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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. gazzington
    Thanks for the reply. Maybe the zs10pro will be a good way to see if i like a Solaris (no where to try one near me).
  2. LaughMoreDaily
    Premium iem companies better get out their magnifying glasses to find those needles in a haystack and make sure everything is perfect. The Solaris is $1500USD while the ZS10 Pro is $50USD.

    Those high priced iems must be better than perfect. Then again for someone about to spend $1500 on an iem probably doesn't care about perfect. It's called auditory gambling. Lol.
    Last edited: May 19, 2019
  3. DynamicEars
    only for sound signature (composition between low, mids, highs) but like @antdroid said, you can't judge the clarity, detail retrieval, sound stage, technical abilities from graph.
    the ZS10 pro FR graph is close to Moondrop Kanas Pro also, i just back to Kanas Pro after a month honeymoon with budget toys C10, DT6, ZSN Pro. After i got used to them, i felt like they're good enough (they do, for the price), but switched back to Kanas Pro.. ohh that clarity, details, etc like eating fine steak after a month of hamburgers.

    Edit : i have to admit though, that KZ top 5 list of users here made me want to buy that ZS10 Pro. not again.
    Last edited: May 19, 2019
  4. TooPoorForHiFi
    So GLORIOUS!... Got them today, Can't say much but so far so good. :hugging:

    20190519_035842.jpg 20190519_040312.jpg
    Last edited: May 19, 2019
  5. gbrgbr
    Please post your KZ faves less than $20 +- a $ or two.
  6. DynamicEars
    1. ZSN Pro black color
    2. ZSN Pro blue color
    3. ZSN Pro purple color
    4. ZSN purple color
    5. ZSN cyan color
  7. Le Stef
    So true!
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  8. Le Stef
    And you actually wonder why none of the big phone brands pays more attention to premium sound or partner with a big name (or at least a well renown company) specialized in manufacturing DAPs; especially when one considers the size and the weight of e.g. an iPhone XR, there should be way to put a decent amp and a high end sound chip in there; then the UI and the screen would make it a fabulous and versatile DAP. And the next step would be to offer premium iems with them :wink: Then and only them will I give up my DAP!
  9. Slater
    I’m with you, friend.

    The fact that most everyone has deleted the 3.5mm audio jack for no good reason should tell you how much phone manufacturers really care about audio.
  10. skajohyros
    How is the soundstage compared to the zs5v1?
  11. Slater
    In that case, I would rank them:

    1. ZS1 v1
    2. ZSN
    3. ZSN Pro
    4. ZS4
    5. ED9

    But keep in mind that >$20 used to be KZs bread and butter. There’s a lot of great budget choices in that price range that didn’t make the list - ZSR, ZS5 v1, HDS3, ATR, ATE, EDR1, etc
  12. gourab1995
    I would say Tin T2 and ZS7 are one of a kind and a must have simultaneously. Their sound signatures being quite different being the reason for having them. ZS7 is fun and great for electronic, psytrance etc. While the Tin T2 presents to you subtle nuances and is great for classical and jazz.

    I had heard good things about the TFZ T2 and wanted to see how well they compete with the ZS7. TFZs have their positives but sound a little artificial to me. My initial plan was to keep one of them (ZS7/TFZ T2). But I found my self grabbing the TFZs sometimes for movies, so I've kept them a while. I'm slowly tilting towards selling them right now.

    But to answer your question. Tin T2 and ZS7/TFZ T2. Would be two great pairs to own. (Choosing between the last two depending on your judgement as to which you might like better).

    Current order of preference:
    1.ZS7 2.TinT2 3.TFZ T2

    The first position for the ZS7 is just because I listen to more electronic music, and so use them the most relative to the others.
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  13. DynamicEars
    talking about no 3.5mm audio jack remind me something to ask about, How is TRN BT20 module works with KZ para C connector? I know it will stick out longer but is it safe / strong (edit : and comfortable ) enough for gym using? I'm talking about normal BT20 0.78mm to para C connector like ZSN or ZS10 pro. Thanks in advance Slater
    Last edited: May 19, 2019
  14. peskypesky
    I'd be fine with my Fiio X1 and a set of sub-$100 headphones: (Grado SR80, Grado SR60, Sony MDR-V6).
    But I could't be happy with IEM's. They just don't give me anywhere near the sound I need.
  15. Mybutthurts
    Well as we are on a Top 5. And the only 5 I've got...

    ZS10 Pro

    Add a CCA C10 At #3/4 if you include the sister company.

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