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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. hakuzen
    i ordered it and it's in transit now. will measure it as soon as it arrives.

    about trn 8c cable, i don't know what they've done, now.
    2 cores should be used for each signal.
    in the case of single TRS jack, it seems that only 1 core is used for left signal, and 3 cores used for left ground. so you'd have to re-solder not only into the jack, but also into the 2pins plug.
    but in the case of TRRS, it's left+ signal vs right- signal! they are in different groups (4 cores to left driver, 4 cores to right driver). so i'm puzzled. i don't know what's happening then.
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  2. hakuzen

    the imbalance of 0.3ohms shouldn't be noticeable (less than 1dB, even less than 0.5dB). but i'd prefer not having 3x resistance in one signal respect the other one, specially in balanced signals. perfectionism?
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  3. LaughMoreDaily
    Poor guy has to suffer through headphone weather.;( I will be praying for you in hopes that you will have iems in your ears again soon.
  4. LaughMoreDaily
    I wasn't getting a seal with my Zircon tips and ED16 so I went looking for the yellow Spinfits I've never used. I think I found them. They fit perfectly on the ed16! And, the sound is more technical at my first glance than the Zircon's. Cool. Thanks for the suggestion!
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  5. RolledOff
    do you have ZSR to compare ZSN to?
    if ZSN and ZSR have same signature, i will retire my ZSR
  6. voicemaster
    ZSN is far better than ZSR.
  7. DocHoliday
    I've spent the last three hours listening to several of my metal KZ's (ZS6, BA10, ZSA, ED8, ED9 & ED10) and I can tell you that all of them sound fantastic. I really should have pulled out the ED3 "Perfection" and HDS3 as well.

    I was mostly surprised at how well the ED10 held up (forward treble, forward midrange with tight, deep and well-judged bass). I do hope that KZ revisits the ED10 sound signature because it is very engaging. A new KZ with a further refined ED10 sound signature, CNC aluminum housing and detachable cables would certainly grab my attention.


    Again, props to Igor for the graph.

    One of the tracks that I sampled with all of the aforementioned IEMs is.......

    Every one of them handled the chimes (recurring @ 38 seconds) with differing degrees of sparkle with the ED8 displaying the least amount of shimmer and the ZS6 displaying the most. Each IEM has its own strengths but in general the metal housings contribute to a "clean" and detail-oriented presentation.......and yes that includes the ED8's presentation with its deep reaching bass.

    Plastic housings would have ruined the ED8 sound signature but those metal alloy housings lend to their clarity. They were shipped with wide-bore Whirlwind eartips. The combination of wide-bore eartips and metal housings give them both air and a good sense of depth for a relatively warm sound signature . I like them. Alot.

    The ED9 and ED10 rendered 'Til Tuesday's "Coming Up Close" with a great sense of presence and air.

    Really looking forward to the up and coming ZS7. Let's hope KZ includes their new silver & copper cable with the all metal ZS7.


    Last edited: Nov 10, 2018
  8. nxnje
    May you update us, listening more with the ZSN, how do they compare with the ed16?
    Thanks a lot in advance.
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  9. dondonut
    Can anyone tell me how the ZSN compare to the BQEYZ BQ3? I know it might be apples and pears as its different driver configs but was wondering if I will notice a clear difference SQ Wise? What about comfort? I can unfortunately not spend endless money on iems so it can't be hit or miss. I'm hoping to get something a bit more expensive with such a SQ that I won't have to upgrade anytime soon. But DAMN the ZSN design is cool!!
  10. Silverstorm Nuce
    KZ ES4 vs KZ ZSN, Which is more sibilant? Thanks :ksc75smile:
  11. RolledOff
    yes I agree.... just 30 minutes ago receive my ZSN, damn it's fast shipping from china
    no sibilance and it has smaller body than ZSR, better comfort using stock tips although the tube a bit long for my ear
    I still prefer the bass on ZSA, but I may well retire the ZSA too for ZSN
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  12. Deveraux
    ZSN vs ZS5 v1 anybody? I absolutely love the v1. Is it an upgrade?

    If I have to get the ZSN. from where should I order ? Gearbest or Aliexpress? GB seems a tad cheaper.
  13. LaughMoreDaily
    It's 11/11 in China! Go grab your new KZ's off Aliexpress! Which ones will you buy?

    I will probably just grab a couple KZ Copper/Silver mix cables (A and B) Wait, I just bought B off Gearbest.
  14. B9Scrambler
    I actually spent a couple hours with the ED10 last night. Was going through my box of iems to listen to some of my old favs like the Dubliz Enhanced, TFZ Series 5, Light T2, and a couple others. ED10 was the only one to remain in the ears for more than a song or two. It's been at the top of my KZ list for a long time, and for good reason. Love that thing and am still bummed it was discontinued.
  15. BadReligionPunk
    ZSN. I wore ZSN for 6 hours straight yesterday at work. First 3 hours listened to Jpop. Did run into some sibilance with some female vocals that were poorly mixed. Next 3 hours were thrash, death, and black metal. Nothing but goodness, and I never got fatigued.

    ES4 is much warmer and has never even come close to sibilance. ES4 is nice. My only beef with it is it's bass is a bit sloppy. Sounds good with bass heavy genres that I like, but can't really pull off other genres to my satisfaction. ZSN kills everything I throw at it.
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