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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Slater
    Haha, at least that makes things easier for people! Eenie meenie miney moe...
  2. antdroid
    The BA10 fit is definitely awkward. The weird shape pushes up against my left ear and its a bit painful rather quickly. The right ear can handle it a little longer before pain ensues.
  3. B9Scrambler
    I don't get any pain, it just doesn't feel secure. Ergonomics could definitely be improved regardless. Bummer, cause they sound great.
  4. BrunoC
    How about swapping left and right sides and wear cable down. I do this with the ZS5, ZS6, ZS10 with great results.
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  5. B9Scrambler
    Awesome idea but my ears do not comply. It's the shape of the protrusion that holds the nozzle giving them that weird hybrid fitment; half barrel shape iem, half low profile. I just need to tip roll more to find the right match :)
  6. Slater
    In similar cases where the shell just doesn't fit comfortably in the ear, I have to resort to using as long of a tip as possible. Basically the eartip in my ear canal is what ends up supporting the whole IEM, and the IEM shell is 'moved away' from my outer ear allowing it to not touch whatever part of my outer ear anatomy was interfering with the fit.

    For me, foams usually work well for this purpose.

    Unfortunately, most silicone tips have the bottom of the core sticking way up inside of the tip, as illustrated by the tip on the left in this photo:

    Dual Flange Inserion Depth.jpg

    I really wish more companies would make silicone tips with long cores (even longer than the tip on the right in the above photo).

    Anyways, this fitment trick is OK with light IEMs (plastic), because the ear canal is barely supporting any weight. But on heavy IEMs like the heavy aluminum BA10, it is hit or miss because the ear canal just won't like supporting the heavier weight for extended periods.

    And this doesn't even take into account the sonic changes you end up with, by being forced to use certain tips that don't SOUND the best but you have to use them anyways because they FIT the best.

    Oh well. We all knew the BA10 was going to have a problematic fit with a lot of people, right from the very 1st photos that were released.
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2018
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  7. C2thew
    So two issues i've found with the KZ ZS4 that i have NO idea why the engineers changed about the ZS3 in the first place.
    1) As slater already pointed out, the cable for the ZS4 is longer (which is a good thing as it reduces snags while running, especially since I tend to run the cable inside of my shirt while holding my phone). However, the Y split area has a hard rubber that rubs on my stomach when I'm running which causes slight irritation. The older ZS3's had the Y split higher and I didn't notice any discomfort when running.
    2) The microphone placement on the ZS4 cable was also pushed lower as well. Not sure why they did this but the microphone was never all that strong on the ZS3 cables to begin with.
    3) The ear tip canals are SHORTER on the ZS4's then the ZS3's! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. I've noticed that my silicone earbuds have fallen off while running because of the shorter flange distance. When I mean that the earbuds fall off while running, it's that sometimes i'll run with someone and take one of the iems out of my ear to listen by just letting them dangle on my shirt. That small amount of up and down or friction rub from my shirt is enough to dislodge the silicone earbud from the nozzle.

    Although KZ added a "lip" to the nozzle, they also SHORTENED the distance by 2mm. While shortening the distance may increase the bass on the ZS4's by bringing the dynamic driver closer to the canal, it also makes the ear tips stuck in your ears because of the shorter length.

    argh kz all you had to do was literally use the same ZS3 shell, add the balanced aperture, and change the positioning of the internals to make the ZS4. The exterior changes were not necessary.

    Pictures to come in a few days or so to show the nozzle difference.
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2018
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  8. Wiljen
    I have cut a couple of tips to make spacers to put on the nozzle to force the shallow cores to stay out at the end of the nozzle. I have found about 3mm to be a good length.
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  9. Slater
    That doesn't always work though. For instance, on IEMs with a notch carved into the nozzle designed for the eartip core to lock into. It's usually around the middle of the nozzle, but it varies.

    Like this:

    urbanfun foam.jpg

    Anyways, if you force a different tip placement using silicone spacers or keyboard o-rings, it usually causes the tip to fall off easily.

    If manufacturers would just make some tips with longer cores - cores that extended well beyond the mushroom part of the eartip, it would fit properly (without falling off) and there would be no need for hacks like spacers.

    Like this:

    longer eartip core 1.jpg

    Except with an even LONGER longer core, like this:
    longer eartip core 3.jpg

    But in the above photo it would need a normal mushroom piece on top, like a Starline or whatever. The one in the photo above has a really shallow mushroom skirt part.

    Make sense? I'm too lazy to Photoshop it haha :)
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2018
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  10. Makahl
    Well, you can change the cable to ZS3 one? Regarding eartips I've had this problem with starlines getting stuck in my ears on ZS3 too because they're flat inside so they don't get a good grip even with lips on. Tennmak Turbo eartips are my favorite for this application, it's so comfy and the grip is tight that feels like a CIEM. Sometimes it's all about adapting and testing.
  11. C2thew
    My original ZS3 stock cable died as long as the stock ZS6 cable as well. Both suffered the same fate. internal cable faults shorting out the left IEM right by the 3.5mm jack area. Basically the left IEM no longer produces sound because the internal cable broke. Swapping left and right channels confirms it's not the IEM at fault but moreso the cable failing.
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2018
  12. Slater
    Were they both mic cables?
  13. Makahl
    Damn, but if both issues you listed still annoying you I'd give a try to TRN V10 cable and Tennmark Eartips. I think you'll be surprised by how good these eartips can be, also you can choose colors through PMing seller. I've chose red/black and it's rather easy to see left/right side now.
  14. C2thew
    Yup both cables ZS3 and ZS6 were mic cables that failed on me. My favorite ear tips are still the stock ear tips from the ZS3. the stock eartips on the ZS6's and 10's don't have that grip that the original ZS3's do.
  15. Slater
    Wow, that’s surprising. The core on the KZ/Tennmak turbo tips are really wide.

    How do you keep them from wobbling around on the smaller ZS3 nozzle?

    And how far down do you push the tip down on the nozzle? Do you do it all the way until it bottoms out?

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