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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. BadReligionPunk
    Hmm... Would love to see the chart. Never even heard of DLC.
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2018
  2. B9Scrambler
    Campfire uses it on some of their gear, like the Atlas; A.D.L.C. (Amorphous Diamond-Like Carbon)

  3. hakuzen
    added some cables to the list of measured conductivity cables.
    new kz 8 cores upgrade cable, and some others.

    new kz copper+spc mixed.. got two cables (type A, and type B). resistance of the two materials used is quite different.
    in A cable, one type is used for signals, and the other for ground (cold signals in balanced). in B cables, it happens the same.. but the types are reversed respect A cable!
    (58) kz spc+copper 8c A(0.75) (silver+copper,oyde)...216 213 479 503 (diff wire for diff signals,random)
    .......kz spc+copper 8c B(0.78) (silver+copper,oyde)...541 552 222 220 (diff wire for diff signals,random)
    i don't know if they follow different pattern for A cables, and B cables, intended, or if it's pure random.
    right ear guide in B cable was reversed molded for kz. used a hair dresser (my hot gun is still in transit) to remold it.
    the mix of colors is great for light pink lovers.
  4. Slater
    I saw that mentioned in some Aliexpress reviews as well - in addition to some being wired out of phase, some cables have 1 ear molded backwards.

    C’mon KZ - these are amateur mistakes!
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  5. pbui44
    So far, almost all of the detachable-cabled Chi-Fi IEMs that I owned have stock sub-par cables (including, but not limited to, Brainwavz B400 and TFZ Secret Garden dual-DD), but KZ stock cables are the worst in build construction comfort, and fit-and-finish. Yes, they work rather well, but that is really it. Now, from what I am reading, other cables are better than KZ cables, even the taboo-company-name ones!

    With that said, KZ IEMs are amongst the best value-IEMs that you can buy. Of course, you can get better sound quality, but you have to pay dearly. The irony out of all this is that I have to thank Beats Electronics for selling chi-fi-manufactured products at very high prices. I mean, paying extra for extra distortion is pretty crazy, but who is going to train all of those Chinese manufacturers on making audio equipment?:floatsmile:
  6. alex5908
    Are they good for a bass-head?
  7. Slater
    You want a stock cable that will knock your socks off, check out the ibasso IT01 cable. You won’t believe it comes on a $99 IEM. The cable alone should be $99!
  8. hakuzen
    i first thought it was out of phase when measuring, but then noticed it was ok, just molded backwards.
    people should check this before returning back their unit, by checking plain and curved sides of the socket. they can remold the ear guide in a minute with a hair dresser.
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  9. 1clearhead
    You can play your favorite songs in a "loop" for many hours from your computer or any other audio source that provides looping songs to play over and over again. Giving it 30% of volume would be reasonable when not plugged in your ears, since the excursion of the diaphragm and BA armatures does extend more when is not sealed in your ears. If you'll be wearing them most of the time, then you can raise the volume even higher or to any of your desired position. I would not suggest blasting them when you first receive them! ...BA armatures are more delicate than their counterpart dynamic diaphragms and can get damaged at a continues high volume.

    50 hours will give you an idea on how they're starting to settle down, peaks, harshness, sibilance, etc...

    100 hours can give you the idea of what type of sound signature you bought into...

    200 hours will determine if you finally like them, or not!

    Hope this helps...:thumbsup:

    Last edited: Nov 28, 2018
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  10. Slater
  11. 1clearhead
    It sounds incredibly good when amped! :point_left::yum:
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  12. Makahl
    Even with MoonDrop Kanas Pro which is around $180 I got this problem too. :/
  13. SybilLance
    Indeed Topping products are very-well engineered and perform quite brilliantly. Each item is accompanied by complete specs, accurate graphs and certifications. Very reasonably priced, too. Tests and breakdowns by third parties like audiosciencereview.com confirm their top-notch technical design and also confirm the legitimacy of said specs and graphs. Topping has a steadily growing reputation and following despite the absence of flashy ads, marketing and all that.

    Hence why I have both the Cayin N3 and the Topping NX4 feeding my favorite KZ ZSN right now. My initial impressions amplified! :L3000:

    Rudolph totally agrees while groovin' to Donald Fagen's blue chip I'll-never-get-tired-of-listening-album The Nightfly:

  14. Podster
    @SybilLance I C we are using the same IC as well:wink: Evwr since Topping rectified the EMI/RFI issue associated with the original NX1 they have steadily improved on each product and as sais offer great return on investment.
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  15. Luxed
    I posted about that issue a few (a lot actually) pages back. I received my copper/silver cable and didn't know if it was out of phase. But after some testing, I realized that it was just molded backwards so I couldn't get them to fit right. Not deal a deal breaker for me.

    Still, about that cable, even though I love it, the fact that it is 8 core makes it feel clumsy compared to the ZSN 4 core cable. Because each wire is thinner.

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