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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. sino8r
    Yeah, that's been my experience with KZ bluetooth in past. If remember correctly, it's something to do with KZs placement of the antenna internally. I have all 3 of the TRN and none of them have that issue fortunately. The range is decent but not as good as some of the higher end bluetooth earbuds. You won't have connectivity issues with your phone or amp in your pocket though like the KZs. I'm sure you can return it on Amazon with no problem. Good luck!
  2. EDG67
    Don't have zircon tips anymore, just using the stock tips. But they work well for me,don't fall out and are comfy
  3. NeonHD
    I think it'll work just fine as long as you have a good phone. My previous phone was a Lenovo and the bluetooth connection on the KZ bluetooth module was horribly laggy and slow, got a LG G4 now and my music never once lagged or started skipping.
  4. EDG67
    The sound keeps restarting if that's the right word, sound drops and fades back in.Don't even have my phone in my pocket. Not doing it as much the more I listen but still doing it. Guess got a lemon.Will return
  5. EDG67
    Yeah mine is just a low end TracFone maybe that's the problem
  6. NeonHD
    Yeah try connecting to a more higher-end device. I used to get the same result on my old lenovo phone.
  7. NeonHD
    BTW has anyone here tried the KZ ZS4 yet? I've been reading ThePhonograph's review on it and they seem very good.

    Can any ZS4 users tell me whether or not the treble is sibilant or piercing (in relations to other chi-fi)? And if someone here has also used the ZS3, would you say that it's a major upgrade?
  8. sino8r
    That could be true. Mine is a Samsung Note 4 and my newer iPad mini does seem to have a longer connection distance wise. I still say he should get the TRN and won't have that issue no matter the device. To each his own I guess
  9. eggnogg
    kz new cable w/ trn-style earhook, finally!
    and at very low price for 8-core one!



    kz 2pin/MMCX lightning cable

    Last edited: Oct 8, 2018
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  10. CoiL
    ZS4 has sibilance in highs and quite "tss tss tss" monotone highs by BA. DD is really good though.
  11. phrancini
    Hello everybody,
    since I'm pretty sure my next phone will lack the headphone jack (damn!) is there any non-oem bluetooth adapter for kz iems? Some time ago I bought the first kz made and then the aptx one hoping it would be better. They both sound absolutely s**t. The sound seems to go through a compressor, highs and sub bass are clipped, it makes me want throw away my zs6.

    I already have a fiio btr adapter but I'm looking for something more portable.
  12. Mellowship
    The Trn bluetooth adapters are compatible with KZ IEMs with detachable cables (0.75 mm) and from impressions posted here, they seem way better than the KZ ones.
    Also, you can opt for a USB-C dongle or cable. KZ has a USB-C cable with a DAC inside the USB plug. There are good quality dongles out there too, USB-C to 3.5 mm jack. Look at the Hidizs Sonata.
  13. fuzzybabybunny
    EarStudio ES100 would be a really good option. FYI Samsung seems to be the last remaining holdouts on the headphone jack.
  14. phrancini
    Thanks to both of you. I'm going to be taking a look at the ones you mentioned.

    I already have a samsung s8 but I'm not sure it'll last..
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  15. Mellowship
    If the trade of keeping the 3.5 panel jack on smartphones is giving us very small and bad quality plugs with failing springs and contacts, and underpowered DACs and amps, I rather not have the space taken by a lousy hole and use a good quality dongle and/or BT. Charging at the same time? Make wireless charging the standard.

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