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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. BadReligionPunk
    I also use balanced with my CCA C10. Hope you like them.
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  2. Slater
    That’s pretty much what I found.

    BTW, I removed the ear guides on my black 8-wire JC Ally ZSN cable to make them more comfortable.

    I even found out that on some of the thick 4-wire cables, they actually use TWO layers of ear guides. In other words, there’s the wire, covered in a preformed ear guide, covered in ANOTHER layer of preformed ear guide material. Why is beyond me. It makes the ear guide ridiculously thick, which is BS because the wire is already thick as heck. So on 1 of my 4-wire cables (mmcx one) I removed the outer most ear guide layer, and on the other (ZSN one) I removed both layers.

    I just figured I’d mention it, because I know the JC Ally cables are becoming more popular, and there are those of us that like to remove the ear guides for comfort. All of the JC Ally cables are thick and heavy enough that they don’t even need ear guides at all.
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  3. courierdriver
    Thanks very much for this info, @Slater! I've kinda been wondering about that very thing. I DO kinda find the pre formed earhook a bit uncomfortable, especially because I also wear eyeglasses, and the extra cable thickness behind my stems is a lot to jam behind my ears! It's kinda like how rather uncomfortable my ISN Audio C16 is with my Kanas Pro...and that cable doesn't even have ear hooks...it's just thick!Don't get me wrong...I love how these cables sound and look, but they do kinda hurt my ears a bit quicker than the skinnier supplied cables. I wouldn't mind if the ear hooks were gone from my JCALLY cable. How did you safely do this, without cutting or somehow ruining your cable?
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  4. Slater
    I'm a glasses wearer, and you hit the nail on the head as to the reason why I usually remove my ear guides.

    As far as removing the guides, for KZ cables with the actual memory wire, I use the method I outlined in the How2 on audioreviews.org.

    For the rubber pre-formed guides, the key is really small, really narrow/pointy scissors. I use these scissors:


    The scissors I posted are like 3" long, and the blades are really narrow and come to a really sharp point. The points are perfect to fit under the rubbery ear guide sheath, and give a lot of control.

    You can also use specialized sewing scissors (such as 'embroidery scissors' or 'thread snip scissors'), or Fiskars makes really nice 'micro tip craft scissors'. All have the narrow/pointy blades that are required for the task.

    I slip the sharp point of the scissors under the very edge of the ear guides (making sure to go BETWEEN the wires), and I snip a very small amount of the wire guide rubber. So for example I snip maybe 2mm, then I tear the rubber away with my fingers. Then I snip maybe 2mm more, then I tear the rubber away with my fingers. Eventually it's all removed.
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  5. Assimilator702
    If you like the ES4 try the ZSN, ZSN PRO or CCA CA4. They’re all better than the ES4. My biggest gripe about the ES4 is the housing tends to pop out of my ears. The ZSN and ZSN PRO fit like a glove. Sound wise the ZSN and ZSN PRO are a bit better than the CA4 and it’s nice to have both on hand due to the slightly different tuning in the upper midrange which depending on the recording one will do better than the other. When it comes to big bass the ZSN PRO have a bit more grunt than the ZSN. One nice thing about the ZSN is if you get the Silver/Purple, it comes with the nice copper colored cable. I have a ZSN in Black but I plan on getting a Silver/Purple on AliExpress since it’s less than $14 and worth so much more than that. Listening to the new Arch/Matheo on the ZSN and it suits the very Protools style recording so well. ZSN and ZSN PRO are VERY GOOD with most Metal and amazing in electronic music with lots of bass and crazy electronic effects.

    If the ES4 was a no brainer @ $19 back in September.....the ZSN and ZSN PRO are a steal even @ $23 each.
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  6. courierdriver
    Thanks! I've got a couple of sets of those scissors...or at least something similar. They are also called "manicure" or "personal grooming" scissors. I've used them for years. Thanks...I'm gonna try this mod soon. I'm also seriously thinking of getting a smaller 8 core for my KanasPro. I really like the C16 but it's a bit too bulky and heavy. Got great BLING factor to it tho. Self admitted cable slut, here! Lol!
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  7. courierdriver
    Thanks for the rec! But dang it! Now I got something else to consider. Too many options these days...my brain feels like it's gonna explode! I was considering the ZSN PRO a couple of weeks ago, but I decided on the ZS10 Pro instead. I like that set alot, but looking more for a fuller, warmer bass from Reggae music. Still got my eye on the ES4 cause it's a bit less expensive and I already have a balanced cable to fit it. The ZSN PRO would require me to buy another C-type cable, and I don't think I want to add to the extra cost to the set. I would only use the set for warm, bass heavy stuff like Reggae, so for everything else, I think my ZS10 Pro will be fine.
  8. LaughMoreDaily
    I just received my Moondrop Crescent and I look forward to comparing it with my KZ's like the ZS6 v2 soon, :wink: For you all.
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  9. SiggyFraud
    Been listening to the KZ ED9 the past three days and I completely understand why these get so much love around here! I find myself really enjoying them, especially with the "bass" nozzles. Pretty impressive stuff for less than 9 bucks <mindblown>.

    Only thing that bothers me is that the mesh inside gets torn when screwing and unscrewing the nozzles. I think it's because the mesh diameter is too big. Will probably replace them with 3,8 - 4,00 mm ones.
  10. archdawg
    At the current going rate the ZSN Pro are a bl..dy steal IMO. Heck, I payed $300 for my first set of single BA Shures about 12 years ago and still can't believe they're selling something like the ZSN Pro for €12 or the DT6 for less than 16€ these days.
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  11. hakuzen
    https://www.head-fi.org/threads/diy-cable-questions-and-comments-thread.676402/ ?

    the problem is that the cables from your links don't use C-type termination (zsn, zsn pro, zs10 pro). you can use them, but the connection won't be as short, tight, and safe than when using C-type (specially the two first ones, which have protruding 2pins termination). the cables from the links i provided allow C-type termination.
    to know which cables from my lists allow C-type terminations, check for word "tC" at cables for KZs sections.

    jcally cables use QDC polarization (inverse of KZs). as both sides (left and right) use same polarization, there are not out-of-phase issues, no sound issues.
    you could get problems if the components used into the iem were polarized components. but the resistors and capacitors used in the crossover of KZ iems atm are not polarized. so you are safe with these cables.
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2019
  12. nxnje
  13. archdawg
    I bought a tiny Hidizs USB DAC for my phone and laptop some months ago and couldn't be more happy - seriously. These thingies sell for ~$30 on AE, sound really great (clear, spacious, ...) and drive any of my IEMs and larger cans including my picky AKG K712 Pro without breaking a sweat.
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2019
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  14. Zune
    Thank you for replying and the reassurance hakuzen. I'm happy with the sound but my ears are untrained. I was using KZ ATR's for a few hours doing some gardening and then switched over to the ZS10 Pro's on the JCally cable once i got back inside the they rocked. The isolation on the 10 Pro's compared to the earbuds i've been using for years is amazing.
  15. Nimweth
    Late to the party I know but ED9 arrived today. Dull gold nozzles sounded very neutral and similar to the KBEAR F1. Changed to the shiny nozzles and got a fun V tuning with Spiral Dots fitted. Surprisingly sophisticated sound for £8. Am burning in along with the Lindy Cromo IEM 75. I'm finding that the ED9 need quite a bit of power to give of their best.

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