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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. rayliam80
    Since you have the ZS10, is the BA10 a dramatic step up? And does it resolve and have a decent timbre on par with the Ibasso IT01 or better?
  2. Francisk
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  3. khighly
    Really good review, thanks. The only thing I really don't agree with is soundstage. They're on par with any other IEM I consider to have a good soundstage. Otherwise, pretty on par with my thoughts.
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  4. maxxevv
    Its very odd when you read between the lines ... the writer seems to keep harping on lacking an inline remote and panning it as a major flaw of sorts ! lol

    But in general, I do not agree with his review in a few areas.

    1: Comparing soundstage with ear buds ?!! Its not even an apples to apples comparison.
    Also, the 1More Triples are NOT better in soundstage. The ZS10 is comparatively and that is way better compared to the 1More Triple. I have listened to all 3.

    2. I still don't get how the ZS10 treble can be considered bright though. Its as politely rolled off as it should be. And of all the KZ earphones I have the ZS10 are the only ones which are completely sibilance free except in the worst of audio tracks. Sure the writer got the right earphones ?

    3. Sibilance on the AS10 is very mild, negligible in fact, it takes recordings with clear sibilance issues to bring it out. A few of my regular tracks exhibit sibilance on the ZS6 but not on the AS10. Though there are still some which will but nowhere near the levels of what the ZS6 produces. And by comparison, the ZS10 practically doesn't exhibit it at all in except the worst of such tracks.

    4. The AS10 has a quicker, tighter bass but it doesn't go as low and deep as the ZS10 and to a certain extent the ZS6 either. Its very well controlled. No idea where the boominess comes in though.
  5. khighly
    1More Triple is more neutral and frankly, boring. It has a very narrow soundstage as well.
  6. Slater
    I was not impressed with the triple either. Not for the $100 price tag.
  7. scottySK
    I ordered both the trn and the KZ cables you list here. They are cheaper through the app though.. about $10usd delivered. Still waiting on the KZ one but, taking quite a bit longer than the seller who shipped my trn cable
  8. Tunaa
    I have the first cable. Wow did not know that its 8 core :D its trully upgrade from the stock cable. With ZS6 sound is more forward IMHO. some says its
    I wanna ask you a question. I have had ZS6s and my AS10 is on the way. Does AS10s has better mids ?
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2018
  9. scottySK
    ZS6 can now be preordered for the 11.11 sale at $26USD
  10. randomnin
    Thank you for bringing this review to my attention! I'm definitely getting ZS4 at 11.11, but I'm still in doubt about getting ZS10 or AS10, or neither (in the end I do already own TRN V80, which is in the same league). But I think something is wrong with the Rtings' AS10 unit. ThePhonograph's graphs show no such difference in upper treble between ZS10 and AS10.
  11. marcuscmy
    I have heard the KZ10 and they are rather not bad. A 5 BA 1 dynamic setup is a dangerous approach, but one thats quite hyped recently. The bass were deep and solid, however it just felt like there was a disconnection in the mid ranges, where the BAs and the dynamic drivers couldn't sync.
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  12. blur.png
    KZ10 ? 5BA 1DD ? huh? huh??? huh?!?!?!?
    are you sure about that ? i have never heard of a "KZ10" nor that setup, zs10 is a 1dd 4BA and AS10 is a 5ba no dd setup
    are you talking about another iem or is that a typo or some KZ i never heard of ?
  13. phrancini
    Do you think the Zs6 will go any lower on 11.11 or 26$ is the final price and I should preorder it?
  14. Tunaa
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  15. pbui44
    Be careful, or you will look at KZs like Big Smoke looks at the drive-in menu:

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