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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. TechnoidFR
    I see this type C 2pin connector on more and more iem. I think it's more secure than traditional connector and give more place in the Shell for drivers. Maybe more simple
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  2. nxnje
    I really like keeping the zs7 in my ears when going to university, the sub-bass is really outstanding making them really immersive and engaging.
    For now, the only thing i hate is this long piece of memory wire.. i really hate it
    I mean that could be comfortable but the memory part of the wire is really too long
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  3. LaughMoreDaily
    Has anyone compared the TFZ Galaxy T2 to the KZ ZS7? A Massdrop reviewer said the ZS7 wasn't as good? The ZS7 rock! :) The T2 may rock more?
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  4. DynamicEars
    looks like CCA C10 with new plate, using zsn pro plastic shell. That's all.. lol
    They must be got idea from impressions about C10 here "its like better version of ZS10" "this is what ZS10 meant to be" ---> why not?? make new plate and name them ZS10 PRO

    I have to admit though, they are very pretty!
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2019
  5. Slater
    Make it shorter. Easy.
  6. fredhubbard2
    ^ what he said ... or just peel the whole darn thing off!
  7. TreehornJackie
    My impressions after a month with the ZSR, ZS4 and ZSN.

    ZS4. They have a weird shape but they are comfortable and isolate very good. Unfortunately the sound is a major let down. The highs are way too loud. I tried to mod them but no matter how much I dampened the armature, the highs remained loud and sybilant. I ended up adding foam around the armature instead. The dinamic driver's highs were actually the issue. The sound is much better now. The soundstage is quite good. All in all, I would not recommend these iems.

    ZSN. They look awesome and are very comfortable. The sound is unnatural though. They have a very strong peak in the 2-3k Hz area, which brings the vocals and upper registers very close. Because of this, they seem to have poor soundstage. You feel as though the instruments play in your ears. The highs sound ok but are a bit too loud and metalic. The bass is very nice, well textured and controlled. In short, the ZSN is worth 14 USD, for the full package you get (cable, materials, looks, comfort etc.).

    ZSR. For only 3-4 USD more, the ZSRs are definitely an upgrade. They are very comfortable, even more so than the ZSN. Somehow they isolate better than the ZS4. They come with the same awesome cable as ZSN now (different connectors though). Great instrument separation, soundstage, strong and textured bass, good highs extension and no obvious peaks or dips in their sound signature. In short, for 18 USD they are well worth it.
    Just my opinion of course.
  8. Nikostr8
    i would love a tws kz earphone in the future with the sound of the ZSN. ( and price :eyes: )

    No Trn bt20-like adapter tho , just the earbuds.

    Would be glory.
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  9. SoundChoice
    It's a bulky ZS10... but PRO, with more plastic housing that will stick out of your ears even farther, but you won't notice or care because oh hey here's a cool ZSN metal faceplate.
  10. neo_styles
    Today's commuter combo: Opus#1, Purple ZSN (w/ Auvio wide-bores), and the NiceHCK 16-core balanced cable. I know the ZSN can be a pretty polarizing pair for most, but I think it mates really well with the O#1's sound signature. Just enough oomph in the low end to keep pace while walking from the bus, not so bright that it doesn't tempt me to kick the volume up a few notches. Cable looks a little weird just sitting on top of the ZSN's Paragraph-C connector, but I have long hair so you can't really tell.

  11. Superluc
    The old ZS10 is bulkier than the ZSN. These looks just like the ZSN but with thicker faceplate, as they need more room for the added components.
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  12. Slater
    I’m not sure if the ZS4 has a crossover or not, but they should have added a band pass filter on the dynamic driver to filter out the highs so the dynamic treble wasn’t competing with the BA’s treble.
  13. jibberish
    I don't have ZS7 to compare, but the T2 Galaxy is quite good, once you ditch the stock cable that literally shocks your ear and introduces electric interference noise.
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  14. Slater
  15. LaughMoreDaily
    How long has this cable existed? You think they'd revamp it with a new one that doesn't?

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