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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. eclein
    Hey...congrats on 5000 posts!! Hey do you guys know how to cure stuttering Bluetooth?
    When I use Spotify on my android phone or ipad I get intermittent stuttering and it won’t go away no matter how many background apps, location services etc I turn off. Its fine for awhile then starts up again...what does it any idea??
  2. assassin10000
    Depends on why it's stuttering. Not just the devices may be the problem, could be the internet connection or it may even be related to the Spotify server/stream itself.
  3. Deveraux
    I guess yeah there’s a lack in details. But it’s exactly like how I described above. Tried it with a TRN cable too :/

    Wow, I got these almost a month back and I don’t know if they’ll allow me a refund now. I’ll try though. :frowning2:

    Got it from GearBest.

    It’s definitely not out of phase. Just checked too.

    I have tried it with the TRN silver cable that I use with my ZS5 too. No noticeable sound difference.
  4. TechnoidFR
    Yinyoo seller
    After we have metal house, different tuning.
  5. LaughMoreDaily
    [Time Traveller from 2016]

    I bought the ZS3 a couple years ago and I'm just listening to them now. Call me a late bloomer. They have been burning in the whole time. I was into earbuds for a while (waste of time/money) and got distracted from IEM's (my true purpose in audio).

    They sing pretty dang good in their own unique way. I love the fit as It's like they're having sex with my ears. The vocals seem a bit cold with the stock cable but the sound is very holographic/3D like. They are light years ahead of the ATR. The sound is bright and may not be good for long sessions. ATR is way better for that with their warm and seductive sound but the ZS3 is way more dynamic and enjoyable to listen to like a real live band. They sound narrow on bad recordings but wide on good ones. I wouldn't say these guys are the best performers. More songs sound average than good. I don't think they're full competenty and I'm surprised people loved them so much back in the day. I prefer the ATR for it's calm warm loving vibe/sound.

    I look forward to the ZS4. The fit/sound signature of the ZS3 is mind blowing.
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2018
  6. CoiL
    ZS7 has plastic+resin housing+aluminium backplate as far as I know. Not sure though. Anyway, its shell shouldn`t contribute much into sound with this kind of implementation, imo.
    What comes to info about sellers - especially yinjoo, which should be banned from head-fi - never trust that info!
  7. Mybutthurts
    AS10 is the one to go for, if you after a KZ iem. Musical and warm as you like.
    Loving it on classical music, played on my Fiio dap.
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  8. WapeR

    I'm looking for new IEMs and I already own the KZ ZS3 (wich sounds great for me for that cheap price) but I want to upgrade and I don't know what I could buy. I'm looking for great IEMs for trap, rock and/or drum&bass.
    What is the best KZ for that kind of music? I want to espend <$30
  9. blur.png
    if you like warmer sound & intimate feeling the ES4 looks good
    if you like forward sounding & vocal centric iem, the ZSN looks good (though might be a bit overdone on some edm tracks)

    then again this is my opinion, someone else might have better opinions, though if you dont mind non-kz, the V80 seems to be another option, since the bass isnt shy at all & tracks sound crisp though its like 2x the price of either the es4/zsn
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2018
  10. Leo-rume
    The ZS3E is not available in black, only red. I have one on the way
  11. jeromeaparis
    Yes, I think that my AS10 is better than my ZS6, highs are softer and better overall sound & details.
    I do use them and ZSN only with 2.5 balanced cable on my dap Pioneer XDP-30R
    I use 2 kind of 2.5 cables:
    The KZ silver plated 2.5 balanced cable (thin & silver color) cost= 7 $, that sounds well on ZSN & ED16
    The TRN 8 core balanced 2.5mm cable (bigger, the black & silver color) cost= 8$, that sounds well on AS10 and ZS6, better sounding than the KZ 2.5
    note I do have too the trn yellow & silver color cable and it sounds too bright, even with the ES4

    you'll find them easily on Aliexpress as:



    [​IMG] .
  12. WapeR
    Thanks for your fast response.
    I think I prefer a V shape sound, buy I don't care if the IEMs are all-terrain, and play a little with the equalizer. I want good IEM for a long time and try to hear things I never heard before with my actual ear/headphones.
    I was thinking in the latest KZ ZS10 but if ES4 or ZSN are good enough for me, I have no problem buying them. Also maybe I need a better cable and tips

    EDIT: I'll use iPhone Xs Max as source and I prefer BT module for most of the time
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2018
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  13. darmanastartes
    Where did you get those triple flange eartips from?
  14. Nimweth
    I would agree with that, the V80 is an excellent IEM with a fairly neutral sound and superb bass. It's better than any KZ model I have tried, including the ES3, ZST, ZS10. It's mildly V shaped and very well made.
  15. jeromeaparis
    I baught them on ebay about 4 years ago and they are discontinued.They are long and
    inside diameter is large, about 3.5mm. Some people do not like they sit deeper inside the ear canal.
    They sound very good on some KZ earphones, other KZ phones sound better with starlines (or even whirl for ES4 with stock cable)
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2018
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