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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. mbwilson111
    I listen at lower volume. I have not noticed distortion.
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  2. KimChee
    I didn’t notice any sound difference… Everything sounds the same the face plate is pretty much identical. That’s a flush fit, I think I read somewhere the vent was different, but I didn’t notice. I also didn’t look very closely.

  3. nraymond
    Am I correct that the ZS10 Pro fits ZSN/ZSN Pro type cables, but not ZS10 cables?
  4. Slater
  5. KimChee
    Damn this site! Lol. I just saw the KZ ZS10 Pro...I don’t really like the metal faceplate but it looks interesting...I’m hopeful, I didn’t find the ZS6 to pass the sound quality of my reshelled UE TF10, but pretty close.
  6. KimChee
    Did anyone see this? So it will be more of s reference sound than a fun sound? Who knows with the translation...

  7. Superluc
    It's all advertising nonsense, don't bother.

    Also, the second one is not about the ZS10 Pro, as it talk about a 2+2 configuration, while the ZS10 is a 1+4
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2019
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  8. moisespr123
    I'm still waiting for them (KZ ZS10 Pro) . They have been dispatched to overseas according to the tracking. One or 2 more weeks go to. Ordered the blue version, since the ZS7 are also blue.
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  9. nraymond
    I’m waiting for reviews/translations. The blue with mic version is $47 with Prime shipping after coupon on Amazon (in stock now). Someone want to bite?
  10. KimChee
    I’m trying to convince myself not to buy it too lol....

  11. randomnin
    ZS4 and triple\double flanges - and I'm munching away to my jams every day (some sort of pun intended, I don't know). ZS4 is indeed a blessing in helping me tide over until I am able to graduate to >100$ IEM class.

    Rtings.com seems to be the only source of new THD measurements, and for that they deserve a lot of kudos, but their THD score and the derived distortion score seems to overemphasize what the graph shows. In this case, it's mostly below 1%, except for ~6% at 700Hz. I wonder if it's even audible.
    I dislike much more the fact that it has the usual 5-8kHz valley a lot of budget Chi-Fi have (ZS10 doesn't have it, but because it's a rocky zigzag mess after 4kHz; AS10 doesn't have it, but has a sizable treble roll-off). By the way, the ZS10 Pro's official promo graph shows the situation somewhat remedied and smooth (it still annoyingly depicts a drop off after 4kHz, but the rebound peak seems smaller afterwards; anyhow it looks more like your average KZ graph (except for lower midbass and a lower aforementioned rebound peak) than the more unusual ones of ZS10 and AS10), but KZ has published deceptive graphs before.

    I wouldn't put that much importance on the guys opinion. Though Rtings.com measurements show ZS10 to have a very low THD, below 1% across the board - a very good result that makers usually brag about in spec sheets, and great channel balance, too, I would still put more emphasis on the fact they fit him very well. As I've written previously, I can't tell much of a sound quality difference between critically acclaimed budget Chi-Fi after equalising to identical signatures, so I've decided that in this price range comfort is paramount. What unicorns graze the beyond budget pastures I do not know, though.

    A question to AS10 owners - how rolled off the upper treble is? And can't it be fixed by equalising? I mean, it's a multi-BA IEM with dedicated high freq drivers that have been shown to be capable of reproducing upper treble in other models. The crossover can't have restricted it that much now can it?
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2019
  12. KimChee
    I’m in it...
  13. Slater
    I have one on the way.

    Unfortunately I don’t have an original ZS10 to compare to the Pro. But as bad as I’ve heard the ZS10 to be, I have a feeling anything is an improvement.
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  14. KimChee
    I flipped around and found the black one for $58..also 2 day prime shipping so hopefully I get it soon...

  15. Superluc
    And not only in the budget segment.

    I may be too picky about it, but one of the things that still save my pocket is that I'm scared as hell to buy pricier headphones and don't like how they fit.
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