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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. purplesun
    Probably the tuning R&D for their Pro series is done by Headfiers on their non-Pro series. Nothing like large sample size to improve the product.
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  2. Slater
    Well, if the tuning changes between the ZSN vs ZSN Pro are any indication of how serious they’re addressing issues, then I’ll just wait for the Pro versions of releases.

    For example, I still don’t own the original ZS10. But I know a lot of people didn’t/don’t like it. However, I’m willing to bet dollars to doughnuts that the ZS10 Pro is going to be much better than the original ZS10.
  3. purplesun
    Yup, AS10 Pro and AS06 Pro for me, if they make them.
    @KZ, more highs for as10, and more mids for as06 please :)
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  4. Slater
    I don’t have either of those either (AS06 or AS10), but I’ve been tempted by the AS10 a number of times.

    I wonder if KZ has an AS10 Pro planned?
  5. purplesun
    I hope so. With AS10 having the widest variety of BAs inside, it should, theoretically, have quite flexible tuning ranges. And potentially be a winner if the tuner get it right with the Pro.
  6. BadReligionPunk
    I am waiting for people to chime in on the ZS10 Pro. I thought the C10 was the upgrade to the ZS10. How many times can you use the same 5 drivers in the same shell and sound different? Im interested.
  7. voicemaster
    I compared the zsn pro with og zsn and c10. It was quite surprising that the zsn pro has more forward vocal even against the c10. Bass is definitely more lively on the pro than c10. It has zs7's fun sound and c10's high extension. I think the pro has the complete package from all kz and cca iems that I own so far.
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  8. Slater
    I have one on the way, but unfortunately I won't be able to directly compare it to the original ZS10 to see how it has changed.

    Also, I know it seems like they are all the 'same drivers', but in many ways they aren't. KZ has a zillion different dynamic drivers, with different magnetic fluxes, different diaphragms, tuning ports, etc and they all have their own individual pros and cons. Also there's the influence of crossover implementation, shell vents, shell design and materials, nozzle length and diameter, etc. And finally, KZ themselves have indicated that the 30095 BA driver has gone through a major revision at least once (if not twice) since its release many years ago.

    The Ford Mustang and Ford F-150 pickup truck share the same engine. But the engines are tuned differently and are built around completely different vehicles (suspension, etc). This results in 2 very different experiences, despite both having the ‘same engine’.

    Yes, I agree. It's like a merge of the ZS7 and CCA C10.

    Not that I don't enjoy the ZS7 or the C10, as they are both great. However, the realization that one can get the ZSN Pro at it's current selling price is nothing short of bonkers. In fact, I'm listening to Goldfrapp on the ZSN Pro as I type this :wink:
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2019
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  9. Makahl
    Guys, my other IEM went to China for repairing and the seller will cover part of my costs with a coupon. I was thinking of ZSN Pro, my 1st generation ZST already is a Frankenstein's monster after many mods so it isn't a good reference anymore, but what can I expect coming from the ZS4 as a reference point? Is there any other budget IEM that worth to consider in the $15-35 range?
  10. Slater
    What sound profile are you interested in? There’s lots of excellent options, KZ or otherwise.

    We can definitely do better for you than the original ZST :)
  11. Makahl
    Haha, well, my main goal is having something better to use at the gym, podcasts, commute and I don't need to bother whether I lose it or break it. Nowadays I'm more into mild V-shaped sound with deep sub-bass emphasis (not exaggerated, enough to hear lowest notes and feel a moderate rumble), punch mid-bass, crisp vocals and some airy to things don't sound too intimate or closed.

    ZST needs a lot of mods to sound something close to this but it still lacks rumble and airiness, but since it goes well with the KZ Bluetooth cable I can live with it for the gym.
    ZS4 is really close, even though most people will say it's in bass-head territory I think the extension at sub-bass still a bit short with my gear and tips. Also, it's a bit too intimate/closed, but hey... it's $12 nothing much to complain about it at this price.

    So, if ZSN Pro or any FOTM is an upgrade to it I'd like to give it a try since I got a $20 coupon.
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2019
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  12. HungryPanda
    The ZS3e has enough bass for me. A very pleasant listen
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  13. antdroid
    I am finding the ZSN Pro a tad bright for my preferences. There’s some treble ringing as well. I gave my ZSN away but I remember enjoying that one more than how I am enjoying these. The treble forward sound of these make things very splashy and lean and fatiguing. Definitely sounds more clear but cymbal crashes are piercing to me.
  14. voicemaster
    Doesn't sound piercing to me, but everyone has different hearing so.... For me, the cymbal crashes is the same level as in C10 and I don't have any problem with mine.
  15. archdawg
    I have no idea (does anyone?) who does the designs or the tuning for KZ, especially for the ZS6, my favorite KZ IEM so far. Again, why on earth use two HF BAs when one of them does the job just fine?!
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2019

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