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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. duyanh43
    Anyone do a quick review on ZS10 Pro. Specification is so good
  2. Slater
    Tips make the biggest difference on ZSN. The stock tips do not do it justice at all.
  3. courierdriver
    I will do that, provided that I actually decide to get the ZS10 PRO. I'm still on the fence and would like to at least see a full review from HBB with graphs before I make a final decision. I'd like to see a few reviews here in this forum too, before I take the plunge. The fact that these look so big to me compared to my KanasPro makes me leery...I just dont wanna be stuck with something that doesn't fit. CCA C16 is another option, so is TFZ King Exclusive. Hopefully I'll get things figured out by next week.
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  4. legacy404
    I picked up the ZS7 after seeing positive reviews, got it off ebay from a US seller for around $50. Bass and sub-bass are great, definitely hits you and has crazy extension.

    I felt that it tended to overpower mids/highs a bit, as they sounded muted in comparison. Coming from ADV S2000, which is a bright IEM, left me a little unimpressed. I just switched to comply foam tips and it seems to have enhanced clarity overall - bass is toned down and less boomy, mids/treble pop now. This is how it should have sounded out of the box!
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2019
  5. moisespr123
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  6. shockdoc
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  7. Slater
    It looks great on paper.

    If they have all of the connectivity issues of their previous Bluetooth cables figured out, I’ll get one.

    It’s unfortunate they only offer it in Para B and Para C. I guess that tells us that Para A is done in their eyes.
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  8. SomeEntityThing
    Ditto. If it turns out to work well, I would be overjoyed if they eventually released an MMCX variant. I've never bought a KZ BT cable because of the feedback all the previous models received.
  9. SomeEntityThing
    After the recent release of the ZS7 which seems to be generally regarded as quite nice here, I hope not...
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  10. eclein
    Broke out my KZ ZS5 v1s today and I’m thoroughly enjoying them this afternoon. My first KZs and still a fav with BA10s.
    Awesome piece right out of the blocks for KZ.
  11. moisespr123
    I'd probably get it but first I have to see if the original cable fits because I use 0.78mm variants. I think it will, as previously the 0.75mm cable fitted.
  12. nicksson
    Today has arrived my KZ ZS10 Pro.
    After more than 4 hours of continous listening, with no problems with the comfort or the fit, I can tell that I'm pleased with them. The dynamic driver of ZSN Pro, witch is already a very good driver, makes a very-very good combination wtih the 4 BA. The sound is very detailed and the stage feels suprisely large. In this price range, the ZS10 Pro is a monster beast, I like them very much. Although I was a little bit sceptical when I ordered them, they are from now my most favorite IEM...
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2019
  13. eclein
    I’m jumping....
  14. shockdoc
    You sound like ME...when the ZSN hype-train started chugging it's way thru the forums. TOOT TOOT! ;-P
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  15. BadReligionPunk
    Choo Choo! First stop..
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