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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. mbwilson111
    Offers seem to be never ending. They do want to sell stuff.
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  2. Gallamoth
    Don't worry, a guy on YouTube confirmed that the CP100 would be perfect for the ED16.
    Later i'm going to purchase the cable and the tips, thanks for you help.
  3. mbwilson111
    I hope the tips work for you. The reason I use them on certain iems is so I can get a deeper fit. The small front part goes in further. Plus they are comfortable for me. They are always my last resort though because they are more expensive than other tips that I have on hand.
  4. nxnje
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2019
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  5. KimChee
    Just got the KZ Zs7...hate that it only came in blue...so swapped the faceplate with my ZS6...

  6. LaughMoreDaily
    I think my lack of interest is related to earphone burn in and my opamp on my Zishan Z1. My current one is AD797BR and it sounds great with the ED16.

    The music doesn't have the "special buzz" of higher end earphones with the ED16 but the music sounds crisp, clear, enjoyable and e
    Sounds like how it should with no coloring.

    The ED16 made my Ramones album made 30+ years ago "sound as good" as the day it was recorded.

    How does the ED16 sound so natural? I want to know.
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2019
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  7. courierdriver
    Ditto. The cable and iem case I ordered at the end of last month, only took one and a half weeks to arrive to me in Canada. Will definitely buy more stuff from Ali...probably the ZS 10 PRO next week.
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  8. jibberish
    So my impression of the ZS3E after 3 days is that...it's very similar to the ZS4, what a shock! Comparing them back to back, I think the removal of the BA driver makes the ZS3E's vocals sound a bit more natural, at the expense of giving up some detail retrieval and airiness in the treble. The ZS3E's tuning effectively pushes the bass forward, and it's a really capable driver in that regard. So these would be a good for someone looking for a budget basshead IEM that isn't quite as V-shaped when it comes to treble.

    I also had incorrectly assumed from the pictures that the ZS3E came with a silver cable that was the equivalent to the silver upgrade cable I got for my ZSN, but that's not the case. The one that came with the ZS3E is noticeably thinner and has the dreaded KZ memory wires.

    Ultimately I think I prefer the ZS4, but they're fairly similar, so if you have one, probably not much use in getting the other. I don't particularly regret the $12 I spent on them, but, I also am not expecting them to spend a whole lot of time in my ears, as I probably will choose the ZS4 when I want to use one of the two for their noise blocking ability. I'll keep burning them in and using them for a while though to see if my opinion changes.
  9. carltonh
    I have at least 300 IEMs, from $5 to $150, and the ZS10 is still the best for me, given that the large shape plus the right (non-included) tips. It is still better than my Sennheiser HD 58X, Momentum Over Ears, or anything else I've bought. But I understand your point if it doesn't fit your ears in a deep manner to partly block the ports. I'm optimistic for the ZS10 Pro, as the ZSN/CCA C10 shape is so awesome that it works great with almost any tip or ear shape.

    I think the ZSN Pro a minor improvement on ZSN, to agree with those who say it is a true but trivial upgrade. I like the C10 better than both, but not to the ZS10 with a great fit. And everything I've mentioned better than the AS10.
  10. Makahl
    Not a ZSN Pro Ultra Edition w/ Genuine Carbon Fiber Faceplates but it seems cool too.
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  11. LaughMoreDaily
    Bad Guy, Good Reviews on Youtube likes the ZS10 Pro!!! He ain't such a bad guy after all. Before that... he only liked the AS10. ♡
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  12. LaughMoreDaily
    From here on out I trust your opinions, Carltonh. 300 earphones? Wow. Just wow. It's too bad they sent me a defective ZS10. I will probably buy the Pro version because of your opinion on the earlier version.
  13. Crandall
    Any noticeable change in sound after putting on the ZS6 plates? Also wondering if it's a perfectly flush fit as it looks like they are both the exact same shape and material. I also wish it came in other colors.
  14. phower
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2019
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