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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. sino8r
    I think I must collect KZs too lol! Or at least iems...

    So the ZSNs arrived today as well as the AS10s. I already had the the AS10s but returned them when I searched for my mid-bass iem. Gonna try a foam mod insert like on my KZS6s instead of the cotton which muffled the sound too much.

    About the ZSNs, the hype is true! They have punchy bass and good treble clarity without being overly sibilant. The mids are okay but that's always the case with KZs. Proper equalizing is need to bring out the W shape. The instrument separation is great and sound stage is big but not huge like the AS10 or ZS6. I'd call it a mini AS10 or ZS6 but bigger than the ZSA. The seal is perfect with foams which I seem to have a problem with on the odder shaped KZs. Generally I'd have to use triple flanges on those tough to seal but not these. They are as perfect fitting as the ZSAs or TFZ Queens which is really high praise. All that being said, these are gift to my girlfriend and this her first set of iems lol! She's tried my Fiios, IMRs, other KZs and seemed to like them. She's probably not used to the over the ear thing and just uses those AKGs that came with her Samsung. She did say the ZSNs sounded a bit better but I really do think she can't tell a difference lol! Definitely not an audio nut like us here...
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2018
  2. Zerohour88
    no worries, you were just saying what some of the lurkers will be thinking.

    in case you were wondering what I meant by touched upon, Slater pretty much summed up that despite the overload of models, each lineup or "series" in the KZ stable had around 1 year or so duration before release (like the ZST from ZSN), so it stands to reason that they do have pretty much an upgrade schedule in mind to keep the brand fresh on the minds of buyers. Kind of like Intel previously with their tick-tock upgrade model.
  3. 1clearhead
  4. Migou67
    Received my ZSN one day ago and happy with this little IEM, light and comfortable with a good build, great sound for this price range !

    A touch of equalizing is needed, but they respond very well, listened on it with a XDuoo X3 and a iBasso D7 DAC on my laptop.

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  5. Mellowship
    Not just collecting, also using daily.

    These were my very first KZs. They are holding up pretty well.

  6. blur.png
    i just checked out for the trn v80's and got lots of cashback making the zsn only cost $10 ... welp *rip allowances lol*
  7. Podster
    Nice Mellow, see you run foamies on yours, as I mentioned yesterday I ran across my old ATE's in my work shed this weekend! Those and my VJJB's were relegated to outdoor work duties:wink:

    @Slater , finally found your re-worked tri-braid last night (Now on ZSA's). Most of my KZ are in their own KZ case but a few I keep with grab and go DAP's:grin: Really think the tri-braid looks sweet in black:thumbsup:

  8. Mellowship
    Hey Pods, the ATE are better used with wide bore silicone tips for clearer treble, but the foamies here are necessary for comfort and to keep them in place, as they keep jumping off my ears when using silicone. For outdoor duties, when I want better isolation, I use the "bad" pair of ZS3 (newer generations, shiny shell, Slatermodded), also with foams.

    Lately I've been testing inverted foams, i.e.:

    The AS10, in this configuration, sounds even better for my taste. Inverting the foams puts the end of the nozzle really close to the end of the foam, lowering the reflections on the tip's rubber inner tube. The shells go a little bit deeper but the foam stays a little bit shallow on the ear. The result is a great fit, less intrusion of the foam in the sound signature, more skin to reflect the sound from the insertion plane to the inner ear. Just try it!!!
  9. Podster
    Pod's not a big foamy user but that concept looks to make sense so I'll have to give it a try lord knows I've got enough variety of foamies lying around since I really don't use them! The ones I've tried I always seem to lose some treble:frowning: We are going to have to change Slater's handle to Slodder with all the tricks he seems to come up with:wink::grin:
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  10. voicemaster
    I hope KZ fixed the problem with that bluetooth cable. I had one (not the one for ZSN) and the signal always cut out even when I am using it on my desktop. It is a shame as it has good sound, but the intermittent signal out is a deal breaker for me at least.
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  11. sino8r
    I don't trust their bluetooth at all for the same reasons. Just go with any of the TRNs. Works flawlessly (except the mics kinda suck).

    What was the deal with the last KZ bluetooth that looked like the TRN? Did it end up having connectivity issues as well? Anyone want to share their experience with it?
  12. Slater
    Well, don’t forget that TRN royally screwed up the BT10, with many of them wired out of phase.

    Although, at least that can be fixed with soldering skills. The KZ Bluetooth cables have a dodgy design, which can’t be fixed by the end customer.

    So it’s kind of a ‘pick your poison’ situation.
  13. DocHoliday
    Indeed, they do look great. I'll be coupling my black tri-braids to my black ZS6. Awesome sauce all around. Slater is the man!

    Also, KZ's new silver/copper cable is going to look great on my grey ZS6.


    Four or five years ago no one would have believed that an aluminum shelled 2BA+2DD hybrid with handsome detachable cables and fantastic tuning would be available for less than $45 ($33 - ZS6 @ KZ Official Store + $11 - silver/copper cable @ KZ Official Store =$44).
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2018
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  14. LaughMoreDaily
    How much was the ZS6 on 11/11 though? :wink:
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  15. LaughMoreDaily
    Are the newer revisions of the ZS3 worse than the originals? No one seems to be talking about that old guy anymore...

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