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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Lothar101
    I have 2018 ED16 that came with the old style tips.
  2. khighly
    AS10's come with those soft ones. ZS10's are the hard starlines. They're much more comfortable.
  3. Slater
    I wonder if that's why that ebay seller was blowing out the black Starlines cheap (20 pairs for $1). Maybe KZ was trying to get rid of a mountain of old tips, because they had this revised tip in the works?

    Agreed, way more comfortable. I wish I could buy a few dozen pairs of the new tips! So soft and comfy!
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2018
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  4. skajohyros
    How does the zs4 compare to zs5v1 and zs6 sound wise, especially the sound stage.
    Cheers mate.
  5. CoiL
    Well... actually IT01 is still my all time favourite and no need for new IEMs.
    PHB was already planned buy for workhorse IEM to replace YinJw woodie I`m currently using when working.
    ZS4 was also long planned buy because of fit/looks(red) and modding donor.

    Not even dreaming/thinking buying AS10/BA10/ZS10/ZSR/ZS6/ED16 etc. I`m out of KZ hoarding madness for sure and still think ZS5v1 will be my personal top KZ (it just sounds so darn right and good with my gear and slightly modded).
  6. SiggyFraud
    My KZ USB-C cable arrived yesterday. Wanted to check it out with my TRN V80, since I don't have any of my KZs around, but I got confused. The KZ plug has this U/boat shape:
    And I've no idea how to plug it into the V80s correctly.
    Like this:
    Or like this:

    What's really bugging me though, is the fact that the left side is quite loose and the sound cuts every time I move or tilt my head even a little bit. It doesn't happen with the stock cable.
    I hope it's a fit issue between the two, and not a QC problem with the cable.
  7. CoiL
    I absolutely LOVE what came out of that philips research - The Fidelio X1 I own (custom cable) - absolute sound bliss for my ears and with my gear pairing.
    I thought IT01 also has multi-layered graphene... ?
    Nice feedback! Maybe I`ll save my first pair of ZS4 from disassembly-death-for-modding and get more of them.... who knows, I decided to stop-ditch all my other mods and finish only ZS5v1 mod.
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  8. Slater
    Just line up the L and R letters on the cable with the L and R letters on the IEM.

    And as far as it fitting loose, just splay the legs of the pins slightly.


    Details here: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/kno...essions-thread.698148/page-2204#post-14283695
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  9. Slater
    I will check with Ora for clarification, to see how their technology differs from ibasso’s.

    As far as my comment about your end game modding, I was just joking around with you. No need to explain yourself! Believe me, I know all too well the temptations of this hobby :)
  10. randomnin
    By the way, with all the graphene driver talk I've come to wonder whether any other KZ models than ES4 have been touted in their promo materials as having a graphene DD? And did they really use a different DD for ES4, or is that a marketing department's fluke?
  11. SiggyFraud
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  12. dhruvmeena96
    I talked on iBasso thread about this....

    IBasso didn't replied

    Some said it was mylar coated with graphene on both side.
    5um mylar is available in market

    Some said it was multi layer graphene(which according to researches, only ora has)...

    Dont know..
  13. Slater
    Glad you got it sorted.
  14. randomnin
    How is iBasso IT01 isolation versus ZS3/4? I like the graph of IT01 much better, but I also like isolation. And stuff that costs 10x less than other stuff. That too. Need to get that 11.11 list straight, anyhow.

    On a different matter, this part in ES4 descriptions is bull, right?
  15. audionab
    mids of es4 are not clean

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