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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. khighly
    Hey calm down, some of us like a full fun sound :)
  2. CoiL
    I am calm. If previous discussion about harman target and uncompensated FR graph is true, plus chi-fi typical marketing graphs tradition, then conclusion is - we don`t know anything about ZSN before someone hears them in real life. But I do hope ZSN is using same DD as ZS4 as it is very good. But if BA is same like ZS4 or many other KZs (highs are not coherent and harsh/sibilant), then I see no point of that product. Just another bling-bling fashion stuff for different tastes.
  3. antdroid
    I totally understand your point as well. I understand making 1 or 2, or maybe even 3 V-shaped IEMs but their product line has about 500 of them. (I'm exaggerating obviously)

    I dont see the point of releasing more products that sound pretty much the same as the one before it. They should try to expand their lineup for different tastes.
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  4. BadReligionPunk
    I just wish KZ would just start working on some more DD type stuff. Lets get some 2xDD and 3xDD type stuff going on.
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  5. DocHoliday

    I'm still daydreaming that KZ will see the light and release this as a well-tuned and/or balanced dynamic driver configuration with the new and improved removable cables.

    Who knows? If they pulled it off at $25+/- they could do an end run around the current offerings above the $25 price-point.

    Coil mentioned how good the ZS4's 8mm DD is. I'd like to see KZ put it to good use.....maybe even couple it with their ED15's micro-DD if they want to go dual DD's.

    It might not be balanced but it would surely be a coherent and entertaining IEM, which is KZ's thing.



    Wouldn't that be a great day!

    Last edited: Oct 13, 2018
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  6. Slater
    Agreed. Like a push-pull! C'mon KZ - give us a push-pull!

    Or a quad dynamic (which would actually be easy). They could just take a 2xdynamic shell like the ZSE, ZS1/ZS2, and install 2 x double dynamic (coaxial) drivers.

    I had high hopes for the YINJW P8 triple dynamic driver. It's not that great, at least stock. When EQd it's respectable though.
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2018
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  7. HAMS
    DD need vent most of time for neutral/flat tuning. Imo single or dual driver of quality BA is better choice to built neutral sound iem. Easier to tune and no sacrifice for isolation too(like tin audio).
  8. Slater
    KZ has no problem with adding vents to IEMs when necessary - look at the ZSE, ZS6, ZS7, HDS1, HDS3, etc.

    They could do it. I think the issue is they don't want to. Right now we are in a hybrid driver war, with Joe Consumer thinking the more drivers you have the better. Dynamics are thought of by Joe Consumer as "old technology" and hybrids as "cutting edge technology". So it's all about hybrids. And the more the better - 3, 4, 5, 6, 18, 32, 650.
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  9. antdroid
    dont tell that to 64audio fans.... I want to try one one of these days but that price tag... sigh.
  10. hiflofi
    There is no driver war anymore. Chi-fi is late to the party.

    And honestly 64A isn't really an offender despite the U18t b/c their Fourte is a flagship or co-flagship and has 4 drivers total.
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2018
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  11. Rippersyte
    But the KZ did listen to the y cord so they really do listen. I forgot that there are dynamic drivers that i thought BA is same as DD haha kinda regret buy KZ BA10. Been using DD since sony came so I'm a basshead person but when i discovered KZ my life changed haha.
    Wishing for a really balance sound someday and budget friendly
  12. randomnin
    Does the paint get chipped off and, eventually, leave the body silver-ish for ZS6 just as it happens to TRN V80?
  13. zozito
    I have to say "yes"...mine just started at the borders.
  14. hakuzen
    yes, kz uses to listen to masses, reviews and forums. but they do at their own way.
    we criticized the fake (supposedly) drivers in zs5 v1, and lack of crossover -> KZ changed the position of the buried BA, and added crossover (even deployed an entire line to show the crossover clearly: ES4, ZS10, AS10, which IMO is weird)
    we discussed about the treble peak of ZS6/ZS5 v2 (due to the new position of the BA) -> all KZ models since then have big treble roll-off (which IMO is a pity).
    some criticized lack of bass in ZS6/ZS5 v2 -> all KZ models since then have more bumped bass at different levels (which IMO, together with above change, make KZs too dark, less airy).
    we criticized the low quality of stock cables -> KZ keeps providing low quality stock cables, but deploy new upgrade cables for KZs.

    it's time they listen to our critics about recessed mids, bumped mid-bass, and highs roll-off. i.e., more balanced iems. guess they could do it by tubing the BAs (once they have all BA iems) and using some dampers, dunno. effort in general tuning. i know they will keep mid-bass hump (basshead "fun" audience is big), but hope improvements about recessed mids and highs roll-off.
    i feel a bit tired of trying every new KZ model after the success of ZS6. after trying other signatures iems, same segment price (and others), i refuse to get BA10. perhaps would take ZSN because of the appealing look, but after seeing their advertised frequency response, i doubt it.
  15. Slater
    All well said.

    ZS6 was so good (almost my ideal signature despite having a few flaws) that the only KZ I bought since then was the ZS4. And I only got that because I knew what to expect with the fit.

    Not sure what future KZs I may (or may not) get. I just sit back and see what they release, then wait for the reviews to roll in before deciding one way or the other.
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