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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. SiggyFraud
    Is it already available for purchase? Could you post a link?
  2. phrancini

    I've never had a female jack fail on me. It's usually the male that gets damaged. Not to mention the fact that you cannot wireless charge the phone or the headphones while using it.
    quality matters: 8/10 bt adapters suck, and even if it supports aptx ldac or whatever, the phone has to support it as well. Too many drawbacks in my opinion atm..
  3. Mellowship
    I really like the ZS4. Had some problems with sibilance in the beginning, but with foam tips they go down quite a bit. Also, the brain burn-in seems to have come in play for me, they don't affect me as much now. The bass is great.
    I have two ZS3 pairs, and I think the ZS4 is a major upgrade to the sound: more controlled bass, better mids (although still slightly recessed) and much more highs. Some users complained about some lack of coherence in transitioning from the dynamic ranges to the balanced armature frequency ranges, but I don't have such perception.
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  4. HungryPanda
    My LG V30 jack has started to annoy me as the left channel keeps cutting out and I have to twist earphone jack to sort it out
  5. CoiL
    1 = 2 + 3

    ...but that doesn`t mean ZS4 does not have transition/coherence/sibilance problem.
    They have sibilance and crossover/transition between DD and BA is not right.
    While foam tips can solve some sibilance issues (depending on user hearing), I can not approve attitude "Your brain will burn-in" - it is You ears that take the physical real damage in the end (high frequencies will damage hearing first). Human brain is able to adobt and "correct" many things but our physical body will still take the hit. Fact & real life.
    Better to deal with cause than symptomatic treatment.
    Of course everything in audio is basically subjective in the end and ppl think what they want. Just wanted to share my opinion and wish ppl would keep their hearing :wink:
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2018
  6. Mellowship
    Yes! Everyone must keep their volumes at healthy levels! :wink:

    Human brain is really very plastic, and it will "fill in the gaps" or "hide the stains". But you are absolutely right. The inner ears will take the damage before anything else.

    A good thing about the ZS4 is that it isolates so well you'll never need much amplitude to produce satisfactory sound pressure levels in your ear canal.

    Regarding my own personal experience with ZS4, I am afraid my views, despite honest, are skewed by the kind of music I've been listening to lately, which includes mostly acoustic material and some 70's prog. So, there is no EDM, no contemporary Pop music, no HipHop and no classical/orchestral music in the equation. It reminds me that everything we say here is not only "basically" subjective but also, and most importantly, inherently subjective, and should be taken with a grain or two of salt. One does not remember often to disclose the conditions and context of one's earphone experiences, and that should be important.

    @CoiL , can you please suggest some tracks where I can check that transitional effect better? And some that are ridden with sibilance?
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  7. durwood
    Seems like too new of phone to have that kind of problem. Maybe it has a bit of pocket fuzz in the jack preventing the jack to go all the way in? A cowoker of mine recommended cleaning out all jacks and plugs on phones with something like "GUM soft picks". Once you start cleaning out the lint you will be amazed at how much easily gets packed in there.

    /PSA=public service announcement
  8. CoiL
    Will try to find You some good example songs but I claim it mostly compared to other gear I have by listening different kind of music. Going back or coming from IT01 it is all immediately noticeable.
    ZS4 cymbals is main thing that disturbs me - it doesn`t sound dynamical and natural.
    Out from memory..
    for sibilance maybe these to test:

    for coherence:

    maybe those tracks aren`t good, idk atm as I`m behind laptop with no DAP/IEMs.
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  9. Mellowship
    Thank you very much, @CoiL .
    I'll listen carefully!
  10. Tunaa
    Hi to everyone. im considering to buy a pair of AS10 or Tin audio T2. I listen every genre. But mostly rap, acoustic, EDM so could you guys compare them ?
  11. Podster
    Right, seems this latest rendition is the best so fa! I personally like the overlap female connector as opposed to the male on the cable side:wink:

    @CoiL , that "Already Old" comment made me spit coffee at my monitor, in the true KZ spirit the ZSN will be old next week:open_mouth: LOL (Really love those IT01 face plates, very sweet:yum:) You know by the time my ZSN's get here from China KZ will have 3 new models:astonished:

    Speaking of outdated Granpa's:rolling_eyes:

    KZ Elite.JPG

    @CoiL , almost forgot! Digging me some Mars Volta:thumbsup:
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2018
  12. Slater
    A good track for sibilance and sharp highs is “Juliet of the Spirits” from the B52 Funplex album. I use a flac rip direct from the CD, so I don’t know if a YouTube version would show the same characteristics.

    Anyways, they used hot/sibilant mics and/or hot mastering, not just for the vocals but also some of the electronic sounds in the song. No really good cymbal crashes though, so you have to find other songs for that.

    It’s one of the main tracks I use to evaluate that aspect of sound. You will notice differences right away between gear that has smooth treble vs gear that has sharp or sibilant treble.

    Hope that helps.
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  13. CoiL
    Just to make sure - they are not just faceplates for beauty - that open holes structure and inner plate "piston air-pressure reflector" design enhance SQ quite noticeably, towards more neutral but still slight U-shape sound signature. Also wood selection plays role - special selected hardwood (walnut) in layers (wanted Lilac which is little better but hard to get right pieces).

    Sorry for OT.
  14. Podster
    Oh I knew your mods were not just for looks alone, I'm also sure that hole design is functional as well. They kind of remind me of a LAG acoustic I picked up in France in 1978:wink: It had a hole pattern reminiscent of that one.

    Listening to a little 'the the" on my Mrobo C5 "Paper Weight" with matching 6's:grin:

    Rthe the 6.JPG
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  15. phrancini
    I don't know what to say, maybe it's some dirt inside the plug as suggested.. The v30 is pretty new also.. I usually keep my phone for 2/2.5 years and I plug/unplug some kind of headphones 5-6 times a day. Everytime was the male jack getting worn out either on the "plug" or "L" part.

    I consider myself an "early adopter" I even tried many wireless headphones but none was 100% satisfying, that's why i'm sticking with cables...

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