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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. nxnje
    i'm sorry again, that's just habitude in speaking with friends!
    Boys and girls would have been better :D
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  2. Superluc
    "Guys" is the right term :writing_hand::nerd:
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  3. nxnje
    I correct everything with "guys" but can someone please help me with that doubt?ahhahaha
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  4. mbwilson111
    Guys is fine when talking to a mixed group even though if you are talking about just one person a guy would be male...but please don't use the word "gal". Boy always refers to a male.
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  5. theresanarc
    I got the KZ-ZSNs and they have too much bass or sub-bass for me. The vocals and guitars sound recessed, I had hoped for something more forward sounding. The included tips are quite uncomfortable and the starline tips they included as extras are too small for the actual nozzle tbh so I have to find new tips.

    They do however do a decent job of isolation which is the main reason I got them for (on the bus) but are a bit too big for my ears to do a great job of isolation because they don't sit snug enough. Anyways, gonna try to stick with these and not waste another $20 just to get clearer more forward vocals but definitely will be trying to find a different more comfortable pair of silicone tips.
  6. HungryPanda
    I cannot recommend ZSN or ZS7 for isolation
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  7. BadReligionPunk
    Don't know what to rec as I find the sub bass and the mid bass a bit light, and the upper mids are about the most forward I have ever heard in an IEM. In fact the peak at 3k pushes guitars so forward I think they would be great as a monitor for a guitarist. Vocals, male and female both are a bit weak for sure. Not its strong suit. C10 uses same shell and has much much better vocals, but also has a tiny bit more bass, and mids are a bit more recessed. Still though its pretty balanced. I use it daily for work and I find isolation pretty decent.

    I guess I would recommend you whip out that EQ and dial in what you want.

    Or possibly you are looking for a flat line type IEM. Tin audio T2 or DT6 or something like that.
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2019
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  8. LaughMoreDaily
    Check your Instagram feed. No one has much details other than that.
  9. LaughMoreDaily
    My C10 arrived and with the large tips there is no isolation. I just changed my opamp to AD797BR at the same time and the combo sounds good and very different than KZ's. Its hard to figure out what is is different since I made two changes at the same time but it's only positive.

    I hope I can figure out the C10 isolation issue? The ZS7 is perfect (ZS3 like isolation) other than the open back. I will try medium tips later.

    Congrats to KZ and CCA. Theres no point in trying other brands for most people.

    My Senfer DT6 arrived and it sounds good but seems like a side grade to the above mentioned brands in terms of quality of materials (yuck) and sound.
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2019
  10. Slater
    I don’t have Instagram. Or Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, or any other social media.
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2019
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  11. theresanarc
    Oh man I just tried listening to a podcast on these and bad vocals is an understatement, I was just referring to music at first. I can hear a bunch of treble and static and hissing at low volumes that I couldn't hear on any of my other IEMs or earbuds.

    Thanks for the rec on DT6 but they're open back it seems so I'll probably just get a Tin Audio T2 at some point.
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  12. khighly

    Highs extend a long way — further than ZS6 and some female vocals are very very airy, hi-hats more recessed, female vocals sound slightly better, and bass is a little more 'coherent', otherwise **extremely minimal** sound signature change from ZSN. Could also entirely just be channel imbalance between ZSN and ZSN Pro when I have both in my ears at the same time. Outside alloy shell is nicer than ZSN. DD is not gold like the pictures suggest. Clear cable came extra for free, YMMV. Different cable included in ZSN Pro box. Somewhat different internal packaging. Another goes in the "meh" drawer.
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2019
  13. LaughMoreDaily
    Your ear canals sound massive to fit both the ZSN and ZSN Pro in your ears at the same time. No wonder you have a hearing imbalance listening to both at the same time!
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2019
  14. TechnoidFR
    Love this design ! A big version of ZSN design !
    But no information for the moment. I like very better the zs10 with the zishan z3. Comparing to meizu 16th the sound is very different and clearly approchonap to CCA C10 with more bass but less weird signature
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