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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. hakuzen
    tried my cyan-green as10 a few days ago. they sound as awful as when first tried them.
    even bought a red-black one, to check if my first unit was defective. when tried this new unit, the impression was slightly better; should try it again, but i'm not anxious to do it.
    i'm with clavinetjunkie: they are a mess, sound completely off. will try massive equalizing, to check if i can listen to them.. ever.

    zs6 is still my fav kz, just with an small equalizing. and i've tried almost all kz and cca c10..
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  2. SybilLance
    Echo that. The ZS6 remains my favorite KZ as well.


    A couple of months ago I received the green ZS6 that sounded brighter and just tonally more metallic in the middle and upper registers compared to my beloved red one. Seeing my disappointment my husband took the green and said he'll let his fellows try to fix it. Last weekend it came back with a dent at one edge of the right housing and some minute scuff marks that weren't there before. Long story short the green ZS6 is now an entirely different in-ear: improved balance and dynamics, tonally more accurate, perceptibly better resolution yet with the same headstage (sound still confined to the head) compared to the red ZS6.

    The C10 still gets my preference for all my in-ears—I'm still listening to the C16 which has been interrupted by the green ZS6. In fine, the latter has now dissuaded me from ever considering the ZS7.

    I'm thinking with my personal projects almost done and with retirement coming soon I'd like to give away my other KZ in-ears that in my opinion are sonically redundant: the AS06 and the ED16. I've already given away the ATE. My son just became the recipient of the ZSN, which is a great in-ear, even without consideration of price or brand.
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  3. LaughMoreDaily
    I agreed. I love the ATR too. I'm not sure why I dont really like the ZSN. Maybe piercing highs/treble? If people realized they can buy a ZS7, AS10 and ATR, etc. I'm not sure why they'd waste money on a ZSN. It's just blah and for a lower priced market. Why not spend a couple bucks more and get an incredible ZS7?
  4. SybilLance
    Hmm...I'm just curious: Do you happen to own or at least have listened to the ZSN within a period of time sufficient to form a basis for your subjective opinion, even one such as: "...it's basically an upgraded ZST?"

    EDIT: Deleted subordinating conjunction that after the comparative as and added quotation marks to be quite clear that I am quoting mono-type and that I am not the one asserting that the ZSN is "basically an upgraded ZST".
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  5. Zerohour88
    I'm pretty sure its the typical anti-hype train that people also like to jump on. As I always like to remind people, stick to impression of people you trust and confirm by comparing it with gears that you both own.

    they think the ZSN is over-hyped. Cool. They can probably trust people who also think the same thing.

    gonna share what my friend (usually buy kilobucks) who also dabbles a bit in chi-fi said about the ZSN (direct convo copy since can't be bothered to edit):

    Vocal separation is kinda meh, but decent soundstage
    Bass didn't have enough attack, but had some decent sub bass rumble to it
    Vocals broke apart though, mids resolution isn't as good
    But seriously, for 15 bux? Can't go wrong with it
    It's pretty good for a mainstream IEM
    Though can't really be called a monitor, of course
    I think it's a slight u shape, sounds like the IT04 except obviously worse in every way
    Had some good amount of sparkle to it
    Good driver speed, rendered FaLiLV without issues
    No missed notes
    But the lack of 200hz bass made it sound a bit flabby
    Vocals are decently clear, but slightly more recessed
    At least it's mids are quite good
    Goes without saying that it blows the SE215 out the water
    Maybe not sharply V shaped, but yeah
    That wide soundstage made listening to it a very nice experience
    Or more like L shaped?
    Didn't feel any sibilance or anything like a sharp treble
    Yeah, that lack of bass attack made eastnewsound sound a bit flabby and lacking oomph
    Not to mention the vocal resolution
  6. mono-type
    To be honest, nope, I don't own nor listened to the ZSN yet, but I'm kinda eyeing the ZSN Pro. And no, I don't mean any offense to ZSN owners. As they say, different strokes for different folks. It's just that the IEMs that are in the same vein of the sound sig of ZST aren't my cup of tea, since they are kinda flat to my tastes. Yeah, I want clear highs and mids, but I also want some bass oomph, like the ZS7, in which it has everything I am looking for.
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2019
  7. BrunoC
    The AS10 sounds a mess, too warm, unless you use it with wide bore tips - like KZ Whirlwinds, and a more bright source.
  8. LamerDeluxe (tm)
    Yes, that's usually my experience with them as well. I've had a pair of Sony MDR-888 for a long time and they fit pretty well when used with foamies. Don't think they work very well anymore though.
  9. nxnje
    Alwaya premitting you can wear them without problems as if you have little ears, wearing a mx500 shell could be difficult.
  10. hakuzen
    last time i tried, a few days ago, used spiral dots (king of wide bore tips), source xduoo x20, stock firmware, which uses sabre DAC ES9018Q2M (known as in the bright side).
    "lose yourself to dance", daft punk, for example, was unbearable. bass was completely off, and flooding mids and everything.
    when i first tried them, my impression was "incoherent" (not rounded, music was sounding strange, like a not synced up band, strange peaks and dips everywhere), besides of extremely dark and big highs roll-off. even if i was a basshead, i'd found their bass sounding off.
    when i received a second unit, my impression was better, but not much better. maybe it's just they are too far from my fav signature and from what i search in an iem. i can understand than others love them.
  11. BadReligionPunk
    Pretty much agree with your friend. Well except that I think these are W shaped LOL. The only shape he didn't name off. Anyway I usually gravitate to heavy distorted guitar music with these on. Punk probably sounds the best, and with the majority of Punk music being an absolute mess recording wise, they render bad recordings very well with a lot of energy.
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  12. Podster
    Well you know the Pod just hates the ZS6:rolling_eyes: LOL

    Four Sixes.JPG

    As far as the ZSN you have to have a lean to the Mid-Centric persuasion to really appreciate this iem and of course don't over drive or juice them and they can return spades to you in detail and clarity. In truth I've spent hundreds on some iem's that have trouble keeping up with the mid-range of the ZSN. Sure you can over drive them in a heartbeat and simply destroy that magic and it has lead many to believe or feel how LMD feels about them, grated they are not an iem for noisy environments but I love them when I'm reading and my pea brain is multi tasking the visual and aural senses:grin: I'm currently in the Honeymoon phase with the ZS7's and they are such a jump (bass) wise from the BA10's which I've grown quite fond of:slight_smile: If I (just speaking for old Pod's ears here) had to rank my fave KZ's right now it would be ZS6, BA10, ZST/ZSN (because they are both Mid Happy, as Sybil says the ZSN really is an upgraded and smoother ZST), ZSR (ZS7 gaining on it), ZS4, ZSA and ED9's which will never fall from grace because they were the first iem that showed me the Budget Boys meant business for pennies:triumph:
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2019
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  13. eclein
    Podster the BA10's sound excellent don't they? Once you sort out the fit and they burn in, they are fun to listen to. I always felt like they were loose if the cable moved and was constantly checking so I got a shirt clip and now they can stay all day if I felt like it. Why do you think they didn't really going sales wise?
  14. Slater
    Well, if I had to guess I would say it’s the shape. They look uncomfortable. Even if that’s the furthest thing from the truth, they look like they’d have problems fitting and/or be painful.

    I know that’s why I never bought them. And I have talked to others that said the exact same thing.

    If there was some local store where I could demo them, or a friend or family member I’d definitely give them a try. But I don’t have any local stores around me that sell KZ.
  15. HungryPanda
    I dont find the BA10 uncomfortable in the least
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