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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. PhonoPhi
    My experience is similar to yours. IEmatch altered the signature of AS10 surprisingly, but I do prefer the original signature.
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  2. Conest
  3. SybilLance
    I'm afraid i don't have the skill set for doing this, even if I were so inclined.

    Tell you what, though: why not invest some
    money in buying up some ZS6 stock, do the very same modifications you were describing, input some creative bit of marketing (like being your usual self talking Sound Science stuff) and then sell them commercially for ~$500 each? You'll be rich. I can guarantee you that.

    Hey Dude, I'm just messing with you. Sorry. :kissing_heart: :woman:

    Well, it did attenuate the volume and smoothed everything. So I guess it's actually a volume and texture attenuator. A heavy-duty one at that.
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  4. PhonoPhi
    My DAP gives no noise with KZ AS10.
    IEMatch removes noise nicely when AS10 is used with Samsung S9; it is a worthy device for me to have; a DIY similar voltage divider may be more fun.
  5. PhonoPhi
    We can just talk about purple and cyan ZSNs:)
    But wait - with those different cables, it is still the "impedance talk" :wink::wink:
  6. Zerohour88
    both the impedance adapter and "attenuator" will reduce the volume, but the way an attenuator is designed is to reduce the volume without possibly changing the sound signature (unlike a straight impedance adapter).

    I say possible because some IEM/gear might work with just an impedance adapter, but some might not. Again, hence me not really wanting to talk about it here, it gets a bit convoluted talking about such sound science.
  7. dhruvmeena96
    I am actually working on my own pair of IEM. Getting my patents for my paper

    I am working with Single Knowles FED series driver and extending the lows with a special Helmholtz resonator, peak cancellation tube and horn for amplifying the treble.

    Aim is to not use a damper, and get a single driver produce lowest lows and highest highs with lowest distortion

    Not gonna leak design, theory is okay
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  8. cleg
    I don't have calipers for exact measurements, but comparing them side by side by eye, ZSA nozzles are a bit wider. AS06 has the same diameter with ZS10, but with small notches for better tips holding

    And I don't know what is A-paragraph and B-paragraph, but sockets are similar with ZS10, but AS06 has a bit longer pins
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  9. 1clearhead
    I don't own the AS10, so I can't say. But, so far the C10 is a true balanced wonder with details galore throughout the whole range! :ok_hand:
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  10. SybilLance
    That was given tongue-in-cheek. Should have included a wink in there. But don't mind me. I guess I'm doing the opposite of whatever menopause is supposed to be.

    Or perhaps it's just I'm still tickled purple because the hubby earlier inquired about the availability and price of the CCA C-10 in Shopee. It seems my continuing Year-End Resolution is a success! Here's to hoping the next Innovative Exemplary Monitor KZ (or CCA or TRN or BQEYZ, or whoever else) releases will be $30 or below. I'm willing to bet the KZ team will name it ZSQ.

    Go for it! I sincerely wish you success.

    Psst...Keep the price at $30 or below and my husband will be your first buyer and you'll be rich. I guarantee it.

    And if ever you'll be needing a creative marketing manager, I'm volunteering my paid services.
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  11. Conest
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  12. HungryPanda
    Beating you to it :)

  13. dhruvmeena96
    10$ cases....I know these fancy looking on Ali

    There were some semi custom moulds for 40usd with faceplate too.

    By the way I am working FED for now, but will shift to RAB
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  14. Dani157
    C10 and ZS10 both have similar specs and price at the moment on AliExpress. Which one to go for? Have read a few positive impressions for C10. I already own ZSN and absolutely love how they sound. Any suggestions?
  15. Superluc
    You can't assume that every KZ's user have also good, perfectly fine and costly sources. When you match cheap but sensitive enough IEMs with cheap AMP, DAP, phones or whatever, you can get some hissing also with KZs, and it's just easier/cheaper to put an adapter in between, may be bought for some $ or DIY made, than change the source.

    I was just adding that those kind of cheap solution may also affect a bit the sound, for the best or for the worst, depending on the IEM itself.
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