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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Slater
    They were very affordable. I seem to remember mid-high $20s, depending on coupons etc.
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2018
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  2. Mellowship
    The newer iterations are not as good. Maybe they changed the driver.
    The first iteration is great, providing you take that red nozzle grille off (and foam if existing), and give them lots and lots of power.
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  3. Slater
    I know this was already covered a few days ago by another member, so I didn’t bother making a full guide.

    However, I did want to add a helpful tip as a follow up to the other member’s guide:

    I found it was easier to fix the cable from the side without the control buttons (ie the side that says “TRN”). There are no circuit boards or control buttons to deal with - just 2 wires and the battery. And everything is wide open and easy to work on, vs being cramped by buttons and circuit boards.

    So you pop the shell open (ie the side that says TRN), which reveals the 2 wires. Then you remove the factory heat shrink, desolder and swap the wires, and you’re done.

    Then comes the kicker. Once you’re done resoldering the wires, snap the shell back together and simply slip a piece of heat shrink tubing over the outside of the shell. Once shrunk, the heat shrink tubing holds the whole thing together perfectly.

    Like this:


    Why is this easier? Well, when you originally take apart the shell it doesn’t always want to go back together securely. Instead of gluing the shell back together, the heat shrink method is faster, easier, and is easily removable in case you need to go back in and service something.
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2018
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  4. DocHoliday

    I have to say, with posts like this from you and khighly regarding Bluetooth, Slater mods, Coil's mods, Hakuzen's cable resistance feedback, Antdroid's FR graphs and the general enthusiasm present throughout the thread it's no small wonder that this thread has in excess of twenty five hundred pages.

    Oops.......and the discussion about KZ IEMs.

    With that said, it's time to pop in my ZS3's and spend a couple of hours with the Cleary's.

  5. Luxed
    I finally received my ZSN and AS10 with a copper/silver upgrade cable.

    Here are my first thoughts:
    • ZSN: A great replacement for my ZST pro! Still sound a little bit different (but that may change with some burn-in time). They seem to have a little more bass, better sub-bass (I just heard something that I never heard on my ZST), recessed mids? (the ZST had a peak in the upper mids if I'm not mistaken) and a little bit less highs. Oh and that cable, the cable is amazing and is on par with the copper/silver upgrade cable.
    • AS10: More mids than both the ZST and ZSN. And what is that thing that I hear? Why does the singer sounds so far? AH! That's some sound stage in an IEM, didn't even know it existed up until now. I need way more listen to really understand how those sound. Testing on my Magni 3 and Bravo Audio V2, these IEMs sound completely different. My DT990 gain a little bass, lose a little bit of highs and just sound warmer. For the AS10, the exact opposite happens: they get way brighter on the V2. I never experienced such a difference on any of my gear simply by switching Amp.
    • Build quality: Even though the AS10 costs almost 3 times the price of the ZSN, the ZSN are still the winners. They simply feel better quality than the AS10.
    Please remember that I'm not a reviewer, and those are only my first impressions.

    I might go for a pair of Tazerface (TFZ, don't worry if you don't know the reference) next (yes, I am already planning on buying a new pair, but I'll wait at least next summer). Any recommendation?
    But I also need to upgrade my DAP, the Fiio X1 II is great, but that Hidizs AP80 looks sweet.
  6. Bartig
    Haha, easy cowboy! Seems like you have enough to enjoy first! :D
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  7. HungryPanda
    That is not the Head-Fi spirit
  8. voicemaster
    Yes, I have 3 trn bt3 (2 two pin and 1 mmcx) and all of them have been great so far.
  9. Luxed
    Hmmm, are you sure about that?

    Actually you are right, I have a broken pair of ATH M40X that I would really like to repair because I absolutely loved them.
    That makes 3 headphones, 5 IEMs, 2 Amps, 1 DAC (don't need more of those I think).

    I really like IEMs because I can easily transport a lot of them.

    Oh, since I'm here, do any of you know a good IEM case that could have more than 1 inside it? Or maybe I should go with a headphone case? That seems like a good option to me, but the price is a lot for 2 IEMs.
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  10. sino8r
    I had the bt3 (both aptx and regular sbc) and had the bt10 as well. All were very good. No polarity issues for me with the bt10 (like Slater mentioned) but I did exchange the bt10 for TFZ bluetooth cable. It was more attractive with aluminum plugs lol! Gave the bt3 to friend and bt3 aptx to my girlfriend with her new ZSN. For the MMCX, I went all out with the powerful Sony MUC-M2BT1. It was expensive but worth every penny for the LDAC, high quality build, and fantastic battery life. It's as good as the Sennheiser HD1 or one of the other high end bluetooth horseshoes headsets.
  11. LaughMoreDaily
  12. LaughMoreDaily
    Have you kept up with your KZ boycott from 2017? Just checking and holding you to it. :wink:
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  13. randomnin
    Nope, lol. At that time I thought those were compensated graphs (because Reference Audio Analyzer person in Russian social networks told me that flat graph represented balanced sound). Now I'm all about Harman, which KZ is pretty near to (except too little sub-bass, too much mid-bass, the peak at 2kHz should be moved to at least 3kHz, and the cut off at 4-5kHz starts too early and is too severe). But I was right in that they don't seem to be improving what they already have, strictly graph-wise. Sound-wise, according to reviewers, they have improved; I'll see about that.
    But then again they have increased comfort of their standard signature by giving said signature to ZS4, and ZSN does have a new material used. And I bought both of them. One could argue, going by my earlier remarks, there was enough reason to stop the "boycott".

    Also, I was secretly fearing someone would call me out on my discrepancies. Not that having changing opinions is against my convictions - quite the contrary.
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2018
  14. Mellowship
    My boycott lasted from the zs5v1 to the ZS4. The first impressions I started to read about zs5v1 vs. V2 and the changes that were made by kz in that respect without informing customers made me lose some trust in newer kz models.
    So I skipped kz6 and a lot of other models, just to be back on track with ZS4 and as10. I'm waiting for my 11.11 zsn to arrive...
  15. khighly
    So NiceHCK on Aliexpress would not refund me even half of the purchase price for the out of phase BT10. They were unusable and my time fixing them is definitely worth $10 :p.

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