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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Conest
    Bought KZ ZSN Purple/Silver :grinning:
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  2. khighly
    We should stop calling the ZSN purple. It's more of a pink than purple :)
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  3. khighly
    I wish! I'd rather be anywhere but USA right now.
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  4. mbwilson111
    Not any better in the UK these days.. I am orginally from Michigan. What state are you in?
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  5. khighly
    I love rtings! They rate the AS10's as top 5 isolating from their entire bunch of headphones/iem's they've tested, with data to back it up. People don't believe me when I say the AS10's have more isolation than Bose QC35's since they paid $400 for them and think they're gods gift.
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  6. khighly
    I'm in Seattle. Might need to possibly apply for asylum soon (in USA!) and will be looking to Europe.
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  7. CYoung234
    The ZS10 is my favorite overall of all of them in my sig. The AKG and Fostex are not iems, and with proper amping, they can be pretty hard to beat. The AKG is a real classic for soundstage and midrange to die for, but it does not go very deep. It is a little hard to compare an iem to an open headphone like that, but the ZS10 does pretty well in soundstaging. The mids are good, natural to me for classical music, even good acoustic classical or large scale orchestral.

    I should note that I do not listen to the same music that many here do. No metal, trance, EDM, etc. I listen to classical, pop, alternative, progressive, some jazz. Stuff like Lindsey Stirling, Yes, Genesis, Sia, Coldplay, John Mayer, Tears for Fears, Sheryl Crow, Imagine Dragons and the Jezabels. For classical, a lot of large symphonic music, like Bruckner / Mahler / Strauss / Shostakovich / Prokofiev symphonies, and some solo works, like Martha Argerich.
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  8. LaughMoreDaily
    Are people paying $400 for the Bose for the isolation or the sound quality? You make it seem like the isolation. Lol.
  9. LaughMoreDaily
    I haven't been there in a while. What's wrong? :wink: Or just point me to websites/forums when I can find the problems...
  10. groucho69
    Got like new 25 for $65. Great for the price. Only use them on the plane.
  11. khighly
    I've been using the ZSN's for the past few days and they're fairly good.They're fairly bassy (but not too much) and have good extension in each direction, and I can't notice any sibilance. I would actually prefer more high extension or presence. Mid bass is a few dB lower than than the AS10's but is still pretty present unlike most other KZ IEM's I have. Male & Female vocals are good. This is a baby AS10 I feel, but I need more time on them with comparisons between my other IEM's. The design is very pretty and looks extremely good. I hope KZ continues in this direction. I don't know about the crazy hype over them, but for $15 you're probably not going to find much better, especially in terms of build quality.

    The new KZ connector is a major improvement and I hope they keep it going forward. It's a much more secure design and I think I'll feel safe walking around with these on the ZSN bluetooth cable around my neck.



    I've kind of come to this point where I don't feel like anything is "better", it's just your preferred sound signature. Nothing really blows me away between borrowing friends IEM's & headphones, to my cheap KZ's. There are IEM's that make me happy to listen to music, but it's like chasing a dragon.

    Not interested in talking politics in depth on a Headphone/IEM forum :p.
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  12. groucho69
    It's not for SQ.
  13. Mybutthurts
    They are paying for a 'name' and supposed kudos for being able to afford Bose.
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  14. BadReligionPunk
    Actually people are paying for a super comfortable top notch, best in class(now 2nd best) ANC Bluetooth Headset. It cost a lot of money to R&D the science and technology behind ANC. Its only fitting that BOSE and Sony would charge more for it.

    Also comparing a BT ANC over ear headphone to a cheap wired IEM is relevant how?
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  15. sino8r
    Okay then, it's fusha!

    Now get the AS10 lol! Seriously, I think you'll be happy with ZSA and ZSN, for a while... Welcome to the iem addiction! Starts with a few chi-fis, then you'll either collect every single KZ, TRN, TFZ, or blow hundreds on the mid tiers like Fiio, Sony, ibasso. I haven't crossed to the high-end like Campfire but my end of year bonus is gonna be tough to resist pissing it away on something like that. Those Atlases are like a siren call.
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