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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Degree
    KZ ZSN came in today, got silver/purple. Coming from a KZ ZS3 not sure how I feel about these. Maybe I'm too used to my ZS3s since I've had them for like a year and a half as my daily, but the ZSN feel less lively. I'll be using it to the next week and see if I adjust. However, I love how much more comfortable they are compared to the ZS3, my ears would hurt after an hour but the ZSN doesn't "puncture" or push against my ears.
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2018
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  2. LaughMoreDaily
    I wonder what people who have heard both think of this comment?
  3. khighly
    ZS3/ZS4 are the only 'modern' KZ IEM's I have yet to pick up. Maybe I'll order ZS4 tonight.
  4. Slater
    Just curious what your source is on both? Any amp?
  5. Degree
    Pixel 2 XL, no amp
  6. 1clearhead

    The ZSN are some of the most energetic and liveliest earphones I've ever heard in a long time. :point_left::spy:
  7. Degree
    Compared to my ZS3 it doesn't seem like it, will see how I feel about them a week from now I've only used them for a day (6/8 hours).
  8. BadReligionPunk
    For me ZS3 is a overly warm bassy iem with recessed mids and soft treble that rolls off making it a very smooth ride. ZSN is more or less a slightly warm iem with outstanding bass quality Mids are slightly warm and upper mids are forward and bright. Treble is bright and has good detail. Very good sound sig that works great for all genres.

    Probably is the source/phone. Maybe a lack of seal? ZSN is probably the most energetic and lively iem KZ has made.

    Could be a defective unit?


    Some people like certain things and other people like other things. LOL.
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2018
  9. HAMS
    What do you mean by "lively". Maybe you think more bass is lively and other think more treble is?
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  10. voicemaster
    Zs3 compared to zsn? Zs3 sounds pretty muted especially the high, bass will be bloated into the mid and the mid is not helping either because it is overly recessed.
  11. LaughMoreDaily
    Does that mean ZSN kick AS10's ass? ;P
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2018
  12. 1clearhead
    Stay tuned...! :wink:

  13. DocHoliday
  14. Wiljen
  15. khighly
    Nope :p. They aren't better than AS10, ZS10, ZS5v1. They're really good especially for the price, build quality, and design, but the hype around them is very bloated. It's almost as if the rest of head-fi finally tried chi-fi with the ZSN's.
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2018

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