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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. khighly
    AS10 have astounding isolation with the stock starlines. This morning taking the bus to work I could not hear the bus at all only one notch up from the very bottom of my phone volume, I could only feel it. They even beat my IT03's in Isolation. These are definitely worth $47, and is a totally different offering from KZ I feel.
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  2. FastAndClean
    now is time for the new BA10
  3. khighly
    Not an Iron Man fan, personally :)
  4. bhazard
    I agree with this. I have to turn these way down while walking around in NYC because I can't hear a thing with them in. The AS10 only needs minor EQ to sound like it belongs in the $200 range. I stopped listening to my other KZ's, as these are superior.

    I've been looking to get rid of my ZS10 if anyone wants it cheap. Under $20 KZ's get donated to veterans or Skullcandy users.
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  5. Makahl
    Damn... no answer? Maybe he... nvm.
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  6. zazaboy
    @bhazard hi bro is it better the ncehck hk6 can you compare it to your kz as10... I am really curious how your impressions are... if its better then my kz zs6.. I will go for this headphone ... how is the soundstage and instruments sound like... especially the mids... is bass overpowering other frequencies.. and which eq did you use especially which frequencies.. thanks
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2018
  7. khighly
    It's totally different than the ZS6. It doesn't have those screaming highs, it has a very beefy mid bass that really presents itself, similar soundstage if not larger, much better isolation. They're two totally different beasts.
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  8. allaces305
    bhazard I would love to buy them..I PM you.
  9. audionab
    did anyone here used kz zs4 extensively?
    how is its SQ and isolation if it has good isolation then it means it may have good sub-bass right?
  10. neo_styles
    Well...I bit and finally got the AS10, even though I need another pair of IEMs like I need another hole in my head.

    Fwiw, the AE seller that's letting them go for 47-ish bucks also has a $3 coupon, so my order ended up just under 45. Price-wise, that puts it right in line with what I paid for the ZS6. Should be a fun comparison.
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  11. Mellowship
    Just hopped again on the kz train after several months (maybe a year...) without buying anything.


    4.2 bt cable and usb-c cable.

    Of course I had to take the memory wires off.

    The bt is... Ok... It plays loud and holds the distance well. My phone doesn't do aptx (Kirin processor), and I read some bad reviews about the new bt cable from kz, so I got the old one. Treble is a little bit rolled off, but it's quite pleasant.

    As for the type-c cable... If you hava a device with it, grab one!
    It really does 142khz. Great micro DAC. Great sound. Unbelievable that it only costs 7 or 8 EUR.

    Waiting for my ZS4 now...
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  12. neo_styles
    Sub-bass is pretty cavernous. My coworker ended up buying mine off me after I lent him those and the ED16 and I've still got a little regret over letting him take the ES4 away from me.

    Isolation is so-so, even if you get a good seal. Certainly not the worst, but not quite as impressive as a pair that's fully sealed. Nothing to really complain about there, either.

    In terms of SQ, I'd say it's probably the most coherent pair of the KZs I've used to date. In a sense, it's considerably "polite" in that it possesses energy, but not to the extent that it massively overemphasizes any one part of the frequency range. I consider it a happy compromise between the ED16 and ZS6 where the former brings the top-end up just a hair more and the ZS6 even more so, but has such a sweet soundstage that it doesn't bother me. Going back and forth between the ZS6 and ES4, though, takes a good amount of adjustment time. Definitely two different animals, in my opinion.
  13. BadReligionPunk
    Finally got ED9. Took me long enough I know, but It was just a matter of where it fell on the depth chart and when the money would be appropriated for them. @Slater Have you ever takin these apart?
    I wonder if it would be possible to recable them? Would love to use some of that Marley cable that @mbwilson111 used on some of her buds.
  14. mosz
    Got the ZSA and the cable connection was L shaped
    month later
    Got the USB C cable for ZSA and the connection is straight like with the ZS3/4/5/6

    so.. what's the deal ? I could have ordered the L shaped USB C cable and it would also fit ?
  15. nxnje
    I got my ed9 last week
    As i'm a lucky person it was a faulty unit.
    Ordered ED9 --> faulty
    Ordered trn v80 --> faulty

    I think i am an unlucky guy, combined with chi fi bad quality control, the result is maybe i should stop buying chi fi.

    Anyway, my ed9 have the right earbud that sounds at a lower volume than the left earbud
    So i can't listen to them with pleasure and share opinions, but what i can say is that they need a little burn-in at the beginning.
    Treble region is too sharp imho.
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