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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. revand
    ZSN a szobron Kann 2.jpg Ido not want to insult somebodies faith, but I wanted to show you the perfect harmony between my Sita sculpture bought in Bali and the very nice KZ ZSN. I had a chance to listen to the ZSN with the a DAP, which not the most beautiful, but one of the best sounding the Astell & Kern Kann. The Kann and the KZ ZSN (price-wise the Kann cost 70 x the ZSN's price) together produced real music to my ears, and their cooperation is simply breathtaking! Try them together if you can (Kann).
    The KZ ZSN sounded so good with the Kann that I simply could not believe my ears :darthsmile:
    However I found later my regular IEM the KZ ZS5 a bit more matured than the ZSN, but for EUR 15 the ZSN is an unbelievably good product.
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  2. Conest
    AS10 are currently priced at 40 $ on gearbest with a coupon.. (black one)
    Coupon:. 3N1QTFWQKN
  3. DocHoliday
    Yep, the ZS5(v1) isn't perfect but they really do hold their own.




    I spent some time with these last night. The BA10 outperforms the ZS5(v1) in timbre and accuracy but the ZS5(v1) is still much more than just the sum of its parts.

    I nominate them as one for the KZ Hall of Fame. That Audeze-like logo always bugged me though. Can't find a "K" in that logo to save my life. Funny that no one ever mentioned it before.


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  4. SybilLance
    A bespoke cmoyBB from JDS with dual 9 volts! :astonished:

    That's the same power supply for the O2, right? Does John Seaber still accept custom jobs? He's a regular cool dude with mad engineering skills who still personally answers customer support emails (he did mine) despite being JDS Labs' CEO. And he's got the folks over at Audio Science Review in a tizzy after amirm gave JDS Labs' newest Atom headphone amplifier his highest recommendation. A $99 transportable with tested and reviewed TOTL specs and performance. Probably the best bargain as regards price-to-performance, no hype (there! I said that 4-letter pejorative) intended.

    We may be getting an Atom this Christmas. Or is it might?

    If someone is predisposed to shout "shill" my way I do have the JDS Labs Ultra-Short 3.5 mm interconnect cable (also posted by the Podster some pages ago) and although it's ergonomically perfect and makes everything so streamlined I do think the FiiO L16 interconnect sounds better.

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  5. SybilLance
    Just in case they decide to change the chip at the last minute? Plus the weight of the pasted paper strips..? :wink:
  6. MDH12AX7
    The BQEYZ BQ3 is the KZ ZS6 that I always wished for. I liked my ZS6 but the treble was too sibilant and the squared off corners just dug into my ears. I even took a file to the corners to make them fit. Ruined the looks by the way The BQ3 is rounder, slightly smaller and vastly more comfortable. The bass is DEEP, fast and textured. Mids are full and detailed and the treble is beautiful, airy and has ZERO sibilance. They are very coherent with no ugly peaks in the mids and treble. Well done BQEYZ! I am using an 8 core balanced cable out of my Hiby R3.
  7. MDH12AX7
  8. Podster
    Not to mention +\-3 is nothing really, that could actually be the difference in packing material as well:rolling_eyes:

    Indeed the L16 is a far superior IC to the mini but sometimes even aesthetics trumps the SQ when they are not that far apart. I don’t have the ears anymore to fine line anything and even that sweet little M3s/NX4 combo you have right there sounds better than 99.9% of the world ever gets to hear:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
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  9. eggnogg
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  10. Cruelhand Luke
    This is what the ugly black ZSN look like sitting on your desk.
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  11. DocHoliday
    Pick a good pair of KZ's and try Ophélie Gaillard's Bach Cello Suites


    NEWER (2010)
    No 1


    Also, I highly recommend Gaillard's 2005 Vivaldi Cello works as well.


    All recordings are great on the ZS5(v1) & ZS6.......not necessarily in that order.
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2018
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  12. Slater
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  13. eggnogg
    err, cleaning their inventory, maybe
  14. SybilLance
    Thank you so much for these recommendations, Doc.

    There is an ethereal eminence specific to the unaccompanied cello, none more so than with Bach's Cello Suites. These compositions may be Baroque in origin but the level of technical mastery and depth of soul required upon performance give them an enduring exquisiteness that elevates, enervates and at once soothes the spirit. Every cellist worth his or her instrument has to perform it once, a milestone effort in the cellist's repertoire. (Viva Alliteration!)

    For Bach's Cello Suites aside from that of David Watkins (Resonus, 2015) I also have FLACs of that of Steven Isserlis (Hyperion, 2007) and Yo-Yo Ma's Six Evolutions (Sony Classical, 2016). Love them all, and always borrow the HiFiMAN HE-400i to listen. The KZs may be up to it (I believe the ZS5v1 and ZS6 with bullet foam tips are, also the ZSN but with wide-bore tips) but it's like dressing up to go to the opera or a classical performance; through the best medium, it's paying homage and showing respect and being on your best behavior and giving it your best attention.
    :high_heel: :tophat: :musical_score:

    I've looked up the Suites by Ophélie Gaillard after I read your post. Amazon has the 2011 CD but only has mp3s for the 2000 recording. You're right, it might be difficult to find. I may need help.

    Without meaning to be offensive and anarchic allow me this quote by a certain WeatherMax: "I follow all intellectual property laws; I abide by all intellectual property rules and regulations; I respect all intellectual property rights. Alas, I am not rich."
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2018
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  15. LaughMoreDaily
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