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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. mbwilson111
    That ZS7 looks like it has a sliver plate hiding the purple. I do not want the purple to just be that underneath bit.

    I am confused though because I thought we decided that the ED16 was the ZS7 considering the fact that it says ZS7 right on the earpiece.
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2018
  2. Slater
    Ah yeah, I forgot all about that!

    I wonder how KZ is going to explain that?
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  3. khighly
    AS10 is totally different than the ZS6. AS10 is heavy with lows and not particularly bright. It is probably now my favorite IEM from KZ though.
  4. CoiL
    Yeah, I`m confused also. ED16 will probably stay ED16 as it looks totally different than ZS5 ZS6 ZSA and I personally think it is marketing fault. ZS7 should be similar looking to ZS5, ZS6 and ZSA with its all-metal shell and "campfire" looks.
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  5. EDG67
    Hey guys new member here.Wanted to share my experience with the KZ ED16/ZS7. Got them about 3 weeks ago and love them.This is my first KZ iem and my first venture into chifi (well actually 2nd/ had Rock zircon and didn't like them). Also first multi driver iem. My preferred sound signature is balanced with good bass and big soundstage. Was trying to decide between ATE/ATR/ZS3/ED9/UIISII CM5 then I found the ed16 and loved the look, that electric blue was just sexy. So between the looks/small size(small ears) and great reviews decided to pull the trigger. OMG! the best sound I've ever heard in a pair of headphones.Most bass I've ever heard and the mids and treble are perfect and the soundstage is HUGE. I think the best part which I was worried about was the fit which is perfect. I usually have trouble wearing in ears but have no trouble and get a perfect seal. Not a fan of the cable but plan on upgrading in the future as well as trying other iems. Sorry for the long first post but wanted to share my love for them.
  6. pbui44
    Welcome @EDG67 to head-fi, sorry about your wallet (not that sorry in the KZ thread :floatsmile:).

    I loved my KZ ZS6 green w/ lip a lot, but it’s value was too much and went to someone who commutes in NYC, so I got a KZ ZSA instead and it as overall better than the ZS6 for me, just not in sound quality. It’s value was still so good that I eventually found a revised TRN V10 for cheap and it became my go-to closed-back multi-driver IEM. Still, I missed my old modded (fixed, really :o2smile:) JVC FX700 so much (that darn new backplate over the vents of the new JVC woodies is too much for me) that I just bought a Magaosi BK50 Pro after hearing that it’s price dropped a bit. Let’s see how that one sounds.:)
  7. Tunaa
    What about mids? Are they good as ZS6?or better?
  8. EDG67
  9. EDG67
    Not sorry at all pbui44, best $23 ever spent.Also thinking about the TRN V10, looks good
  10. EDG67
    Also ordered the Kz 4.2 Bluetooth cable which should be here this afternoon. I know it gets bad reviews but funds are limited but just want to try it out. Hopefully it will be good. Got mostly for work.
  11. sino8r
    I would have gotten the old 4.1 version TRN before that although maybe KZ has improved their bluetooth with their newest version that looks like the TRN. Let us know how it works out! If it ends up being bad, either 3 of the TRN bluetooth work pretty well. The two newer ones include aptx if that's a factor.
  12. LaughMoreDaily
    I had to put Zircon Medium tips on my ED16 to get a good fit. I usually use large tips. The headhones were useless (no seal) without new tips. Anyone else have this issue?
  13. loomisjohnson
    get the trn v80 instead.
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  14. sino8r
    Is the green ZS6 actually valuable lol? I have the one without the lip. I maybe try the ba mod since I got some tips that allow me to seal these properly.
  15. EDG67

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