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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. archdawg
    Three days into the burn-in of my ZS7 and yes ... that piercing shrillness is almost gone, just a few weaker treble peaks left here and there, more spatial precision throughout the spectrum (less halos) and I can finally really enjoy these IEMs. Now that everything sounds far more relaxed I replaced the braided 8-core KZ cable with the grayish 8-core Kinboofi that doesn't seem to work that well with the ZS6, at least when it comes to clarity. I'm still amazed by the perceptual transparency I get from my older, grey ZS6 with this KZ cable (on my standard rig with good recordings); any of the other cables I've tried literally don't cut it for me.
    On the ZS7 it seems the other way around albeit less distinctive than on the 6s - slightly better clarity with the Kinboofi compared to the KZ cable.


    Anyway, after some more days on my ears and the burn-in rig (@ much higher volumes) this combo could turn into my new #1 for all sorts of house, UK garage and hip hop vibes (bass, bass, bass) but jazz doesn't sound too bad either through those guys.
  2. loomisjohnson
    the ed9 is sensitve and get plenty loud with just a mobile, but the low end will tighten considerably with more juice (i feel the same about the edr1). i'm also a shiny filter guy although most here are dull brass (which is not intended to otherwise malign their characters)
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  3. paulwasabii
    I heard about the purple cable and I believe it is the $3 one @Slater linked me to a couple pages back. Look on aliexpress for the kz gold pink and you will see this bright copper cable.
  4. Assimilator702
    So what’s your responses the hordes of people that will argue until blue in the face that burn in isn’t a thing? I’m just surprised that this thread doesn’t get attacked for even mentioning driver burn in. And FYI for budget gear I believe burn in does allow the drivers to loosen up and settle into their working parameters. It works and is a thing for subwoofers why not small speakers?
  5. Assimilator702
    If you’re spending $3 and waiting 2 weeks or more you might as well spend $13.50 and get the ZSN that includes it. That’s what I’m doing once my A10 arrive.
  6. Zerohour88
    simple, bring that argument somewhere else. That's why we keep insisting to bring any discussion on such issues to the appropriate thread (this has been a problem for all audiophile forums, from cheapo stuff like KZ to high-end brands like Dita).

    Its not to "pre-emptively curtailing any conversation that might be deemed by someone else (other message board members, admins etc.) to be disruptive or upsetting" as one poster put it, but to avoid it turning into a flame war (as it almost always turn into).

    Fine, you think its something worth to discuss. We simply ask you to do that somewhere else.

    If you believe that burn-in is a thing, then believe the impression about burn-in. If not, then don't. Discussing whether it exists or not will simply lead nowhere.
  7. Assimilator702
    Well if you have the ZS10 PRO you already know how the form factor fits your ears. If you’re still thinking of getting the ES4 don’t bother and go straight to the ZSN op ZSN PRO. If you buy them both on Aliexpress you’ll pay less than $30. If you get them on Amazon it’ll cost you $45. For some reason the ZSN PRO is less expensive than the ZSN. I’ll probably never listen to my ES4 again after having all these new KZ iems.
  8. nraymond
    Don't worry about it, unless you like spoilers.

    The reason why so many people talk about burn-in here is because they are doing sighted listening and that is affecting their perceptions, and this isn't going to stop because most of the people in this forum are not sound engineers and there is no money on the line that would encourage them to be objective, this is a hobby for most and most just want to believe what they want to believe. As Sean Olive concluded in "The Dishonesty of Sighted Listening Tests" http://seanolive.blogspot.com/2009/04/dishonesty-of-sighted-audio-product.html:

    "In summary, the sighted and blind loudspeaker listening tests in this study produced significantly different sound quality ratings. The psychological biases in the sighted tests were sufficiently strong that listeners were largely unresponsive to real changes in sound quality caused by acoustical interactions between the loudspeaker, its position in the room, and the program material. In other words, if you want to obtain an accurate and reliable measure of how the audio product truly sounds, the listening test must be done blind. It’s time the audio industry grow up and acknowledge this fact, if it wants to retain the trust and respect of consumers."

    Tyll Hertsens tried to measure headphone burn-in and couldn't:


    Now I'm not saying that headphone burn-in is impossible, but since there is yet to be any data to back it up, and there is tremendous data that indicates that sighted listening has massive effects on people's perception of sound, the logical thing to do is to not assume burn-in is physical and instead assume it is probably a mental/personal bias situation. But most people are not logical, so I don't expect this to change. Also the forum moderators have chosen to separate out the topic and things like it since some people were not demonstrating civility, so there's not much possibility of larger dialog on this topic so it's even less likely to change.
  9. Assimilator702
    No not at all. I DONT think it’s worth discussing or arguing since that only leads to a pointless back and forth that goes nowhere. I was simply asking what happens when and if people counter the argument HERE since it’s mentioned often and I’ve never seen the ending counter arguement that usually accompanies. I haven’t followed this thread from the beginning and it is kind of on the large size. Not sure why you thought I was trying to bring the argument or discussion to this thread.

    It’s comparable to say an entire block being attacked by looters and rioters. Every house is ransacked and destroyed but one guy is standing in front of his untouched home. A simple curiosity.
  10. Zerohour88
    FYI, I didn't think you were trying to bring any argument here. I was simply answering your question on what would happen if someone were to bring it here, "take it to the appropriate thread".

    EDIT: and it seems someone needs reminding of that as I was typing, lol.
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2019
  11. archdawg
    They seriously need to grow up - as simple as that. I just wrote a couple lines about some individual, subjective experiences with a technical process; one of the raisons d'etre of this great thread - c'est ca.
  12. BadReligionPunk
    Guy wanted a rec on an IEM for listening to Reggae music on. I love zsn, but honestly your advice is terrible. ZSN is bass light, with forward mids and aggressive upper mids/ lower treble. Not really what most people want in a relaxing smooth music built around a massive low end foundation, and male vocals. Almost exact opposite really. Dude already has ZS10 pro so zsn/pro is probably redundant at this point.

    Of course just my opinion.

    ZSN works well for Punk rock, Garage Rock, Thrash as its pretty "in your face" aggressive. The forward mids, and the somewhat harshy treble make the distorted guitars sound great imo. They obviously can do other genres, but I find vocals a tad weak and the bass is seriously lacking for more bass heavy genres imo.
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2019
  13. courierdriver
    First off, thanks to everyone who responded to my question. @Assimilator702...Yeah, I already have the ZS10 PRO which I think are already an upgrade in all areas from the ZSN or ZSN PRO. I can EQ my ZS10 PRO, and be very happy with them for Reggae. I'm just looking for a set that I will use just for Reggae (without the need for EQ) and probably nothing else. I've also got a balanced 2.5 TRN cable that I bought a couple of months ago that will fit into a recessed 2 pin socket, that I'd like to make use of. So, I don't really think that ZSN/ZSN PRO is what I want. @BadReligionPunk...thanks for the rec! Got the the ES4 in my Ali cart for less than $16 Canadian, combined with a nice little case bundle. I'll probably get them this week. Only thing is...are they really big housings, and how's the stem length? I can't take big housings (that's why I like the smaller one on ZS10 PRO and KanasPro). No use in buying something that is too big, falls out, or is uncomfortable for my ears. Any thoughts?
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  14. Mouseman
    I think the ES4 housing is pretty big. It's not AS10 big, but I find it uncomfortable. Between the size of the shell and the shape, they're not very comfortable for long seasons of Third World and pick your Marley kid (I'll take Damian).

    I like the ZS10 Pros a lot, their shape and size are great. I'd think for reggae you'd probably want something with a dynamic driver or a hybrid to handle the bass thunp. The only ones in the lower range price I can think of have MMCX or non-removable cables.
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  15. courierdriver
    Yeah, after some thought, I think I'm just gonna stay with my ZS10 Pro and EQ them when I need a lift in the bass/mid bass. They're comfy enough for me, and they really respond well to EQ. Gonna stick with them till the Aliexpress sale in November. I may get single DD driver type like from TFZ or something. I wanna save my coin for now, because I need a DAP first, so I can free up my phone again from a dac/amp stack. I'm gonna get a Fiio M11. I really like both my KanasPro and ZS10 Pro, and don't really need another set of iems right now. Better to put the money towards a better source at this point. So that's what I am gonna do. Thanks again to all who have responded. This is a great community, and I will be exploring more KZ's/CCA's in the future, I'm sure. For now though, I gotta cool my jets and focus on a DAP.

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