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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. eggnogg
    ohh well,,,,

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  2. ricericerice
    6 Drivers or a downgrade from AS10.
    Maybe 3 per side?
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2018
  3. eggnogg
    idk, just kz doing kz thing
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  4. sino8r
    My guess is it's 3 BAs per side although they did plan a 8 BAs per side sometime this year. Wonder if it fell through or what?


    I can say that the AS10 and BA10 are their best sounding models to date and their all BAs. Seems like KZ is becoming quite capable with their BA construction. I just wish they tune the treble down slightly and go with a U shape instead of their classic V shaped. They can be fatiguing even with the foam tips. Looking forward to what they have planned for the future. Their TOTL models can almost compete with some of the more medium line iems these days. I know some may say I'm exaggerating a bit but I'm been playing around with some models that run for a couple hundred dollars and the BA10s & AS10s can definitely hold their own mostly in comparison. The only thing the KZs are lacking is a bit in tuning and sometimes the seal of the iem. Otherwise, they are quite amazing! Really can't wait to see what they come up with next!
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2018
  5. DocHoliday
    I tried the link several times but it only brings me to the AliExpress home page, no black cables.

    Thanks for the effort and my apologies for the delayed response.
  6. chickenmoon
    Looks seem borrowed from 64 Audio this time...
  7. Zerohour88
    funny since the pic looks exactly like the AS10
  8. SiggyFraud
    I just realized they got the spelling wrong - aDmature? Talk about KZ QC...
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  9. maxxevv
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  10. Tunaa
    I assumed they will be 3 BAs drivers per side. Total 6. But who knows this is KZ afterall :D
  11. antdroid
    They release more headphones a month than most companies in a year. Are they going to oversaturate the lineup at some point? Or maybe they are cheap enough that people don’t care and will buy them regardless?

    While I think the AS10 is the best KZ and is overall a pleasant choice, I find other IEMs in the same price or lower overall better — like the V80. I know its against KZ’s current profiles but I still am hoping they release a good u-shape one as well. The AS10 is pretty good but something even less recessed would be very nice potentially.
  12. chickenmoon
    The AS10 too then.
  13. ssnjrthgr8
    Those are probably not real images, might be a 3d render. Still kz needs to get their *** together lol. Wish its a triple driver KZ which uses all of their 3 BAs, with proper tubing, dampening and a nice tuning. Would be a nice successor to the ZSR
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  14. wind016
    Nice write up. The ZSR is one of my favorite KZs. Very easy to listen to yet detailed, but i suspect it is due to a drop in the 4k treble. The BA10 FR graph with the 5k bump looks painful. Honestly, I think crinacle's graphs are more accurate to what I hear than that site.
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  15. DocHoliday
    You are absolutely correct about the 4khz drop that makes the sound signature more palatable on the ZSR (and apparently the ED16). No big surprise that those two are among KZ's best sounding IEMs. The 5khz region is precisely where things can be strident on occasion for both the BA10 and the ZS3, though again, it only occurs on occasion.


    I should mention that I typically listen at moderate levels, rarely exceeding 30-40% of volume on all DAPs. On my "day out" with the ZSR, a few days ago, I had my ZuneHD at only 30% volume and I could hear everything with absolute clarity and plenty of grunt.

    Great IEM!


    I've narrowed down the BA10's strengths and weaknesses and should have a full review up in the next few days.
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2018
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