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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Deveraux
    Well, I didn’t see missaudio store listing.. thanks for the info. That seller has got good ratings. AK is expensive.

    Good to get it from missaudio?

    I have the ZS5 v1 and I love them. Almost got the ZS7, but recent posts are making me confused. Go for the ZS6 or ZS7 for an absolute upgrade? I don’t want any little downgrade in any aspect from what I have.

    Also, what cable to buy? Got one TRN 8 core one and one side doesn’t work. It’s loose on the ZS5 too. Get the Nicehck one or go for replacement trn?
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  2. SybilLance
    Well XLtrade has a local store here at Shopee.ph and I have bought many audio and related products from that local store. Their customer service representative is quick to respond to queries and accommodating. Every time I make a purchase I leave a chat reminder to have everything thoroughly checked and securely packed, to which they are most receptive. They ship quickly and so far I received all items ordered from them well ahead of the estimated date of arrival. Moreover, they seem to have significantly lower prices on certain items.

    OTOH, the AliExpress store may be run differently. :shrug:

    As an alternative, MissAudio store at AliExpress has the ZS7 for $35. XLtrade sells theirs for $34.89.

    Here's the MissAudio link:

    KZ ZS7 Earphones 4BA+1DD Hybrid In Ear earphone HIFI Bass Headset DJ Monitor Earphone

    In case you're wondering, I'm using the AliExpress app and one gets discounted prices when buying through the app.

    Sure! :slight_smile:

    8 Core Silver Plated Blue Copper Cable 2.5/3.5/4.4mm Balanced Earphone Upgrade Cable With MMCX/2Pin KZ ZST TRN V80 CCA

    Edit: Added MissAudio link.
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2019
  3. neo_styles
    I'll give a vouch for NiceHCK. Great braid, soft and flexible cable, really like the velcro tie they give you to keep the cable wrapped.
  4. mbwilson111
    There is good reason to quote more than one person at a time. The posting guidelines tell us to do so. We are meant to NOT post several posts in a row. If no one has posted since your last post and you suddenly have another thought you can use the edit function to add that.

    Also if someone has made a long post and you are only replying or commenting on a small portion of it, you can highlight that part and then choose quote or reply. This is what I did when quoting you...I did not include that last bit about the ZS4.

    Just in case someone does not know the difference between the two, if you hit reply a quote of the whole post will appear in your reply box. If you hit quote, it will be in memory until you insert the quote. This is what you can use to multiquote several people. Just keep choosing quote for each post you wish to comment on and then when you are ready, insert them all at once. Just remember to place your comments under each one separately. I know... sounds confusing but just experiment. Nobody knows this stuff at the beginning.
  5. B9Scrambler
    The CCA C04 sounds like a standard KZ, and the ZSN Pro sounds like a CCA. Those who like the C10 should find this model to be quite pleasing to the ear. The more energetic, standard ZSN seems more to my tastes so far.

  6. 1clearhead
    Update on the KZ ZSN PRO:

    Surprisingly, so far the ZSN PRO is a probable winner at 50 hours burning them in they sound like a step-up to the original ZSN!

    At first try, you will quickly notice a better sounding extended sub-bass response, less midrange harshness, and better extended hi-end treble response. Now at 50 hours, they sound really stable and more mature than its original ZSN counterpart. There is practically almost no bleed from the bass to lower midrange, and it seems that KZ did a good job in the midrange to treble peaks and sibilance, which the original ZSN would encounter at times with certain songs from random category of selected genres. I also noticed that they seem to play at least 2 dbs louder in volume than the original ZSN, which is a plus for anyone wanting a louder IEM with little to sacrifice in volume!

    I will plan to post PIC's later this week, since I think these are really worthy of its value and probably a step-up to its original ZSN predecessor.
    ...I might just pickup the "gray" PRO's as well, since the price is just as low as the original ones! :wink:

    Lastly, I will give more details if any changes occur at 100 hours of play time.

  7. Danfish98
    What did taping the rear vents do for the sound?
  8. BadReligionPunk
    Daaaaannnng. The pro is louder? The OG ZSN is already insanely loud.
    Looking forward to your finals on these.
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  9. neo_styles
    Sounds like my son is going to love them. He won't even have to pretend to be excited.

    Side note: managed to snag one of those novelty on-ears for my 5-year old daughter that had a unicorn horn. I don't think she's ever sounded more excited to get something and I've bought that girl tons of My Little Pony stuff. Made me a pretty happy dad.
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  10. SybilLance
    Good news for my Kababayans out there!

    The KZ ZSN Pro is now being offered for as low as ₽685.00 or ~$13.15 in 2 stores at Shopee.ph with free shipping. That's even lower than the original regular ZSN. And with the 4/4 Sale only for today you can get the ZSN Pro for much less using a Sitewide voucher and Shopee coins.

    With my coins I could knock it down to ₽578 or ~$11.10 with free shipping. At these prices I might be tempted to get one for my daughter. She'd love the gray with the black JC Ally 8-core ZSN cable.
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  11. LaughMoreDaily
    Any other ATR lovers here? It's a mini AS10 and perfect for use during bad weather like hurricanes, tornados and earthquakes.
  12. mbwilson111
    Wow, what part of Canada are you in? Do you get those all in one day? LOL
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  13. Podster
    ROTFLMAO:joy:, not too mention I about spit coffee all over my monitor:rolling_eyes:
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  14. groucho69
    Usually only on weekends.
  15. Slater

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