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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. sino8r
    Nothing is wrong. Some people like to overreact to things. As a fellow writer/editor, the quality of media here (and around the world) has gone down hill since the advent of social media and bloggers. Let's just leave it at that...
  2. khighly
    After buying the IT03's, I will never purchase any IEM's above $100 again. They're not bad, just like I said above, it seems to be only a sound signature change. I could never justify any Campfire because I am 100% sure I would be greatly disappointed. AS10 is probably my favorite sound signature from all of my IEM's right now.
  3. khighly
    There's A LOT wrong and people are right to react to things :). Social Media has definitely lowered the quality of society & media as a whole for sure though.
  4. sino8r
    Yeah, I'm not impressed by ibasso either. They did so well with the IT01 that expectations were too high, I think. Plus the prices really skyrocketed with each new model. The IMR R1 b stock is really worth it though. Highly recommended. I don't think I'd buy the full price model but the b stock with minor shell imperfections is a great deal at 220. The nozzle changing ability can change the tuning from bass head to reference studio model. I've never heard such a variety of tuning available on one model but alot of people had a bad experience with Paul from Trinity and refused to buy from his new company. I completely understand that and am extremely weary of Kickstarters. The Fiio FH5 and TFZ Secret Gardens are other models for a bit less than the IT03s. The 3 mentioned iems are really are impressive imo. But yeah, I'm loving my AS10 as well! The GF loves her ZSN as well. I really hope KZ gives us a ZSN shaped shell with AS10 armatures. It's so comfortable and seals perfectly!

    Yeah, there's definitely some problems for sure but it's no worse than any other country imo. Sure there are better ones around but they are much smaller. I just don't think we should try to leave our country when there is still hope and ways to improve things. I'm a middle of the ground guy so I can see both sides. The way things are divided politically now, I really see fault on both parties. It's silly to me. And yeah, social and professional media is embarrassing... It makes us all look crazy over here lol!
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  5. LaughMoreDaily
    I miss Bose when they were just commercials on TV for those bedroom systems.

    People to need to realize if the scratch off the name Bose from the product, it's just a pair of ****ty sounding headphones. :wink:
  6. LaughMoreDaily
    You're a smart woman, thanks for your wisdom. You're making the rest of us wiser and smarter too by sharing your thoughts.
  7. SomeEntityThing
    2 words for a possible reason(?): "Conspicuous Consumption."

    ...Obv I'm kinda kidding, but there definitely are some people who simply haven't learned there are other decent enough options available for much better prices, even if Bose definitely is top-tier in terms of NC.
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2018
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  8. stryed
    The IT01 was released AFTER the IT03. The IT04 is getting good reviews and reported as affordable and a "bang for the buck" for some who are in the more expensive side of the spectrum (andromeda types :D). IT01s,the new IT01 might not offer much improvement and charge quite a bit, à la TinAudio T2 Pro....Not much of a fan of these minor updates. TFZ seems to do so in excess.

    I'm wary of buying anything above 100-150eu and am very satisfied with my IT01 and find it hard to justify getting anything else unless it is a different signature.
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2018
  9. Conest
    Definitely... :L3000::sunglasses:
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  10. SybilLance
    @khighly may I know the particular type of eartip you're using with the ZSN?

    Got me an assortment of eartips and for the past couple of days I've been continually tip-rolling with the ZSN. Medium-to-wide-bore soft silicone tips work best for me and my small ears. Luckily an extra pair sent by the seller proved to be the ideal ones. For me at least, with these tips there is a discernible decrease in the higher bass such that the middle frequencies are opened up. Hence my impressions of an addictively fun balanced sound.

    Tbh haven't tried the Ostrys, Auvios, Complys and other pricey tips.
  11. sino8r
    That's interesting. Being relatively new here, I assumed it was the first lol! Sounds like what some of the other higher end brands are doing. Releasing a budget model to give a taste of what their style is. From what I've heard the Campfire Comet is not a good example. Sounds like crap according to most. I've tried the IT01 and the IT04 and while they are definitely good, I'll found TFZ to have a style similar sound and at half the price. The TFZ Secret Garden and Fiio FH5 are both good options for that mid-tier sound at lower prices. Heck, with the AS10, I'd say KZ has really stepped up their game. It's getting more difficult to distinguish the mid tier stuff and their own flagship. I may just pass on the Campfire Atlas and wait on the new IMR, try the TFZ Secret Garden 3 (all BA model with tunable switches), see what KZ comes up with and still have extra cash left over for something non-iem related...
  12. Slater
    Hey BA10 owners:

    Is the braided copper cable that comes with the BA10 any good?

    I mean, how does it compare to the KZ silver upgrade cables, or the ZSN copper cable, etc?

    Just curious, as it looks like a nice cable to perhaps use on other 2-pin models.
  13. khighly
    1-2 Months In: ZS10's have great detail and instrument separation. Some things also sound like they have separate speakers. Probably the best soundstage of anything recent in my signature. Possibly even up at ZS6 level soundstage. Easy to pick out some soundstage on most songs. Probably also the most 'flat' sound of KZ's I've heard. Everything is well controlled, with vocals possibly being a bit low. Good controlled highs that extend far without being sibilant. Mids are possibly recessed but it's a great improvement for KZ nonetheless. Lows & mid bass well controlled & extend plenty far. It's a 'comfortable' sound signature. I feel like maybe people coming from higher end bourgeois IEM's would enjoy these as $26 beaters.

    Here's a spotify playlist of songs with wide soundstage:

    Last edited: Nov 25, 2018
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  14. Zerohour88
    I had the chance to test out the CA Andromeda and compare to the rest of my cheapo collection (some KZ like the ZS5v1 and ATR included, of course) and sadly, the Andro blows them out of the water without dropping a beat. The most amazing soundstage and resolution I've ever had the chance to feast my ears on.

    Is it really worth the price tag though? ultimately, that's up to the user's wallet. If you can drop 1k on an IEM like chump change, I guess it won't be an issue.

    That being said, I also previously had the CA Lyra II to test, and while that had a brilliant treble and nice bass, it wasn't exactly mind-blowing.

    For me though, I'd be going up the ladder slowly up until a point where either chi-fi catches up or I can't hear the difference anymore, maybe a bit of both.
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2018
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  15. HungryPanda
    It's a pretty good cable, I have changed most my KZ cables but perfectly happy with this one
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