.6mm totally open hole with no paper. Make sense?

    That’s why if you want to make a vent hole like that ‘bigger’, you don’t need to physically make the hole bigger, you just need to poke a hole in the tuning paper. You just can’t pole too far in the hole or you will poke the driver and destroy it. You have to just baaaaarely pierce through the paper layer and the. stop the needle, as you are only trying to make a hole in the paper itself.
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  15. RikudouGoku
    Is there a kz with better/stronger bass than the zs7? Ignoring everything else.

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